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The Evidence Log
04.05.05 @ 03:10 in output


The first five days of May 2004 were spent in North Central with Xeno. We took some pictures.

I've omitted the really incriminating things, such as a picture of xeno taking a piss, the Buttorff drafts, a good chunk of the moon shots (all of which came out like ass), and a few other things that were duped. I forgot I was doing an iPhoto export from the main library instead of the sub-albums, and consequently dropped out a lot of ASS- these would be the blurry chunks of whatever with names like 000_0009.JPG.

The camera used was a Kodak EasyShare DX4330, which comes with 32 megs of internal memory and allegedly pulls 3.1 megapixels. Allegedly in the sense that the results look fine at low rez and look like Quicktake images at actual size. We weren't going for quality, really- more reference and humor than anything else. Technically, the flash was fairly irritating and the thing chewed through three vanilla sets of batteries in two days- we replaced the Duracells (two dollars for four!) with some Energizer lithium cells (ten bux for four!) at Xeno's old place, and they lasted the through the tour of the inside, the trip to my parent's house, the tour of the grounds, and back- no complaints. The vanilla batteries lasted roughly a card and a half before conking out.

My powerbook rode along for the safari, running in OS X in sleep mode for the majority of the journey. We used iPhoto to interface with the Kodak (no drivers required) and to pull down the pictures whenever the camera filled up. This turned out to be both a bit awkward and amazingly convenient, as we hit the powerbook to offload images several times over the two days of shooting. The second day load stops were in the Bob Bryan's parking lot, Xeno's old driveway, and twice at my parents, with the final offload at Xeno's house. Surprising bit of convenience, minus the fact that my primary powerbook battery managed to somehow completely discharge between Bryan's and Xeno's old place- a distance of less than a mile and a timeframe of approximately 30 minutes. Powerbook lithium batteries typically last between two and five hours, depending on useage- this being the exception.

The Evidence Log covers two days and a good chunk of North Central- Lock Haven, Jersey Shore, the Lycoming Mall, a good stretch of highway, Liberty and surroundings. There'd be a LOT more photos if we'd had the time to get them- another two or three days, more batteries, more camera memory, etceteras. The Log was assembled using a stock iPhoto export and some tweaking through Dreamweaver to de-gay it as much as possible. It is as complete as it's going to get for web presentation- we're saving the excluded photos for later useage, which may or may not include photoshop, blackmail, or filler.

This time tomorrow I should be back in the City.