tin omen

moveable type
23:34 <@esch> necKro: Have you got an extra GOTO 10 line?
23:35 < necKro> 10 PRINT "BITCH ";
23:35 < necKro> 20 GOTO 10


And to think, I hesitated.




You're {not} my master.

So, uh.

1. Kristen went home post work on Sat. and fell asleep. No hard feelings.
2. Lisa likes godflesh. AND noise. NOISE!. :O, etc.
3. Kristen + Lisa = some sort of sarcasm-loaded Voltron.

People are weird.



Us and Them



Hit Lava Lounge around 9, since that's when Randy tells me Beth's 21rst starts - and he tells me in a "you miss out you're DEAD MANG" tone of voice, so, hey. I'm there. And I'm the only one. For about forty minutes - at which point some fratstain makes it his mission in life to induce the juke into sucking rancid buttermilk out of a dead man's asshole.

Switch gears, ten minute bus wait and I'm at Ceremony. Figure I've already spent (read: wasted) three or four hours of the day waiting on shit, what's a few more for the second appointment? Especially when the music doesn't suck shit?

So apparently Kristen's idea of "late" is either "not at all" or "last call", since I missed her as well and left her a snippy little voicemail to that effect.

A week of being "social" and I'm remembering with crystal clarity why I spent two years being Anti.

On the upside, Matt played Clock DVA (Sound Mirror), Godflesh (Descent) and Killing Joke (Love like Blood) - all without asking, and he remembered the Clock DVA from a previous conversation.

Usually I'd be all >:| 'n shit about people not showing up, but DUDE.


I've been bugging Don to play them for ever and then Matt goes and does it without even asking.


So my existing impressions of existing social groups and persons whose behavioural patterns I already know remain valid.... and one of the Night Shift DJs happened to bust out the Set Of Awesome. Which validates my existing impression that Matt not only knows his shit, but is straight up Weapons Grade awesome.

I'm marking this one down as a win, despite "missing"* two admittedly loosely-arranged meetings.

* This would be the "politically correct" term for the "9pm is 9pm" rant I unloaded on my roommate's GF when she asked how my night went. She's of the "always early" school and I try to be - but that really only works when you're dealing with one person. When you ante up to a group of people - where group is "more than one" - then you're either seriously fucking late or you're in the military. I'm the kind of guy who hates waiting on other people to get their shit together and would rather walk home than accept a ride - especially since ride offers historically come from people who put the ride at the end of a 40+ minute bullshit session with someone on site who has absolutely no intention of leaving any time before the year is out.

Waiting? Fuck you. Hate it. I may eventually reconsider, assuming I'm ever in a position where anyone is forced to wait for me and I am by process of action forced to see it from the other side - but this has yet to happen... and I'd like to think it won't.

Well. Jolie's waited for me a couple of times - but that is almost entirely due to the fact that I spent a good deal of time waiting for her in the past, and had gotten into a habit of expecting her to be somewhere between "a bit" and "quite a bit" late, so I started interpreting a 630 as a 635. Then she suddenly Wasn't Late... and by the time I adapted, she was Gone.



18:12 in irk

<@esch> solios: I can't believe it's been a year since you stopped smoking.
<@solios> 370+ days
<@solios> mercury wasn't really crystal clear on a time and I didn't log one.
<@solios> I figured if I failed, it wouldn't come back to haunt me.
<@esch> heh.




Downtown, around 1330 hours.


It'll be dead, gray and shitty like this for weeks, sometimes months at a time. Eat your heart out, Seattle.

Looky what the Obscurotron horked up.

Premium DCR sonic memory jogger courtesy of Amazon.com :


Also Godflesh, Winterkalte, Jesu, Front 242, Clock DVA, and Gridlock, courtesy of Eides. I already "have" everything but the Jesu, but now I own it, which makes a Big Difference*.

The CCI is almost comically goth - I've been keeping an eye out for it off and on since 1998 and finally stumbled onto it during a drunken Amazon trawl during recent DCR development. The memories it keys to are critical to parts of the story, so it was worth the paltry eight bucks just for that.

As for the rest, I've always said if I like an album enough I'll buy it. I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

* High quality rips, for one thing. A nice looking CD shelf, for another. After the Nicotine Years, my "collection" has been stripped free of the crap and now consists largely of stuff you'd have one hell of a time finding online.



Energy Shift

Haven't smoked for a year, my bank account just went negative (thank you Speakeasy), I'm Suddenly Social and have either heard from or seen just about everyone who's still in town and Matters in the past week or so, I found some shit that makes my brain work fairly predictably (neurotransmitter. So obvious it hurts.), and Mylo's enlisted in the Navy. Dad bought an emac, mom doesn't have cancer and my roommate makes a pretty damned good dinner.

Oh, and the week's only halfway out.

Of course, I have just enough resources to get through the next two days if I do nothing but creative work.

After the initial burn, DCR has settled into a general sort of enthusiasm. People seem interested. Part of it, I think, is that it's a project I want to do, while ATC is always something I've felt I have to do.

When the time runs out
When the money runs out

I wanna do comics.




Welding Goggles

Without and with.


I see it as more of a sepia/tint than Night Vision Green. I'm assuming that's more the Canon attempting to compensate than anything else.

01:38 in irk

22:34 <@solios> so.
22:34 <@solios> uh.
22:34 <@solios> [ kismet ] can sniff stuff snort can't.
22:34 <@dragorn> right
22:34 <@solios> and send the sniff to snort.
22:34 <@dragorn> and then provide that data to snort
22:34 <@solios> so snort can sniff it.
22:34 <@dragorn> yup
22:34 <@solios> this makes me want to sneeze.
22:34 <@solios> dude, that rules.



Aeon Flux
16:46 in irk

13:31 <@bda> [ Aeon Flux trailer ]
13:35 <@rjbs> how hateful?
13:39 <@bda> I didn't like the series at all, so I can't say.
13:42 < solios> hm.
13:42 * solios loved the series.
13:42 < mdxi> i thought the serious was fab to start with
13:43 < ejp> it's got that nasty bitch in it.
13:43 < mdxi> and then it just kept going NOWHERE
13:43 < solios> yep.
13:43 < mdxi> and being POINTLESSLY WEIRD
13:43 < solios> yep.
13:43 < solios> see.
13:43 < solios> it's great.
13:43 < ejp> like ~.?
13:43 < solios> IF.
13:43 < solios> you're in a bar.
13:43 < solios> with the sound off.
13:43 < solios> and it's visual clutter.
13:43 < ejp> <solios> EVERYTHING is better in a bar. :|
13:43 < solios> making out certainly is.
13:44 < solios> heh.
13:44 < solios> the meatgirl totally isn't pulling of the hair.
13:44 < mdxi> (every aeon flux episode ever)



14:49 in irk


11:41 <@solios> ^- my best drawing, ever.
11:42 <@xeno> asdjlk;dfl kSDJF
11:42 <@xeno> ASS.
11:42 <@xeno> HOLE.
11:42 <@solios> eh?
11:42 * xeno nearly choked to death on his sammich
11:42 <@xeno> AND
11:42 <@xeno> it got up my nose
11:42 <@xeno> solios++
11:42 <@solios> :>
11:43 <@mrsxeno> i love it. a masterpiece
11:43 <@mrsxeno> :P
11:43 <@xeno> fuck.
11:43 <@xeno> you need to patent it.
11:43 <@solios> er.
11:44 <@xeno> that is the placeholder i expect to see from now on
11:44 <@xeno> EVERYWHERE.

Chinese Arithmetic

No adjustments.





Blast from the past:


18:39 <@solios> xeno_drunk: I SAW KREV
18:39 <@solios> well, talked to.
18:39 <@ejp> I saw Jesus once.
18:39 <@ejp> he was balls-deep in the midget hooker at the time
18:39 * xeno_drunk hates it when that happens
18:39 <@xeno_drunk> sadljk;fsd
18:39 * xeno_drunk stares at solios
18:39 <@xeno_drunk> OMFG WAS HE PLANKTON
18:39 <@solios> [ the above ]
18:41 <@xeno_drunk> O_O
18:41 * xeno_drunk dies laughing
18:41 <@solios> he's on dialup.
18:41 <@xeno_drunk> omfgwtfbbqFAG
18:41 <@solios> about 15 minutes from State College.
18:41 * xeno_drunk pointsalksdfj;alsdfasd
18:41 <@xeno_drunk> !
18:41 * xeno_drunk prepares a krevcon
18:41 <@solios> :o
18:41 <@solios> pwn.

Dope Fiend
19:41 in irk

16:32 < solios> k.
16:32 < solios> straight up.
16:33 < solios> do I try and get something done tonight, or do I go for my fifth night straight of drinkin' ?
16:34 < esch> dink.
16:34 < esch> err.
16:34 < esch> "drink"
16:34 < esch> fuck it, I am.
16:34 < esch> 'cept I made mine. :P
16:35 < ejp> all I have is a stout and some gin
16:35 < esch> What do you mean "all I have"
16:35 < esch> What the hell else is there?



Inside The Torn Apart




On a more personal note...
10:50 in news

03:28 <xeno> oh.
03:28 <xeno> :|
03:28 <xeno> Remember Ryan Ostrom?
03:28 <xeno> you probably didn't like him, but that's not quite the point.
03:29 <xeno> he was killed yesterday, in Iraq.
07:47 <solios> !

Yes, I remember Ryan. That he enlisted isn't much of a surprise. That the calling proved terminal, on the other hand, is.

Fourth picture, left. (Stars and Stripes, Dec. 2002, hail Google)

From the WNEP release (src=xeno):

Governor Ed Rendell says Tuesday was the bloodiest day of the Iraq war for Pennsylvania's fighting men and women. Five soldiers from the Keystone State were killed. The governor's office confirmed the most recent deaths Wednesday night.

One of those killed was from a Guard unit in Lycoming County.

Staff Sergeant Ryan Ostrom, 25, of Liberty in Tioga County was on on patrol west of Baghdad when his unit came under enemy fire. Ostrom was killed. He was with the Bravo Company of the 109th Infantry, based in Williamsport.

Captain Brock Schulteis, who served with Ostrom, call the young man the epitome of an American and a soldier.

"He is upstanding, he's got moral ethics and he's going to be very missed. Everyone liked his leadership style. They liked the way he presented himself. He was always professional, always kind, always had a good attitude," said Schulteis.

This week's deaths brings the number of Pennsylvanian's killed in Iraq to 94 since March, 2003.


20050819 : WBNG (CBS) coverage, courtesy of xeno.



Peter Jennings is Dead.

Who's Peter Jennings? Is he ABC? NBC? I don't know. I got CBS growing up - Rather and Kerault, Geist and Reasoner formed my worldview... and Rather being laughed offstage? Ain't him I'm >:| about, it's the assholes that diminished him, shat away the Power Of The Anchor. Dan was the guy I believed in - Jennings was just another talking head in an endless sea of spin.

Cancer's a bitch. :/

I respect the loss experienced by all those to whom Jennings was The Oracle but he was not mine.

Peter Jennings is Gone, and that means something to some of you.






15:24 in news

Just paged through the archives, such as they are.

Man, that's a lot of ass.

[ Insert monthly "moving on" bit here, mention part of last night was spent plotting DCR deployment, etc, etc. ]

Change is hard, inertia, etc, etc.

So I went to the comic shop today...

... and after a bit of tooling around I settled on my second purchase of Transmetropolitan Volume 2. The bartender I loaned my first copy to in 2003 no longer works at the bar I loaned it to her at and the bar has changed hands, so.

I got drunk.

Walking home, I thought about comics.

Came up with a bitch of a Wolverine elseworlds, which I'll probably have forgotten in the morning.

Realized I've been waiting for Appleseed volume 5 since high school.

I'm 26.

Realized the only other comic I'd even think about buying would be a Kishiro-drawn Moore-written modernized interpretation and extrapolation of Pervert Club focusing on gender identity issues. As opposed to, say, women's underwear.

I know Ross can do superheros. I'd absolutely LOVE to see his take on drag. Put him on covers and give me a lifetime subscription.

And now you know all about what the kind of comics I want to read. Go take a look at the stock of your friendly local comic book shop - these sorts of things are not on the shelves.




A culture of risk-averse apron-tied thumb-sucking cowards.
02:37 in irk

Discussion of this BBC article on emergency repairs to Discovery:

23:29 < solios> fagbot: doot for scraping barnacles off of Discovery
23:29 < fagbot> HEE HEE....COCK BOAT
23:29 < solios> fucking space dingleberries. :|
23:29 < xeno_beer> !
23:29 < xeno_beer> that's awesome.
23:30 < solios> "Astronauts have never fixed a shuttle's heat shields on a spacewalk before - or gone under an orbiting shuttle."
23:30 < solios> O_o
23:30 < xeno_beer> solios: you know we;'re grouned again right?
23:30 < xeno_beer> and apt to stay that way
23:30 <@ejp> "under"?
23:30 < solios> 113 launches and we've never been on the ventral? o_o
23:30 < solios> xeno_beer: yes.
23:30 < xeno_beer> the scuttlebut is that they're scrapping the fleet and using it for "terrestial tasks"
23:30 < solios> heh.
23:30 <@ejp> it's a rocket.
23:31 < solios> no.
23:31 < solios> it's a spaceplane.
23:31 < xeno_beer> ejp: there is an under
23:31 <@ejp> wtf does a rocket do for terrestial tasks?
23:31 < xeno_beer> it is the Bottom of it
23:31 < solios> incinerate.
23:31 < solios> ANNIHILATE
23:31 < xeno_beer> EXTERMINATE.
23:31 < solios> DEEEEESTROOOOY
23:31 <@ejp> xeno_beer: lies
23:31 <@ejp> up/down don't exist.
23:31 < solios> O_o
23:31 < solios> HEaven 17 on radio nigel.
23:32 < xeno_beer> no, but bottom and top are relative to your appropriate pov and therefore DO
23:32 < solios> "This is the new Nasa. If we cannot prove this is safe, we don't want to go there. "
23:32 < solios> >_<
23:32 <@ejp> pussies.
23:32 < xeno_beer> when you look at a space shuttle, and acknowledging the fact that it is capable of atmospheric re-entry, it becomes immediately obvious which is top-side and which is bottom.
23:32 < xeno_beer> solios++



Short Attention Span
16:39 in irk

02:11 < arbo> Hey, solios.
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07:05 <@solios> your mom, arbo
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13:16 < arbo> necKro's Internet connection.
13:17 < arbo> I think xeno cast ping-timeout on necKro.
13:17 <@_Lasar> It's like Slashnet's idea of a stable IRC network.
13:19 < arbo> To have users drop consistently every, what, 6 minutes, then 54 minutes?
13:29 -!- _Lasar [~lasar@cloak-9BA14DA9] has quit [Ping timeout]
13:35 -!- _Lasar [~lasar@cloak-79D676B5] has joined #dotnet

Scrape, don't wipe.
01:29 in irk

22:27 < solios> <flood> # email from solios senior
22:27 < solios> After watching all this stuff on the Bassmaster's Classic on Pittsburgh's 3 Rivers, I wanted to watch something else that I really didn't have to think about or concentrate on......it would be "just there" while I veged out.
22:27 < solios> I didn't realize what I did until I had watched the tape for several minutes!
22:27 < solios> I had put in the tape "Riverdance"!!!!!!
22:27 < solios> </flood>
22:27 < solios> fagbot: doot my dad
22:28 < fagbot> i'm taking a DUMP in the breakroom
22:28 < solios> lfdkjhg
22:28 < solios> fagbot: botsnack
22:28 < fagbot> thanks solios :)








Back to the grindstone.




02:09 in irk

22:57 <@john> woah [FUD speculators strike gold]
22:57 <@john> fuckety fuck
22:58 < solios> The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.
22:59 < solios> London's got secams like a Burroughs character has hemorrhoids.
22:59 < solios> DID IT STOP TEH BEWM?
22:59 < solios> NO!
22:59 < solios> k.





The artery-clogging "goodness" is good for two "meals" and is cheaper than the local diner.


It also packs enough sodium to kill a fucking moose.



Crack is cheap.

Monitor Check:


Approximate (Welding Goggles)

The shades are bit more green, but this is fairly close.


21:47 <@ejp> what's this go to do with welding goggles?
21:49 <@solios> if that moon was the sun...

Too much to ask for.
22:32 in irk


19:09 <@solios> I got an AWESOME picture of a palette. :|
19:11 <@xeno> i assmue you mean the wood kind, that things go on
19:11 <@xeno> and not the Bob Ross kind
19:11 <@solios> yeah.
19:12 <@solios> the kind that every goddamned fps modeller in HISTORY has YET TO SEE.
19:12 <@solios> I WILL SHOW THEM.
19:12 <@solios> I WILL MAKE THEM BELIEVE.
19:12 <@xeno> lol
19:12 <@xeno> we have thousands of them at work
19:12 <@xeno> no lie
19:12 <@xeno> THOUSANDS.
19:12 <@solios> sweet.



14:38 in irk

11:29 * Drusilla is GOING TO HELL.
11:30 < tokage> so i will meet Drusilla someday? i think most of #tiledot will be there.
11:30 < tokage> except bryan who is so sweetly innocent!
11:30 < solios> except for that dirty ass of his.
11:30 < tokage> yeah well
11:31 < tokage> someone convinced him it was "for god"
11:31 <@john> mdxi, I think I'm going to convet
11:31 <@john> convert
11:31 <@rjbs> Bryan will have his ass bleached before dying.
11:31 < solios> :o
11:31 <@john> wtf
11:32 < tokage> is that the new thing?
11:32 <@john> rjbs obviously forgets the ass bleaching party we had at last ~con
11:32 <@rjbs> I meant *again*.
11:32 <@rjbs> duh
11:32 * solios gets the funnel
11:33 <@john> solios, that's 1 step farther than I would have known how to do that
11:33 < solios> <3
11:33 <@john> there is no love in ass bleaching
11:33 <@ejp> clorox makes that bleach gel pen now.
11:33 <@ejp> I imagine that's the ticket
11:33 < solios> whoah.
11:34 < solios> oh yeah, that'll hit the spot.
11:34 <@john> ironically, I almost bought one of those the other day
11:34 < mdxi> i just spray mine with SHOUT! every night before bed
11:34 <@john> haha
11:34 <@rjbs> New "Febreeze! Crotch" eliminates Crotch Rot better than ever
11:35 <@john> now with nanobots!
11:35 < esch> remember all that stuff I said yesterday about how good the internet was?
11:35 < mdxi> FDS now stands for Febreeze Dick Spray
11:35 < solios> rebuilds the crotch. Stronger, faster, better.
11:35 < solios> esch: lemme guess...
11:35 < esch> Forget I ever said it.



RTF (tentative)
01:03 in news

NASA officials announced late Thursday afternoon that the agency has scheduled the launch of the shuttle Discovery on the first post-Columbia mission for July 13. The agency said the launch of Discovery on mission STS-114 is now scheduled for July 13 at 3:51 pm EDT (1951 GMT).

src == spacetoday