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2004.04.16 @ 04:53 PM


For execution during April 2004:

  1. Juggling G3s
    1. SCSI card and drive move from Gridlock to Cambria.
    2. Cambria loses USB/Firewire card for second SCSI card or IDE card. USB/Firewire card causes conflicts in OS 9, unstable. No problems in OS X. Box will be dual booting.
    3. Boot Cambria from 10.2 install on 4g UWSCSI from Gridlock; copy OS 9 install to 4g drive, format 80g IDE. Machine is repurposed as general use legacy box: VDR in 10.2 and quicktake / RCAS i/o in 9.
    4. Gridlock gets 4g Cheetah from Cambria. RAM transplant: 128 into Wire. Machine is left with empty PCI slots or fast SCSI, 4g drive. OS 9 install and applications, pass off to the waiting list.
    5. Wire gets the leftovers. Specifically, +128 ram.
  2. Juggling Linux
    1. ~, mysql database, and apache config on massive backed up and transferred to maniac.
    2. massive goes offline.
    3. 7300 is rebuilt using parts from 8500. Namely ram, possibly hard drives.
    4. SCSI controller and drives from massive transplanted to 7300.
    5. Fresh install of debian.
    6. move massive backup from maniac to 7300, reimpliment.
    7. 7300 will take massive's old IP due to moveable type configuration quirks.
    8. massive will be rebuilt using leftovers from G3 juggle. Options at this point are either OS X OMFGWTF box or linux. Or the machine will simply be offlined.
  3. 7300 build
    1. 256 (8x32) ram from 8500. Ram from 7300 is stored for future use.
    2. PCI 10/100 ethernet board from Gridlock.
    3. PCI 2930 SCSI from Gridlock
    4. third slot empty
    5. internal drives : one of the 2g will probably stay for use as an OS 9 bootloader. Secondary will be replaced by 8g from massive. Or 4g. The development that massive is being used for is presently in the ~200 meg range and is not expected to exceed ~300.
  4. Disposal or location juggling.
    1. Powerbook 520 is dead. Needs to be discarded.
    2. Duo 230 still works and functions for the time being as a scanner stand. VIAO desktop case is junk and needs to be thrown out.
    3. Inwin case needs to be gutted. Find the bad SCSI drives and discard.
    4. 7100 is junk. Wipe hard drive, pull boards, toss.
    5. MacTV needs to be put into storage.
    6. Sparc has never been used; do not have the necessary equipment. Presently a monitor stand. Storage or reimpliment in new furniture arrangement.
    7. Indigo2 will be placed on top of wire and cambria as a monitor stand., or under the 7300 for the same purpose.
    8. 8500 requires disposal. Blown arbitrator chip makes serial and PCI busses unuseable. RCAS and mobo video works. Network and ADB work. Internal disk is being odd: may toss to someone on the waiting list as a replacement/upgrade.
    9. A/UX box is fine where it is (end table)
    10. Inwin works as alarm clock stand; should be filled with working SCSI equipment and offlined for future use.
    11. Massive needs to be relocated from its current position. Options are storage or the present location of the Quadra 650.
    12. Role of the Q650 will be assumed by the rebuilt Cambria; obsoleting the Q650, which can then be placed in storage. Machine still has functioning OpenBSD install.
  5. Overall goals:
    1. Removal of Gridlock (passed off to current person on the waiting list)
    2. Removal of 8500 (passed off to next person on the waiting list or decomissioned- may cycle out to Roy for return of 9500, which I have no use for at this time.)
    3. Removal of 7100.
    4. MacTV into storage.
    5. Transfer of massive from 9600 to 7300, 9600 offlined as furniture for the time being
    6. Projected machine roles:
      1. Maniac will continue as workstation.
      2. 7300 will become web development system.
      3. iMac will be emergency-use-only and/or fileserver (currently fileserver)
      4. Cambria will become backup dump location and general widget box for things I can't do with modern equipment or linux.
      5. wire will be run through a base debian install and offlined until its planned role as router/web face is financially feasable.
      6. Pismo continues in a reduced role with use being reduced by planned purchase of medium-capacity USB pen drive.
    7. Prepare space for acquisition of storage equipment (planned for May 2004 at present)
    8. Reduce clutter and overall volume of technology in the living area.
    9. DUST.