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Muscle and Hate (/away)
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2004.08.07 @ 07:00 PM


~5:30 Sat., 18/Carson. 71, breezy. Slept forever.

Implemented new ATC site last night, came up w/a better method for mugshots as I was lying in bed. Had to force myself to wait. On deck first thing @ cmnh. Dreamt, walking barefoot, had been for days, perhaps. State of clothing unknown, no boots, feet tar-black with city filth and not feeling it. Not feeling it at all.

No hangover. Precipice of caffeine withdrawal but no hangover. Can't afford another one, at least in Oakland. Sun in my eyes, sunglasses, breeze curls notebook against my wrist. Small letters, thin ink, careful, legible. Wish pencilling and inking were this easy.

54c, Scott on the crosswalk. Connected at home long enough to scan weather, away log. Typo on transition 10, requires fix, repost, reprint. Ditto cast- method in mind.

Beautiful day.