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Bitch, bitch, bitch.
2004.12.20 @ 03:50 PM


I bitch a lot. I have reasons, much in the same way a lawyer has business cards. The way, sometimes, a lawyer has a pulse. I bitch a lot, and a lot of the people I know bitch a lot. Bitching indicates an unseen need for a change in the environment. In my case, it means I need to boost my blood sugar.

Bitching is a symptom of a greater issue that rarely has anything to do with whatever you're bitching about. Forget the target. Consider the ammunition. Introspection is an incredibly useful tool, and a harsh mistress to loose lips. People don't care about your problems. They have their own, and they spend large amounts of money and time getting away from them. They might care if you're famous, but the kind of people that give a shit about the problems of famous people are the glazed-eyed lardmissiles shoplifting Weekly World News out of the grocery store, sneaking it out in their industrial strength hair rollers. The kind of people who can't find Mexico on a map.

My coworkers bitch a lot, and frankly, I don't get paid enough to listen to it. I get paid enough to run a high pass filter over it, listening for keywords. I drop the rest- it's bitching to bitch, whining to whine, blithering just to hear ones own voice and calling it doing something when really, it isn't. Doing something is doing something, and bitching isn't doing something unless you're a lawyer or a client of a lawyer, in which case you're still required to do some work, in the form of framing up your bitching in legalese- the language that turns your whining into an unearned paycheck.

Most people, I've noticed, bitch because they're dissatisfied. It's great when they realize this, know the reasons. Makes it easier to listen- in some cases it's actually helpful to get the weight of a situation off of your head so you can move on. Great for periodic stress relief- make a career out of it and you're not contributing to society, you're just a whiner.

Then there are those who bitch to bitch, whine to whine, and who will never, ever realize the fact that they're doing it to themselves and using whatever comes along as a scapegoat to justify their own inability, inaction, laziness, etceteras. They're paralyzed without somebody to whine to, they're useless without mountains of emotional support, and they'll never get anything done unless they have a babysitter to listen to them bitch and complain about how fucking hard doing anything is.

If you were an observant kiddie, you noticed that your parents actually paid your babysitter for the privelege of putting up with you. If you weren't, you take it as a given that there's always going to be someone to hang your neurosis on- someone to do your thinking for you, someone to motivate you. Proxy-parents for kiddies who don't want to grow up, face the world and kick it in the fucking nuts. Put a dent in it.

Life isn't going to hold your dick while you piss. Life is, in fact, eventually going to get sick of your whining and start ignoring you, because ultimately, bitching isn't doing, and if you're not doing, you're never going to get anything done.