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I need a fucking vacation.
2005.06.05 @ 02:54 AM


The where and the how are practically immaterial so long as it's Not Here.

Any one of a small number of local girls I don't see nearly enough of are welcome to attend so long as the conversation never touches on how I'm fucking up my life and/or theirs. My disinterest in hearing about other people's ideas of how I can and/or should improve myself would be why I'm aggressively single and why I go to bars to look at girls as opposed to talk to them.

Notebook, iBook, a couple of bristol pads, a few changes of clothes and a motherfucking couch.


Bills need to be dealt with This Month Dammit, big installation at work (everyone happily assuming I'm doing the work of an employee who hasn't been replaced yet), stilll Editing ATC and I'll be goddamned if I'm taking time off before that's done, etc, etc, etc.

Oh, and I'm getting ultimatumed by people I haven't hung out with in awhile because - get this - I haven't hung out with them in awhile.


No time off for me!