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Cold day in hell.
2005.06.06 @ 01:59 PM


If anyone asks me about marklar, I pull turnips for a living.

If Rosetta doesn't handle Classic, I'm going to have huge issues professionally, as I'm tied to Office 98 for useable HTML conversion and Photoshop 5.5 for subtitling work at the day job and for ATC.

And if CS could do what I use 5.5 for, I'd have switched up by now. It can't.

11:33 <@bda> No one cares. Hardware sucks.
11:33 <@bda> Bring on the whores.


16:49 <@bda> Hey, solios.
16:49 <@bda> Guess what.
16:49 <@bda> Rosetta doesn't support Classic.*
16:49 <@bda> SUCKERS.

* "Applications built for Mac OS 8 or 9." The Classic Environment itself isn't specified, though I'm thinking this could include some of the transitional carbon binaries that ran "natively" (read: slowly) on both 9.x and 10.x, such as Photoshop 7 (a complete slug on the mac by any standards). 68k -> PPC -> OS X -> OS X86 and they wonder why their market share is as low as it is. This is the fourth Big Transition for the platform - Microsoft has only had to do it once (getting the lusers onto the NT bus with XP, but NT had been out and used and valid and viable, etc, etc, for years before that occured.).

Oh, and shit what runs just fine under 7.6.1 runs in Classic now, so. Clinging to hope and so forth.