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2005.07.15 @ 02:38 PM


11:29 * Drusilla is GOING TO HELL.
11:30 < tokage> so i will meet Drusilla someday? i think most of #tiledot will be there.
11:30 < tokage> except bryan who is so sweetly innocent!
11:30 < solios> except for that dirty ass of his.
11:30 < tokage> yeah well
11:31 < tokage> someone convinced him it was "for god"
11:31 <@john> mdxi, I think I'm going to convet
11:31 <@john> convert
11:31 <@rjbs> Bryan will have his ass bleached before dying.
11:31 < solios> :o
11:31 <@john> wtf
11:32 < tokage> is that the new thing?
11:32 <@john> rjbs obviously forgets the ass bleaching party we had at last ~con
11:32 <@rjbs> I meant *again*.
11:32 <@rjbs> duh
11:32 * solios gets the funnel
11:33 <@john> solios, that's 1 step farther than I would have known how to do that
11:33 < solios> <3
11:33 <@john> there is no love in ass bleaching
11:33 <@ejp> clorox makes that bleach gel pen now.
11:33 <@ejp> I imagine that's the ticket
11:33 < solios> whoah.
11:34 < solios> oh yeah, that'll hit the spot.
11:34 <@john> ironically, I almost bought one of those the other day
11:34 < mdxi> i just spray mine with SHOUT! every night before bed
11:34 <@john> haha
11:34 <@rjbs> New "Febreeze! Crotch" eliminates Crotch Rot better than ever
11:35 <@john> now with nanobots!
11:35 < esch> remember all that stuff I said yesterday about how good the internet was?
11:35 < mdxi> FDS now stands for Febreeze Dick Spray
11:35 < solios> rebuilds the crotch. Stronger, faster, better.
11:35 < solios> esch: lemme guess...
11:35 < esch> Forget I ever said it.