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So I went to the comic shop today...
2005.08.06 @ 02:08 AM


... and after a bit of tooling around I settled on my second purchase of Transmetropolitan Volume 2. The bartender I loaned my first copy to in 2003 no longer works at the bar I loaned it to her at and the bar has changed hands, so.

I got drunk.

Walking home, I thought about comics.

Came up with a bitch of a Wolverine elseworlds, which I'll probably have forgotten in the morning.

Realized I've been waiting for Appleseed volume 5 since high school.

I'm 26.

Realized the only other comic I'd even think about buying would be a Kishiro-drawn Moore-written modernized interpretation and extrapolation of Pervert Club focusing on gender identity issues. As opposed to, say, women's underwear.

I know Ross can do superheros. I'd absolutely LOVE to see his take on drag. Put him on covers and give me a lifetime subscription.

And now you know all about what the kind of comics I want to read. Go take a look at the stock of your friendly local comic book shop - these sorts of things are not on the shelves.