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On a more personal note...
2005.08.11 @ 10:50 AM


03:28 <xeno> oh.
03:28 <xeno> :|
03:28 <xeno> Remember Ryan Ostrom?
03:28 <xeno> you probably didn't like him, but that's not quite the point.
03:29 <xeno> he was killed yesterday, in Iraq.
07:47 <solios> !

Yes, I remember Ryan. That he enlisted isn't much of a surprise. That the calling proved terminal, on the other hand, is.

Fourth picture, left. (Stars and Stripes, Dec. 2002, hail Google)

From the WNEP release (src=xeno):

Governor Ed Rendell says Tuesday was the bloodiest day of the Iraq war for Pennsylvania's fighting men and women. Five soldiers from the Keystone State were killed. The governor's office confirmed the most recent deaths Wednesday night.

One of those killed was from a Guard unit in Lycoming County.

Staff Sergeant Ryan Ostrom, 25, of Liberty in Tioga County was on on patrol west of Baghdad when his unit came under enemy fire. Ostrom was killed. He was with the Bravo Company of the 109th Infantry, based in Williamsport.

Captain Brock Schulteis, who served with Ostrom, call the young man the epitome of an American and a soldier.

"He is upstanding, he's got moral ethics and he's going to be very missed. Everyone liked his leadership style. They liked the way he presented himself. He was always professional, always kind, always had a good attitude," said Schulteis.

This week's deaths brings the number of Pennsylvanian's killed in Iraq to 94 since March, 2003.


20050819 : WBNG (CBS) coverage, courtesy of xeno.