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Looky what the Obscurotron horked up.
2005.08.26 @ 04:18 PM


Premium DCR sonic memory jogger courtesy of Amazon.com :


Also Godflesh, Winterkalte, Jesu, Front 242, Clock DVA, and Gridlock, courtesy of Eides. I already "have" everything but the Jesu, but now I own it, which makes a Big Difference*.

The CCI is almost comically goth - I've been keeping an eye out for it off and on since 1998 and finally stumbled onto it during a drunken Amazon trawl during recent DCR development. The memories it keys to are critical to parts of the story, so it was worth the paltry eight bucks just for that.

As for the rest, I've always said if I like an album enough I'll buy it. I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

* High quality rips, for one thing. A nice looking CD shelf, for another. After the Nicotine Years, my "collection" has been stripped free of the crap and now consists largely of stuff you'd have one hell of a time finding online.