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2005.08.28 @ 02:18 AM




Hit Lava Lounge around 9, since that's when Randy tells me Beth's 21rst starts - and he tells me in a "you miss out you're DEAD MANG" tone of voice, so, hey. I'm there. And I'm the only one. For about forty minutes - at which point some fratstain makes it his mission in life to induce the juke into sucking rancid buttermilk out of a dead man's asshole.

Switch gears, ten minute bus wait and I'm at Ceremony. Figure I've already spent (read: wasted) three or four hours of the day waiting on shit, what's a few more for the second appointment? Especially when the music doesn't suck shit?

So apparently Kristen's idea of "late" is either "not at all" or "last call", since I missed her as well and left her a snippy little voicemail to that effect.

A week of being "social" and I'm remembering with crystal clarity why I spent two years being Anti.

On the upside, Matt played Clock DVA (Sound Mirror), Godflesh (Descent) and Killing Joke (Love like Blood) - all without asking, and he remembered the Clock DVA from a previous conversation.

Usually I'd be all >:| 'n shit about people not showing up, but DUDE.


I've been bugging Don to play them for ever and then Matt goes and does it without even asking.


So my existing impressions of existing social groups and persons whose behavioural patterns I already know remain valid.... and one of the Night Shift DJs happened to bust out the Set Of Awesome. Which validates my existing impression that Matt not only knows his shit, but is straight up Weapons Grade awesome.

I'm marking this one down as a win, despite "missing"* two admittedly loosely-arranged meetings.

* This would be the "politically correct" term for the "9pm is 9pm" rant I unloaded on my roommate's GF when she asked how my night went. She's of the "always early" school and I try to be - but that really only works when you're dealing with one person. When you ante up to a group of people - where group is "more than one" - then you're either seriously fucking late or you're in the military. I'm the kind of guy who hates waiting on other people to get their shit together and would rather walk home than accept a ride - especially since ride offers historically come from people who put the ride at the end of a 40+ minute bullshit session with someone on site who has absolutely no intention of leaving any time before the year is out.

Waiting? Fuck you. Hate it. I may eventually reconsider, assuming I'm ever in a position where anyone is forced to wait for me and I am by process of action forced to see it from the other side - but this has yet to happen... and I'd like to think it won't.

Well. Jolie's waited for me a couple of times - but that is almost entirely due to the fact that I spent a good deal of time waiting for her in the past, and had gotten into a habit of expecting her to be somewhere between "a bit" and "quite a bit" late, so I started interpreting a 630 as a 635. Then she suddenly Wasn't Late... and by the time I adapted, she was Gone.