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January 2003


Martial Arts of the Mouth

Written at the Upstage during the hour of 2200, 25 January 2k3

Physics and equilibrium- enlightenment and social engineering as martial arts: the social end being more studied in my case. Enlightenment would be shielding and preventative maintenance: social fu being the devensive weapon and mindset.

Play this up against the five elements: Spirit is the Will, perspective and volition of the situation. From there, the other elements are tactical tools, particularly in the situation of argument.

Air- Ambivalent, open, transparent. Inviting.

Fire- Heated, scathing, destructive. A tool that must be used carefully, as its explosive nature fuels the temper and makes one look foolish when one loses control of oneself to the heat. Tactically, the goal in dealing with an opponent is to spark their fire- fan it with air, and then drown it in water.

Earth- Stubborn and unyielding, also the center: piped through Air, the voice of immutable logic. Piped through fire, the voice of ignorance and immaturity.

Water- To which one might apply Bruce Lee's philosophy to the social realm. Through Air, allow your opponent to sink int o the depths- Water and Earth will ignite his Fire, drowning him.

With Water, if the opponent is Earth, he will drown. If the opponent is Fire, he will be snuffed. If he is Air, he may know better and arouse your Fire or bring out your Earth- a situation to defensively avoid: a situation that does not affect Water. If the opponent is Water, then the situation coexists: though Water can be heated into Air. The tactical use of Fire and Earth will excite Water to steam, becoming Fire.

A social art- a dancing game and the tools of argument, debate, and tactical victory. Manipulating the elements in conversation can achieve many goals- calming another or, in the passive aggressive sense, carefully inducing your opponent to drown himself with his own ego: thus agitating him- possibly to the point of pyschic attack, at which point physics and the laws that govern matter and energy bring down your opponents negative mentality upon himself, and he is removed, by his own attacks, from your path.

Fact and logic are tools of Water, and positive tools of Earth. Opinion and emotion are tools of Fire, as opinion wedded to ignorance is the negative tool of Earth. Filtering opinion and emotion is a tool of Spirit and awareness of emotion or passion (passion also belong to Fire) are key to success with Water- the goal of social arts being to ignite the passion of opinion and/or ignorance within your opponent, his attacks becoming infuriatedagainst placid Water. Careful application of Fire excites him further, until his core of Earth is revealed and he drowns, a pebble of ignorant opinion in a sea of logic.

Refining the structure.
02:52 in site

Categories have been defined, and the material from liquid and mlp, which were seperate blogs, has been added to mercury. that content is unpublished in the mercury blog right now, as I'll be doing the conversion tomorrow. It's late, etceteras, etceteras. I figured out how to do it thanks to LOC, so I may as well load up the LOC changes and the Mercury changes at the same time.

Maybe things will stabilize then. :)


Category filtering is in effect, which is something I was attempting to do using multiple blogs. Which you basically had to do with Grey Matter. This is better, by far. It just requires a little bit more work and structure on my part to get everything set up so it filters itself properly. The next two steps at this point in time are getting the sidebar rebuilt and the pages for the other categories setup to display properly again. Relatively easy, but time consuming.

(also update)

Mercury has been tightened down. Less ass, more happy. Makes me happy. The only thing I have to deal with now is proper category indexing, which looks like it might be a pain in the patootie given my present level of understanding. I'll smack that around after I bring LOC up to spec.

One, you lock the target.

(or the basic "why mercury is here").

Like you care. I have time to burn on a render, so what the hell. Might as well put MT to use and start filling the system up with something that actually looks like content.

Mercury is several things: It's a distraction, a tool, and a pattern recognition utility of sorts. Much like my old anti-blog, Dichotomy- a dumping ground for angst when it happens and stupid or funny stuff when it comes up. In short, things that have absolutely no relevance to revision. Point of fact, I should probably move LOC here, as that material is old, shite, and should be here if anywhere for contextual reference. Mercury is intended to reflect where my head is at when I feel like dumping it onto the webernet. MT has the flexibility to keep this completely self-contained, which is one less site I need to maintain through a combination of Simpletext, Dreamweaver, ssh and ftp.

And the goal here is to get things organized, or a little more clear- while I figure out exactly what's going to be done with the projects I've set for completion and startup this year. The War Against Distraction unfolded through the Screaming Room, AD4k, Dichotomy and started to seep into revision, where I don't want it. TWAD is a distraction in and of itself- a certain failure of awareness. Shooting my mouth off, saying yes because I can, as opposed to no because I'm not really all that interested and would rather be doing other things- keeping an eye on the particulars and actually working towards some greater goal.

This doesn't exactly come easily, if you hadn't noticed.

I doubt it will, and wanting it to runs counter to how I think- struggling against that would only slow me down and create more of a hassle. The idea has always been to know my limitations and put them to work, turning them to my advantage- something that's worked quite well with regards to accumulation of computer hardware and overall artistic throughput.

This falls down when it comes to large scale projects- saving for a Serious Machine, getting a webcomic started and keeping it running, finishing a novel. Planning and doing the little things- character design, site design, site builds, plot work and the occasional piece of cg- come either easily or naturally. Keeping focused on the bigger picture, however, does not- working towards a larger goal would be easier to do in chunks, and steps, which is where my current Big Project comes in- scanning, organizing, sizing, scaling, commenting and displaying over six years of Strange Art- while getting related creative output into similar shape. The scale of said project is pretty rediculous, all things considered- fortunately, this is one with damned near all of the content complete in some form, and most of the work has been done.

The idea, of course, is to have achieved /something/ - a finished body of work I can point at and say "There. Look. I did something. Now STFU and sit down." I haven't had something of this level of completion since Drone, my short film- and before that, my demo tape. Both smaller in overall scale, all things considered. Both also having nothing to do with my focus of late, which is gearing itself towards getting something of substance rolling, leaving all the little ragtag, unfocused bits behind, or boxed up and filed accordingly.

It's all moving towards a common goal- and it's going to keep taking rest stops until I lock the passengers in the car and floor it.

liquid (desc.)

Liquid: a subsection of Mercury, which is in liquid form within the typical human temperature range. The blastbin for more premeditated content than the craptastic sphincterfest of the front page.


Good to the last drop.
01:56 in irk

05:32 < solios> The coffee pot looks like a marital aide.
05:32 < bda> Exactly.
05:33 < solios> ...
05:33 < bda> Girl tastin' a bit meh in the morning?
05:33 < bda> Like coffee?
05:33 < bda> PROBLEM SOLVED.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
01:32 in irk

01:25 <@solios> Oh, I love moveable type.
01:26 <@solios> You'll get a special place in my cabinet after I take over the
01:26 * solios appoints bda the provisional head of The Office That Knows
What's Good For You.
01:26 <@bda> I'm going to assume you mean your political cabinet.
01:27 <@bda> And not, like, next to the crackers.
01:27 <@solios> As opposed to my sextoy cabinet, yes.
01:27 * bda shudders.
01:28 <@solios> Heh. The sextoy cabinet consists of a condom.
01:28 * solios doesn't know how old it is.
01:29 <@bda> You're a scary man.
01:30 <@solios> I aim to please.



That rusty orange look.
14:07 in irk

13:59 < Xenothaulus> i hate mint
13:59 < Xenothaulus> fucking toothpaste, gum, everything
13:59 < Xenothaulus> why can't I have, like, mt dew flavoured toothpaste? or
roast beef flavoured tooth paste?
13:59 <@_Lasar> ...
14:00 < solios> I think the Mint Nazis have him tied up in the basement.
14:00 < Xenothaulus> ...
14:00 < Xenothaulus> We need to assemble a rescue party
14:01 < solios> Dude. Let the oompa loompas handle that shit.
14:01 < Xenothaulus> No no no.
14:01 < Xenothaulus> They betrayed him.
14:01 < Xenothaulus> That's why he's in the hole
14:02 < solios> Good point.
14:02 < solios> They DIO have green hair.
14:02 < solios> MINTY GREEN HAIR.
14:02 < solios> Fucking A. We should have known they were working for the
other side.
14:03 < Xenothaulus> See?
14:03 < Xenothaulus> And don't forget their orange faces.
14:03 < Xenothaulus> Because, you know, orange... and mint... and... uh...
14:03 < solios> Dude.
14:04 < solios> Their skin is orange because the mint in their head is causing
their bones to rust.
14:04 < Xenothaulus> Oh.
14:04 < Xenothaulus> Yeah!
14:04 < Xenothaulus> Fucking mint man.

Yay standards.
13:25 in site

12:51 < solios> http://mercury.mirrorshades.org/mlp/000010.php
12:51 < bda> align="top" that shit.
12:51 < solios> It is, yo.
12:52 < solios> Using a non-moz browser?
12:52 * solios thinks it was, anyway....
12:52 < bda> The link to the webcomics is middle.
12:52 < bda> Yeah.. safari.
12:52 < solios> browser?
12:52 < solios> SEE?
12:52 < solios> Fixing the display in Moz broke it in Safari and IE.
12:53 < bda> haha.
12:53 < bda> :)

I've figured out a fix, but it involves- you guessed it- dealing with CRAP! WOO!


Fixed up the includes and reorded include insertion on the templates. The problem was that for some reason, khtml and IE didn't like the title image being in one table cell and the blog content being in another. Smacked that shit down solid, kicked the shit out of a bug that cropped up in IE, and generally made things presentable.

Man. I haven't had problems like this with a site for quite some time. But hey, this shit works. Probably would have worked the first time if I did web design for a living as opposed to for fun. :P




Shows where my head is at.
17:15 in irk

17:13 <@bda> Some fucking cunt is hammering.
17:13 <@solios> block their ip.
17:13 <@bda> ...
17:13 <@solios> ?
17:13 <@bda> WITH A HAMMER, DAN.
17:13 <@_Lasar> Hahhaha
17:14 <@_Lasar> AAHHAHAHaa
17:14 <@_Lasar> Ahahahhaha
17:14 * _Lasar dies

Thought he was talking about server access.

'nuff said.



Gear Fiend
22:01 in irk

Three hours stomping around three floors of an unheated warehouse full of DEC servers, Digital laptops, old IBM tape arrays, hundreds of laser printers, and a forest of Monitors. I walked out with a 20" Apple multiscan (set 1280x960x60hz on my home server) and a 15" Apple monitor with the funky speakers on the sides. Both test fine. The 15" color checks. The 20" has a huge chunk eaten out of the base, but it's stable- and it makes wubba-wubba-wubba above 60hz. Total cost on this was a negligible bartering arrangement, which I'm down with.

21:54 <@solios> You have no idea how little money being beige has cost me.
21:54 <@solios> This month alone, I've fell into a total of four monitors - 14,
15, 17av, and 20- for less than 120$.
21:55 <@bda> Shut up.
21:55 <@solios> Dude.
21:55 <@solios> It's skill.
21:55 <@bda> You should ship my ass some of that shit.
21:55 <@solios> I'm so leet it hurts.
21:55 <@bda> :D
21:55 <@bda> Hah.
21:55 * solios adds bda to The List.
21:55 <@bda> I think you just have sex with all these people and get gear for
21:55 <@solios> You're third in line.
21:55 <@solios> For the sex. Fourth for gear.
21:55 <@bda> Ack!

That's a total of four monitors in this month, one decomissioned, and one shuffled out of the house with the 6400.

I think I need a bigger desk.

It's all about the happy.
15:32 in irk

15:30 < solios> http://mercury.mirrorshades.org/
15:30 < solios> :D
15:31 < bda> Heh.
15:31 < bda> GM is simple. That's what it is.
15:31 < solios> BLOGTASTIC!
15:31 < bda> It isn't a real CMS.
15:31 < bda> MType is, and therefore require configuration. :)
15:31 < solios> I noticed.
15:31 < solios> O_o
15:31 < bda> Even so, it only took me two hours the first time I did an install,
I think. :P
15:31 < bda> Then I did it again, better.
15:31 < bda> And again, better.
15:31 < bda> Can get it done in around 30 min or so now, and in a way I find
15:31 < solios> Took me like 12 hours to get mercury configured.
15:31 < bda> It's all about the happy.

Yay Moveable Type. Mercury is now pretty much configured the way I want it, which is fairly impressive. Just have to dump in the mlp and then wire up the sidebar with the usual suspects, and it's good to go.

My catheter tastes like pee.
04:28 in site

I need to poke at Categories. Which are apparently some totally zowie and neat-o thing that will get me laid, according to some people.

Consequently, the need for this post was certainly meditated upon.

Briefly, at any rate.

Categories are this mtype thing that let you filter your stuff more or less however you want to- I know analytically how this should work, which means that's how it's probably not going to. The basic idea would be to have certain things set as material that never hits the front page. Generally speaking, as a weblog, it's against policy to put something intelligent on the front within easy reach, where your audience might realize that you're more than a self-styled wit and some unresolved issues.

I'll probably whack whatever it takes to do this out of another mtype setup and splat it into this one, then fug with it until it works. Beats reading the manual.

Beat into useability time for MT, with bda installing: ~12 hours
Beat into useability time for GM, with dmh installing: ~4 hours

Easy != flexible.

How many nymphomaniac contortionists do you know?

Kids these days.
03:29 in irk

03:27 <@bda> Watching the Matrix Reloaded trailer.
03:27 <@bda> O.
03:27 <@bda> M.
03:27 <@bda> F.
03:27 <@bda> G.
03:27 <@solios> pull up your pants.
03:27 <@bda> NO!

Anti-Culture: I'll wait for somebody to strap my face to the screen.

03:03 in site

'aight. The front is obviously presentable. Figured out a nice workaround for the sidebar and nailed a few more glitches in the process. Scrapped the old css model. Made the sidebar a little more streamlined than the original cut, which was fairly "I have a blog, you care". Well, I do, you don't, and we're in the clear on both of these facts.


The details are probably important to somebody, even if it's me retroactively, scanning through entries and noting that I'm deeply obsessed with computers, girls, and the interrelationship between the two. Whee.

I'mma hack the archives a bit and pass out.

If it ain't broke, fix it.
02:12 in site

Front end renders correctly, which mitigates issues with getting this beast setup to the sidebar and everything else- the latter being running through some VERY scary-looking templates that have a lot of "don't touch this!" all over the place.

You could say the same thing about the headers. But I'd smack you. The page rendered stupid until they went away. Stupid being highly relative, of course. If the present rending solution didn't skullfuck itself in the process, then it's sort of middle-aligned in IE5/Mac and works fine in Safari and Mozilla. Yay standards.

Some hacking to finalize multiple entries and how they work together- woo. Yay. Next target: sidebar.



Systems Setup
18:40 in site

Yay blog. Yay also hacking on MT for the first time. Frustrating.

Also, head explodey. I suppose you'll have that when you're staring at a completely unfamiliar interface and don't have your usual toolbox on hand to get everything to make sense. Consequently, it's going to take some time to get this thing hacked into shape. Yay learning the hard way.