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June 2003


Four hours of Joy.
23:49 in irk

19:54 <@homeslice> Buttplug?
19:57 <@solios> Buttplug.
20:49 <@solios> BUTTPLUG!
21:10 <@homeslice> BUTT!
21:10 <@homeslice> PLUG!
21:20 <@solios> buttplug.
23:02 -!- Arbo [~Arbo@cloaked.rev.o1.com] has joined #dotnet
23:02 < Arbo> Bryan?
23:07 <@solios> buttplug.

Do note the timestamps.



REM Shub N'ggu-who?
01:35 in irk

01:20 < ejp> there are very few gods that listen to anything in this channel.
01:20 < solios> I think it's a natural defense mechanism.
01:20 < mdxi> i'm pretty sure the Elder Ones heep tabs
01:21 < solios> fagbot: doot for willingly deaf
01:21 < fagbot> THIS RAPE FARM HAS NO COWS
01:21 < solios> mdxi: ?
01:21 < mdxi> keep
01:21 < solios> hahah.
01:21 < ejp> heep! heep!
01:21 < solios> fagbot: Cthulhu?
01:21 < fagbot> i guess Cthulhu is the shit.
01:21 < solios> fagbot: Nyarlethotep?
01:21 < fagbot> no clue, solios
01:21 < solios> I think I spelled that one wrong.
01:21 < solios> fagbot: doot for Cthulhu.
01:22 < solios> fagbot: botsnack.
01:22 < fagbot> thanks solios :)
01:22 < mdxi> when cthulhu requests code changes, people listen
01:22 < ejp> heh
01:22 < mdxi> he talks to Windows dev teams via interpretive dance
01:23 < ejp> I don't take no orders from no stinkin' squid.
01:23 < mdxi> the VB team failed their sanity roll, clearly
01:24 < mdxi> < Cthulhu> UM NA GOSHOTH YOG NA'BETH
01:24 < mdxi> < Sun> yes, we should push Java everywhere but not give anyone decent tools and make it run like crap
01:24 < mdxi> < Cthulhu> A HA HA HA
01:25 * solios fell over laughing back on the interpretive dance bit.
01:27 < ejp> anyone read the news.com thing from Lord Gates?
01:27 < solios> < Cthulhu> RAAA HUR GLAR FNUH SHN'RELTH!
01:27 < solios> < Apple> Netinfo, baby.
01:27 < solios> ejp: I've been too busy listening to the Great Old Ones to pay attention to His Lordship.
01:28 < ejp> it's hilarous
01:28 < solios> :o
01:28 < ejp> < Satan> I'm not evil, honest!



That's what she said.
01:38 in irk

01:31 <@Krev> Stupid weather.
01:31 < solios> Yes.
01:32 < solios> It makes my bathing suit area all boggy.
01:32 * Krev tries to not think about solios' bathing suit area.
01:32 <@Krev> Damn it.
01:32 <@Krev> It's like the white elephant.
01:33 < solios> O_o
01:33 < solios> Thanks, I think.
01:33 <@Krev> I didn't say it was pleasant.
01:35 < solios> neither did I.
01:35 <@Krev> o_o

Highs in the 90s for the next 3 days. Pittsburgh 90's. Which feels like celcius. Never mind the 90% humidity. My pants are already sticking to me.



If you build it, they will come.
13:39 in irk

13:13 < ejp> bahaha
13:13 < ejp> wake up solios!
13:13 < ejp> I just got a call from Earthlink.
13:13 < ejp> "Hello, I'm calling on behalf of Earthlink about "chibiporn.com"
13:13 < rjbs> awesome!
13:13 < ejp> funniest thing I've heard in a long whole
13:14 < rjbs> what did they want?
13:14 < ejp> s/whole/while/
13:14 < ejp> to host/design it
13:14 < rjbs> that's right: don't tell us about ong wholes
13:14 < rjbs> ejp: ugh, jeez.
13:14 < ejp> "One month free!"
13:14 < rjbs> ejp: what'd you say?
13:14 < ejp> told them I already host it, and that Dan was a artboi
13:14 < rjbs> did they persist?
13:15 < ejp> nope
13:15 < rjbs> that's ncie



Shredder hates the both of them.
01:56 in irk

oIKIEINo (01:50): Pay homage to my turtle
oIKIEINo (01:50): her name is Soup
ikonlust (01:51): * falls over dead.
oIKIEINo (01:51): Altho you might want to pay respect to Norbert as well
ikonlust (01:51): er.
oIKIEINo (01:51): he's got a vile temper
ikonlust (01:51): Norbert?
oIKIEINo (01:51): as Shredder the crayfish found out
oIKIEINo (01:51): yeah
oIKIEINo (01:51): Norberts also a turtle
oIKIEINo (01:51): a tad smaller than Soup
ikonlust (01:51): Soup.
oIKIEINo (01:51): but much more vicious
oIKIEINo (01:51): yes
oIKIEINo (01:52): my turtle
oIKIEINo (01:52): Norbert is Jen's
ikonlust (01:52): Named SOUP.
oIKIEINo (01:52): yes
ikonlust (01:52): k!
oIKIEINo (01:52): lol
oIKIEINo (01:52): Shredder hates the both of them
oIKIEINo (01:52): and Norbert just hates everything
oIKIEINo (01:53): actually
oIKIEINo (01:53): Shredder and Norbert could commiserate
ikonlust (01:53): Norbert sounds like a friend of mine.
oIKIEINo (01:53): seeing as how they're constantly fighting with the other inhabitants of the tank
ikonlust (01:53): I think you spelled that wrong.
ikonlust (01:53): Do they make turtle trojans?
oIKIEINo (01:53): but they're too busy fighting each otehr
oIKIEINo (01:54): [shrugs]
oIKIEINo (01:54): ask them
oIKIEINo (01:54): Norbert only hisses at us
oIKIEINo (01:54): but maybe he'll talk to you
ikonlust (01:54): somehow, I doubt it.
oIKIEINo (01:54): [shrugs]
oIKIEINo (01:54): you never know
ikonlust (01:54): You're a strange man.
oIKIEINo (01:54): I'm pretty sure that shredder is plotting to kill me



16:39 in irk

16:17 <@bda> Ego's just a survival trait. "I matter, so I'd rather not be eaten by a tiger or some crazy woman in Maine."
16:17 <@bda> Also.
16:17 <@bda> My nuts.
16:17 <@bda> GOOD CHRIST MY NUTS
16:17 <@bda> brb.



Silicon Valley puked in my bedroom.

I removed the first floor air conditioner and stuck it in my room today. It belongs to my roommate, but it's a known thing that I pay the entire electric bill and live in the hottest room in the house (the attic). Couple that to the physics of heat rising and cool air falling, and it makes perfect sense. So I moved the thing. In the process I popped the breaker for my room twice, which resulted in three *nixxen going BLAM! and two MacOS machines dropping.

I spent a very large amount of time error checking the machines individually, and then stress testing the breaker by bringing them up one at a time. I finally settled for the left being completely operational, and the right having essential operating capacity only. In the process I rebuilt my 8500 completely, as either the PCI bus or the IDE card I was using had decided to vomit on me. The machine has been upped from a 6 gig IDE and 128 ram to two 4 gig Cheetahs and 256 ram. No problems yet, but the thing is off.


For illustrative purposes:

The Left.

[conveniently and unintentionally erased during cleanup operations in April of 2004]

In use and running: Power Macintosh 9500 with G3/300 processor, 128 megs of ram, three 16 meg video cards plugged into the monitors (Trinitron, 1280x1024; Applevision 1710AV, 1280x1024; Apple 15" multiscan, 1024x768- all millions of colors). 9 gig Ultra wide SCSI on an orange micro board for OS, 4 gig 10krpm fast SCSI for swap and share point. Attached: Wacom tablet, Extended II Keyboard, serial cable for Quicktake 150, Apple Pro speakers and Cambridge speakers, webcam, microphone, PowerKey, SCSI CD burner. The machine is connected to the network via an Apple branded 10/100 ethernet card. Use: Stereo (iTunes, mounted from Server), light graphics work and games.

Also on the table is an iMac running OS X 10.2, with 288 ram, a 60 gig IDE drive and an Iomega cd burner. Kensington Orbit trackball for input device. Backup drop zone, file organization and light web desting (apache with PHP).

That black blob near the iMac keyboard is a spare battery for my powerbook. Lower right is an UMAX piece of shit scanner, a Duo 230 and dock (unused, as the 230's keyboard is ass), and an empty Sony VAIO tower case. Between the 15" and the iMac in the back is an 8 port 10/100 switch.

The Right

[also conveniently and unintentionally erased during cleanup operations in April of 2004]

20" Apple trinitron, which hops between all systems in the pile. It's sitting on top of a 7300, which is a G3/300 with two 2 gig drives (one OS 9, one Debian Linux), 176 ram and 4 megs of VRAM. THe machine is unused due to current power grid strain. Under that is a Sparc Server 20, unused for the time being. Underneath the //gs monitor is wire. G3/266 with IDE CD, SCSI zip, 9 gig 50 pin SCSI for /home and /var, and 2 gig UWSCSI for the rest of the OS, which is debian linux. 128 megs of ram. Realtek POS ethernet, Apple UWSCSI, Adaptec 2930u SCSI. The machine has no functional sound or internal SCSI.

Next to that is the 8500, which functions solely as a passthrough for the playstation. The cd burner the PS1 is sitting on top of is plugged into the 8500 through the power supply, so it powers up when said machine is on. Specs are listed at the top of this entry.

The last two cases are Gridlock, the file server. G3/266 with 256 ram, 80 gig IDE (media), 60 gig IDE (personal data), 4 gig UWSCSI (OS) and 8x black SCSI CD internal. PCI cards are same as wire save for an Apple branded 10/100 nic. Inwin server case has a shorted power supply to operate without a motherboard, and contains two SCSI chains- 4 gig and 2 gig 50 pin userlands and two 9 gig SCA drives for OS and applications toolbox. The Syquest and Zip are non functional and used as front filler so dust doesn't get into the machine. The SCSI chains are 50 and 68 pin respectively, and are cabled into the MT through motherboard SCSI (50 pin chain) and the Adaptec 2930U (68 pin). OS runs on one of the SCA drives and a PCI slot fan has been added to the case. Gridlock serves audio to the 9500 and files to all systems on the network, functioning as a longterm storage bay.

Not featured: The 5300, 650, 7100, 8100, 6150, wgs95 and MacTV that are eating up space on the floor.



Kickin' it oldskool.
23:20 in irk

23:16 * ejp ponders getting off his ass and looking for honey tomorrow
23:16 < mdxi> it's not that hard to find
23:16 < mdxi> usually around the syrup
23:17 < ejp> I need unfiltered/unpasturized
23:17 < ejp> for mead
23:17 < rjbs> you guys remember the hp libretto?
23:17 < rjbs> no, toshiba
23:17 < ejp> the little one?
23:17 < ejp> yeah, I remember that
23:18 < mdxi> why is everyone all about making mead these days?
23:18 < mdxi> from 1600 to 1990 humanity got along alright without it
23:18 < rjbs> mdxi: they said that about the plague, too
23:18 < rjbs> but it's back.
23:18 < rjbs> who are we to question fashion?
23:18 < mdxi> ah, the classics



Sex and the channel.
03:08 in irk

02:55 < ejp> I think smart people have a duty to reproduce.
02:55 < ejp> somebody has to counteract the sheeple
02:57 < mdxi> you go right ahead; i'll be over here with all the spare time and money. and sex life.
02:57 < ejp> either we breed them out, or we kill them off. I'm just picking the legal one
02:58 < solios> See.
02:58 < solios> Here's my conoundrum.
02:58 < solios> Sex > ~*
02:58 < solios> * > children
02:59 < mdxi> ignoring that the top thousandth of the earth's population could never possibly "ourbreed" the other nine hundred ninety-nine thousandths
02:59 < mdxi> that's ecologically unsound and irresponsible
02:59 < mdxi> you either have to KILL or CASTRATE
02:59 < mdxi> or not care
03:01 < ejp> so we kill them.
03:02 < solios> And castrate them.
03:04 < ejp> ok, *you* get to castrate the corpses.
03:05 < ejp> I think it's kind of pointless though.
03:05 < ejp> unless you're worried about zombie orgies.
03:05 * solios gets out the weed whacker.
03:05 < ejp> which is a valid concern I suppose.
03:05 < solios> not for long.
03:05 < ejp> fagbot: doot for zombie orgies
03:05 < solios> !!!!!!!!!!!!!
03:06 * ejp falls over
03:06 * solios dies.
03:06 < ejp> a flamingly gay necrophilliac.



Livewire versus Genne Light, round one.
21:51 in irk

21:46 < Xenothaulus_drinking> I'mma go grab another Genny
21:46 < Xenothaulus_drinking> brb
21:46 < solios> :|
21:46 < solios> Motherfucker.
21:46 < Xenothaulus_drinking> Because it's GOOD asswater
21:47 < solios> Dude.
21:47 < Xenothaulus_drinking> You don't even fucking drink beer, so stfu
21:47 < solios> I almost spit my orange dew all over my monitor.
21:47 < solios> ASS.
21:47 < solios> :D
21:47 < Xenothaulus_drinking> Also, it is CHEAP asswater
21:47 < Xenothaulus_drinking> lol
21:47 < Xenothaulus_drinking> Goo- ... did you just say Orange Mt. Dew?
21:47 < solios> Asswater is, by definition, ASS WATER.
21:47 < solios> Yeah.
21:47 < solios> I've got my spine.
21:47 < Xenothaulus_drinking> ...
21:47 < solios> I've got my orange dew.
21:47 < Xenothaulus_drinking> Not for long.
21:47 < solios> Follow me.
21:47 < solios> Don't follow me.
21:48 < Xenothaulus_drinking> You've got an awful lot of nerve to call something asswater whilst drinking that fucking swill.
21:48 < Xenothaulus_drinking> It's like... an orange ice pop mixed with club soda and vegetable oil.
21:48 < solios> Yes.
21:48 < Xenothaulus_drinking> asdfl;kjasdf
21:48 < Xenothaulus_drinking> Okay fucker, now I spewed beer all over my monitor
21:48 < solios> I like orange soda, but it's usually ALL THE CARBONATION.
21:48 < solios> :D
21:48 < Xenothaulus_drinking> Penisdoodle
21:49 < Xenothaulus_drinking> ...
21:49 < Xenothaulus_drinking> I hit shift to capitalise the I to emphasise it...
21:49 * Xenothaulus_drinking surrenders.



Gobble gobble!
15:14 in irk

14:29 < ejp> everything after the overclocked lemons is ass
14:30 < ejp> haha. Win2k3Srv patch
14:31 < solios> o_O
14:40 < solios> speaking of ass.
14:40 < solios> fagbot: doot for Win2k3srv
14:40 < ejp> fagbot: doot for windows
14:40 < fagbot> BONJOUR MADAME
14:41 < solios> And the world spreads its legs.
14:45 < solios> o_o
14:45 <@phun> I was the turkey all along!
14:45 < solios> O_o
15:11 <@phun> It was me!
15:11 <@phun> I was the turkey!