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August 2003


Viz progresses.
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Welding UI and Viz together seems to have been a smart move- all of the photoshop candy is in one block of the site. Makes my life easy. Still have some additional material to toss in and work around, but as usual, it can wait. I've decided to keep the previous year of user interface design, on account of the fact that it's something quite different, overall, than what I'm doing these days. Basically. O_O. I want to add some ATC sketchwork, etceteras- things from what ATC isn't, so the story isn't spoiled.

In the meantime, I need to make a phone call. And have drinks.

Many, many drinks.



New Gold Dream
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Okay, I'm still sorting it out. But this is the new mercury. Welcome.

mercury (yes, it's lower case) was originally a developmental weblog- bda set me up the bomb so I could get my hands dirty with moveable type. Oh, the joy. The joy and the pain, as I would up doing a lot of the initial configuration over a modem- and if you're familiar with MT at all, a lot of that configuration consisted of gutting the stock templates, slowly figuring out the little bits that I actually wanted to use, and tossing the rest. Not to say that MT isn't damned fine blogware, because it is- but I don't need most of its features. To put it mildly.

The experience with mercury matured with ATC when I got that moving- bda and I decided it would be better to adapt MT to the needs of a webcomic than it would be to write a brand new backend for one specific purpose. I learned a lot from ATC, and applied the lessons by rebuilding the webcomic site after the first chapter was finished... then I took some of what I learned there, installed MT on the secret about box, and spent some time having fun with that.

In the meantime, mercury was underutilized and I was still running my so-called "personal site" through Dreamweaver. Consequently, the site hadn't been updated in, like, forever. Rather than hassle with running SAB and my own site from one MT install on a smallish server, I opted to gut mercury, integrate revision, and start clean. And by clean, I mean throwing out a lot of the cruft and generally asstastic old things that were dragging revision down. Simplify the interface and the approach even further- hang onto the old blog as a study example, keep the existing projects going, and generally throw everything else out the window. It belongs in the past, and fails to reflect well on the present- unless you're one of those froods who's actually interested in looking at rapid progress within a given period of time.

Around here, that eats up bandwidth. And the pipe, it doesn't grow on trees. If it did, I'd put drone up for download. :) But it doesn't- which is a great impetus to cut - and cut- and cut the dead wood from revision as I slowly migrate the site. Migration isn't going to happen overnight, like it did with SAB- I still need to think through what I'm definitely tossing out. I still need to set up some templates and streamline the presentation. There's a hell of a lot of little things that need to be done before I change my .sig to reflect this fact.

And hey, it's a three day weekend. No time like the present.

The Severing
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Okay. carbon_ and the buttgravy that's still steaming fresh have been laid into viz. Next up is culling the UID pages of the old site and adding that material in as well. Then doing some more filtering. And a front page for viz. And stuff.

Fantastic, thanks.
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Okay. I have the templates debugged, having used mercury and LOC as guinea pigs for the procedure. Oddly enough, mercury is better than it ever has been. o_O

Now it's time to figure out exactly how everything else will be integrated, and what of the last revision will be kept for the transfer here. Yeeha.

s/will be/was
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I really, really love symlinks.

Increase the shelling.
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The replacement is on the cutting board. It'll be a seamless switch. Upload new files, and that's it. Done. No other changes.



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This may end up being the shortest-lived site build ever. I'm having cognitive issues with layout- essentially, my thoughts were along the lines of "I'LL JUST MOVE REVISION TO MORG AND BE LEET!" and, well.... no. That's just not happening- I wound up trying to reorganize in my head while I was building the site and as a consequence, this is about as well thought out as any other impulsive decision.

So. All this shit's getting wiped. Except for LOC. I'll be throwing some clock cycles at the problem this weekend and, as usual, working through the holiday. There are MUCH more effective ways to organize this.

Stay tuned.

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Okay then. Template's laid in and can be changed if I don't stop hating it. Yay. LOC and the old blog have been contained and cordoned off. There's also one FUCK of a thunderstorm happening outside, to the tune of thunder driving my ears six feet into my skull.


mercury.morg is/will be revision, only less so. From the standpoint that it's being consolidated further. Lots of shit's getting thrown out. Moving target and all that. The log and the rest of the front page will be shaping up in due time. And I still need to get the rest of my shit ported over, or rethink the site entirely. I haven't decided yet.


Seems like I've been here forever.

Killing time in an airport bar.

The Secret About Box is hosed for the time being. Timely, in that revision and mercury are merging. Soon. The giant pile of bullshit that is this blog will be filed off out of immediate site for convenience. There will, of course, be a new design. Or an old design, depending on how you view things. In line with revision one. LOC stays. The Black Injection material gets dropped. So much bullshit you can't even imagine gets dropped. Like, most of this.

Funny. The more times revision is revised, the less complex it gets, the less material it contains, and the more purified the results. Eventually what passes for my personal web site will likely be nothing more than a body tag and a css file. Minimalist.

That is all.

These are not the droids you're looking for.
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04:26 <@solios> blacken my life with all such needs.
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Part of this nutritious breakfast
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01:39 < Xenothaulus> I just realised I drank 5 pounds of beer
01:39 < Xenothaulus> BEER
01:40 < Xenothaulus> er...
01:40 < solios> POUNDS?
01:40 < Xenothaulus> POUNDS
01:40 < Xenothaulus> yes, pounds
01:40 < solios> um.
01:40 < Xenothaulus> POUNDS!
01:40 < Xenothaulus> er...
01:40 < Xenothaulus> six
01:40 < solios> pounds?
01:40 < Xenothaulus> SIX pounds of beer