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May 2004


The Sex Scene
02:12 in irk

21:50 < Drusilla> i don't have any super powers.
21:55 < Drusilla> also, i
21:55 < Drusilla> am apparently jolie
21:55 <@bda> Was that the cliffhanger ending?
21:55 <@bda> That right there?
21:57 < solios_edit> sure
21:57 < solios_edit> O_o
21:57 < solios_edit> Drusilla: ?
21:57 < Drusilla> Jolie and I are comparing notes on past relationships.
21:57 < Drusilla> <jolie> oh god, I'm so you
21:58 <@bda> It's true that neither of you have had sex with solios.
21:59 < Drusilla> that... is true.
22:02 <@bda> Is it?
22:02 <@bda> IS IT REALLY?
22:02 <@bda> I think you've all had sex with solios.
22:02 <@bda> ejp: YOU TOO
22:02 < Drusilla> now I'm not sure.
22:02 <@bda> And it's just a big lie because you're all ashamed.
22:02 <@bda> ASHAMED I SAY
22:02 < Drusilla> solios, have you had sex with me?
22:03 <@bda> <solios> what we did was love <3 :D
22:03 < ejp> bda: have not.
22:06 < solios_edit> Drusilla: ...
22:06 < Drusilla> he's having a seizure
22:09 <@bda> Coo coo ka choo, motherfuckers.
22:10 < Drusilla> attention: i am now wearing all black. ph34r.
22:10 <@bda> OMG I'M WEARING PLAID
22:11 < Drusilla> DOOM
22:12 * ejp is wearing a bathrobe
22:14 * solios_edit is not!
22:14 < solios_edit> Drusilla: SO AM I OMFGWTFBBQ!!!!11
22:14 < ejp> freaks
22:15 < Drusilla> yes
22:21 < Drusilla> can i be solios instead of jolie?
22:21 < ejp> bad idea.



The Sonology of Sex
02:37 in irk

23:31 < solios> Drusilla: you have access to sex. What do you care? :P
23:32 < Drusilla> actually, i don't.
23:32 < Drusilla> as $guy's not feeling well.
23:32 < solios> that would suck.
23:32 < solios> Drusilla: short term deprivation. Doesn't count.
23:32 * ejp grumbles some more
23:32 < Drusilla> does so.
23:32 < solios> does not.
23:32 < Drusilla> does so.
23:32 < solios> does not.
23:33 < Drusilla> does so.
23:33 < solios> does not.
23:33 < Drusilla> does so.
23:33 < solios> does not.
23:33 < Drusilla> does so.
23:33 < solios> does not.
23:33 < Drusilla> does so.
23:34 < solios> asdf
23:34 < ejp> o_o
23:34 < solios> O_o
23:34 < solios> Drusilla: does not. Once a month or more counts as regular.
23:34 < Drusilla> oh. you're right then.



Minor adjustments
17:50 in site

Tinkered with date formatting, date header containers. Implimented some things I wanted to do early on with this design, but Didn't for one reason or another. Much happier with the flow. Still need to gut and rebuild LOC along similar lines at some point.

17:03 in irk

17:01 < @esch> After work, I'm going to go home and drink Bass.
17:01 < @esch> And finish this thing.
17:01 < @esch> And drink Bass.
17:01 < @esch> And make Ben pick me up.
17:01 < @esch> And then go to BWW.
17:01 < @esch> And drink Bass.
17:01 < @esch> And go home.
17:02 < @esch> And go to bed.
17:02 < @esch> And get up.
17:02 < @esch> And go to work.
17:02 < @esch> And leave work.
17:02 < @esch> And go somewhere and drink Bass.
17:02 < @esch> And go somewhere else.
17:02 < @esch> And drink Bass.
17:02 < @esch> And then go to bed.
17:02 < @esch> And wake up.
17:02 < @esch> And go eat breakfast.
17:02 < @esch> And then have a bloodymary.
17:03 < @esch> That's as far as I've gotten.
17:04 < @esch> I'd like to fit some making out in there somewhere.

2004.05.27 mlp

The Apple software DVD player recently did exactly this with a movie I was attempting to watch (saving the glitchfest for scene 34 of 37). (src=john) Stalin apparently had an 18 Charisma, and it looks like oil is created via a geological process as opposed to resulting from thoroughly crushed up prehistoric organic whatever. The facts and findings discussed would seem to undermine the burning compulsion Greenpeace says we're all supposed to be feeling to switch over to cleaner energy sources. So if that proves out, we can use oil for plastics and algae for gas and fertilizer. Doom.

01:00 in irk

21:56 < @esch> Ok, so how should I do this gradient thing?
21:56 < @esch> I'd like it to be smooth.
21:57 < @solios> airbrush
21:57 < @esch> :/
21:59 < @esch> does 7 even have that shit?



Background Noise

It's update week. As of this entry, I've updated two machines to 10.3.4, patched four machines for security, downgraded the media100 from 10.3 to 10.2.8, made the media100 Work, installed phpsysinfo on everything that can run it, fixed broke shit (floor interactives), moved a good amount of data from point A to point B, listened to a good deal of Download (III++), gotten into the longest running email exchange I've had in three years, actually updated SAB, worked on texmapping the Daedalus for ATC, completely overhauled the division blog, and am presently compiling various updates that need to be applied at home.

Somewhere in there I've gotten some more ideas for ATC and have been mentally researching and revising the state of the Gravicon, which is currently Off and sitting where the home file server used to be. Still a lot of work to be done on all fronts. Go me.

This sort of thing goes in phases. Plan/fix/update/prepare/maintain; Go Places and Do Things; Break Shit Something Fierce; Buckle Under Stress And Lapse Into A Mentally Unstable State For A Week. Wash, rinse, repeat. We're in the Plan/etc phase at the moment, heading for Do Things with a Buckle Under Stress at a slow rolling boil in the back of my head. It's been there for a few weeks, to varying degrees- the sort of stress/rage that wants OUT GODDAMMIT and can't articulate itself. Ya gotta talk the talk to get out the door, folks.

Currently tired/overstimulated, attention span of a goldfish, random short term memory reformats, occasional mental data loss, periodic rolling optical migraines- in theory. Spotty optical blackout, losing pinpoints of visual input, pinpoints that move around and blink on and off like a lite-brite in reverse. No stranger to those, they come and go and were really bad back in 2002.

A ton of shit to do. No money, no resources, no time, no energy, no motivation. Par for the course, at least my bedroom is partially cleaned up, I've some new software to play with, I've cleaned up my AIM contact and filtering lists, nobody's really getting on my nerves for a change and I should be caught up on bills just in time to deal with the fallout on forgetting to consolidate my student loans again. No word from Harrisburg on the ID thing by which I'm assuming they ate it. Old plastic, indigestion.

Off to organize, ideate, filter, back up, update, clean up.

Teh Fuck Sehkz (10.3.4)
19:24 in irk

16:23 -!- esch [~ryan@cloaked.mn.client2.attbi.com] has joined #dotnet
16:23 -!- mode/#dotnet [+o esch] by ChanServ
16:23 < @esch> So.
16:23 < @esch> Whee?
16:24 < @solios> sure.
16:25 < @solios> still optimizing on my powerbook.
16:25 < @solios> workstation's done and running.
16:25 < @solios> didn't break anything I use.
16:25 < @esch> go get laid, dammit.
16:25 < @solios> er.

The Conservative Agenda
02:01 in news

TRADITIONAL VALUES, n. The bedrock of the nation: fear of the unknown; hatred of the unorthodox; anti-intellectualism; racism; sexism; homophobia; sexual repression; fear and loathing of the human body; the morbid prurience of the "moral"; enjoyment of the sadistic infliction of pain; an ignorance- is-strength, faith-not-reason philosophy; a preference for "faith" over facts; blind belief in the tyranny of the majority; censorship; gullibility; mindless support of the government, especially in time of war; rejoicing over slaughter; a sheep-like longing for "strong leaders"; the desire to make a buck at any price to the environment or to other people; toadying behavior toward one's superiors; bullying behavior toward one's subordinates; intolerance of anyone who deviates one scintilla from a narrow, christian "morality"; the desire to inflict pain on the "immoral"; and the desire to force them to be "moral" through the use of violence, coercion, torture, imprisonment, and execution. Without these Traditional Values, America would not be what it is today.

Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary



It's in the mail.
15:48 in news

Rent. Money order at 3:30pm Thursday. Roommate relays inquiry from landlord around 11:45pm Thursday. Dropped in mail slot approximately 11:55am Friday.

Electric Bill. Fee converted last week, finally dropped in mailbox outside South Side USPS for 3:30pm pickup at approximately 12:15pm Friday.

Form DL-81 Envelope containing form DL-81, drivers license (expired : 1999), processing fee. Dropped in mailbox outside South Side USPS for 3:30pm pickup at approximately 12:15pm Friday. No guesstimates on processing time or what comes next at this stage. No form of state identification, valid or otherwise, circa 12:15pm Friday.

13:20 < solios> fagbot: doot for finally mailing in my id, hence overcoming FIVE FUCKING YEARS OF INERTIA
13:20 < fagbot> our JOURNEY of a THOUSAND STEPS must end in the HANDICAPPED STALL



21:30 in irk

18:12 < solios> I'm not sure if I send them my license or not.
18:12 < solios> if I do, I'll have NO ID TO SPEAK OF NOT EVEN AN EXPIRED ONE!
18:12 <@rjbs> U GET JAILED
18:13 < solios> probably.

Inverted variables are a glitch in the matrix.

I got stuck something fierce in Neverwinter Nights last night. Turns out everyone else gets stuck where I'm stuck as well, due to a specific variable being set wrong in the game itself. There is, fortunately, a fix.

Exposition for you, link for me. Beats printing it off.

Why I get paid the big bucks
14:57 in irk

14:57 < solios> k.
14:57 < solios> so.
14:57 < solios> my last duplication.
14:57 < solios> two T-120 loops of a 15 minute video.
14:57 < solios> fagbot: doot for the next four hours.
14:57 < fagbot> I CAN'T FEEL MY ASS



Yo Joe!

If I ever meet Brian Chontosh, I'm buying him beer. All of it. Brian played Quake for REAL and he WON.

Kick ass.



Cold Sweat

Friday, 54c

Utrecht -> 005 & 01 microns. Ready for more CG and I have NO idea what time it is. The last couple of days has thrown me off. T & T says 12:01. o_O

There's a squad of bizarro Liberty's on the bus. Roundabout proof of genetic archetypes. Feel stiff, assey- pepsi before bed was a bad idea (I just vurped, [scribbled out] deja vu last night) it was during CG construction and seemed an obvious memory transplant to 2001.

Oakland has the worst roads in pittsburgh has the worst roads in the state has some of the worst roads in the nation. Legibility reduction- Frau would on sight chortle gleefully and knock the whole paragraph a negative percentile higher than the class CGPA to date, because she can.






The Art of Noise

Got idoru back from the service center. The APC getting knocked most of the way out of its socket in the UPS caused some serious fuckery with current, frying the logic board and the video card. Both parts have been replaced under the applecare warranty. Purrs like a kitten, though for some reason my screensaver and security preferences were factory defaults (defaults are no password for sleep/saver, flurry screensaver; settings are password for saver and matrix gl).

In other news, the fact that I have an expired license means I get to fill out and ship off a form DL-81 to Harrisburg, as opposed to standing in line with four trillion pieces of mail, bills, social security card, birth cert, etc. At least that's what the nice lady on the phone told me. Harrisburg will probably check the expiration date on my license, realize it was late last century, and shit a brick or some other form of annoyance. Wait and see. That (and the electric bill) goes out Thursday or Friday.

Tonight, laundry.

Fact of the day : SOMETHING on Maniac keeps resetting my keyboard repeat rate and delay settings to Slow and Off. About the only thing that could possibly be doing this is Neverwinter Nights- though I ran the application on Idoru without any difficulties. Could be Quake III as well- it has "problems" running fullscreen above 800x600. In either event, Maniac is developing an attitude, and something isn't cleaning up after itself. :|

Yet another reason to aquire a PC for use as a gaming console. :P



16:58 in irk

13:46 < xeno> you fucks
13:47 < @esch> xeno is a fuck.
13:47 < @esch> HE IS A FUCKING.
13:53 < necKro23> you're a fucking.
13:54 < @esch> I AM A FUCKING.
13:54 < _Lasar> Do you do it long time?
13:55 < _Lasar> Yeah, but not you.

They call it a service center.


* solios calls the service center.
< solios> idoru?
< d00d> waiting on a part.
< solios> logic board?
< d00d> dunno.
< solios> ...
< solios> eta?
< d00d> couple days.
< solios> k.
* d00d hangs up.
< solios> ...

In the meantime, I've been downgraded from a 2x2ghz g5 with 2g of ram to a 300mhz g3 with 640 ram, and my powerbook (400mhz g3/640 ram).



The Gods are Angry.
17:11 in news

Thursday : First day back at work after an unpaid and all too brief vacation. Accounting demands variance reports same day with The Boss out, meaning unpleasantness when he returns.

Friday : Xeno leaves Pittsburgh at ~1pm. By 5pm the temperature has dropped 24 degrees and it is raining. The next three days will be uncharacteristically hot and humid.

Sunday : Find out between three and four friends of mine may well be disappearing to Miami in August. First I've heard of this, though it's been in the works for months. I've been working with them on some projects- their pending disappearance means that my role in the work gets scaled up at exactly the same time I intend to get rolling on ATC again. I am not amused. This has the potential to alter my living situation, to say nothing of increasing the demands on my free time. Irritation at the sudden change of situation induces extreme mental instability, bitchiness, claustrophobia. Drink it off. Realize rent will be paid late this month.

Monday : I roll into work to find that my workstation has been unplugged from the UPS, the secondary UPS that parts of it were plugged into has been completely drained, and the machine refuses to boot. Symptoms indicate failed logic board. Run machine out to Mac Outfitters in Cranberry. It's 45 minutes one way, and we had to shell out 150$ to "rush" the machine diagnosis. To say nothing of repairs. Theraputic in the sense that Smith and I bitched about the size of the ass that Pittsburgh sucks all the way out and most of the way back. I'm out a workstation and all data for an indefinite period of time. All Work work has been backed up. The freelance I've been working on over the course of several Saturday evenings has not been, however, and this does not sit well with me. Return to work at 4:40pm, brief supervisor, duplicate MO work order, leave post on division blog detailing steps taken and present disposition of workstation. Check email at 4:50, with the equivalents of "whazzap!" from the MPU and a "why didn't you call?!" from the FPU. It would appear that the 'rents read mercury and that the walls have teeth.

The loss of idoru means that my work schedule is effectively lobotomized until the machine is repaired and returned, resulting in two short weeks in a row. One fuck of a pay cut. I am not pleased.



Elf Booty Got Soul


One of two cinderblocks from The Evidence Log, the pictographic proof and reference of my journey to North Central PA. This one was taken in the park near Lock Haven on the third during our preliminary testing of the technique we developed for use on the fourth. The second was taken behind the barn near the house Xeno grew up in.


While neither shot is professionally composed (see the The Evidence Log for technological details), I personally feel that both of them define my opinions and memories of North Central- an area that was at its peak in the nineteenth century. Tioga, Lycoming, and Clinton counties are all completely covered in trees, much the way Pittsburgh is covered in exhaust fumes, sewage, and rain. And it's all second growth- the lumber industry has moved almost entirely to the southern part of the hemisphere, leaving farmland and light industry behind. Oh, and several Wal*Marts.

Speaking of tall green things:


The tree on the property line between my parents house and the Worthington's fields- the barn and one of the outbuildings sits in Tioga county, and the house (the white smear) sits in Lycoming. Must play hell with the property taxes. Neither my parents nor my sister were home- while I could have easily let myself in, it just didn't feel right to do so. This image was taken near sunset on the fourth of May. I like that tree- I've always had an odd sort of soft spot for it, for some reason.

That hasn't changed- though my narcissistic streak died a quick and silent death in the late 90's, when I was removed from the desolation of Liberty- which might explain why there aren't many current photographs of me floating around. Proximity and Xeno's suggestion produced this one:


Yes, the vehicle could be anywhere. Doesn't change the fact that it was somewhere between Lock Haven and Williamsport at the time of exposure, around seventeen-thirty yesterday. I hate pictures I happen to be in- I have yet to see one taken from a decent or flattering angle- the only ones I'm happy with are self-engineered- it's easier for me to avoid the weird angles, since I can't see them with the equipment I have access to.

The rest of the images taken on the Photo Safari are in LOC, where they belong. The ones that don't belong there are still on my hard drive, and are mirrored on Xeno's.

It's lateish. He's asleep, and I'm awake and alone in North Central for the first time since the winter of 2001, when I flew through in a brief blast that only vaguely resembled a winter holiday. Back then, Xeno's hair was about a quarter of an inch long. These days, it's past his shoulders on his way to his scapula- no doubt aiming for an eventual rendezvous with his anus, which is liable to make for all kinds of defecatory {in}convenience.

The technology of this vacation amuses me- with a crossover cable and an extra ethernet card, I'm routed into Xeno's cable line through his XP box- a box that gave us no end of connectivity problems as his sound card noticed the ethernet board, screamed a fit, and caused XP to suddenly and frequently Prefer Not To in interesting ways. Having broadband away from {home|work} has been both convenient and intereting- we tried playing Diablo, but IPX hated us something fierce, so we settled on Quake III- a game Xeno was certain he'd hate until he found the railgun, the shotgun, and gibs. Three days and a thousand frags later, we're Blue Team and he typically carries 3/4 of the kill count on a 100 frag round against five bots (three tards for me and two normals to kick my ass and occasionally his). Between that, iTunes playlist sharing, using simple networking to swap files, and getting completely FACED Tuesday night while spreading the results all over IRC, I can definitely say that technology seems to have changed our lives for the better.

Phase One (North Central) is complete. Phase Two (Pittsburgh) begins when we wake up. I'm not sure how Phase Two is going to play out- I have to work, and I'm a terrible host- my accomodations aren't nearly as accomodating, so to speak. Fortunately for our extremely limited resources, Phase Two will be briefer than Phase One- Pittsburgh is, unsurprisingly, quite a bit more expensive than North Central. Though once I get through the Work Thing on Thursday, I'll be reprovisioned on the money front and will be happily footing the bill for the rest of the Vacation.

Oh, in other news- over the last five days, I have seen a total of ONE khaki-clad asshole with a cel shoved up his aurifice. Compare against the countless dozens of similarly outfitted mentally defficient status-impared urbanites in Pittsburgh. I like the country- the locals are just as ugly, but the place is loaded with plenty of green, very few humanoids, and is, generally speaking, far easier on my face than Pittsburgh.

Of course, I've hit right before Allergy Season- if this little jaunt had happened a month to six weeks from now, the Green would be making a very active and aggressive attempt to kill me.

Funny what a little time off and a total of one energy drink in four days (Sobe Adrenaline, though I've been snorting coffee like it's going out of style) can do for ones perspective. In a way, I'm not looking forward to going back- though I am looking forward to discerning what sort of impact this brief change of perspective will have on my daily activities in the Iron City.

More information on that as the situation develops.



Girls and Zombies
14:14 in irk

10:58 < Drusilla> Livejournal Link
10:59 < solios> DA link
11:02 < mdxi> solios: teh awesum
11:02 < solios> fagbot: mdxi yar
11:02 < fagbot> solios: eat me, assboi
11:02 < solios> er.
11:02 < solios> heh.
11:02 < solios> mdxi: yar # even
11:07 < solios> fagbot: doot for dru and jolie
11:07 < fagbot> HOT BUTTERY BONERS
11:07 < solios> @_@
11:07 * mdxi keels over



13:36 in news

The Pit, Front :


The Pit, Back :


More or less in order of appearance, left to right and bottom to top: pismo powerbook, iMac (running debian), G5, G3 (unpowered), upgraded G3 (gig ram, G4/500, SCSI, two external firewire cages), Media100, floor control iMac and test screen for the interactive I'm working on. Pictures were taken from a standing position next to the window near the 21" monitors. This position blocks out the Server flat panel and keyboard, which isn't a bad thing- the server display is a giant piece of ass. If it wasn't, it would be on one of the other machines.

This is my workspace. And May 1 through May 5, I won't be in it. I will return to work for three 12-hour shifts on the 6th, 7th, and 8th to compensate for time off at the beginning of the week.

This is my first voluntary time off of work since 2001, and my first time out of The City since November of 2002, when I visited bda in Philly. This time it's Xeno, and he's picking me up. He's 26 today, making the amount of time we've known each other approximately 21 years, or legal drinking age.

While I'm taking a Windows-compatable ethernet card and twenty-five feet of crossover cable with me, I do not expect to have access to the net for the next five days. Specifically, email and IRC. There's more than enough other shit to keep me busy, so I doubt I'll miss it. I rather need the change of pace, really. I suppose that's why they call it a vacation.