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June 2004


Network Weirdness
01:11 in irk

22:04 -!- xeno [~no@cloak-31811941.stcgpa.adelphia.net] has quit [Quit: <censored> adelphia]
22:04 <@bda> o_O
22:04 < solios> it's handy.
22:04 <@bda> Is that xeno gayness or ircd gayness?
22:04 < solios> er.
22:05 <@ejp> unreal
22:06 -!- Maark [~Maark@cloak-2819D15A.drizzle.com] has joined #~.
22:06 -!- Maark [~Maark@cloak-2819D15A.drizzle.com] has quit [Quit: Maark]
22:06 <@ejp> o_O
22:07 -!- homeliios [~solios@2705808C.FB666856.13E0F79B.IP] has joined #~.
22:07 < homeliios> what the FUCK is going ON?
22:07 <@bda> Lock screen with custom imagesLock screen with custom imagesLock screen with custom imagesLock screen with custom imagesLock screen with custom images"Lock aslkdjf;lkjasdf;lkj;lkj
22:07 * homeliios stares at his not-refreshing metaserver connction.
22:07 * homeliios blames his fucking slower than shit modem.
22:07 <@ejp> don't blame me.
22:07 <@bda> That was annoying.
22:07 < homeliios> what was?
22:07 <@bda> ligur lagged out for a minute.
22:07 < homeliios> :|
22:07 <@bda> It's happy now.
22:07 <@ejp> I'm sitting at 1.05 lag
22:07 -!- homeliios is now known as homelios
22:07 < homelios> heh.
22:07 <@bda> Burped east->west coast somewhere.



Pete Moon
23:07 in news

I bumped into my friend Pete at the Co-Gos on 26th about ten minutes ago. I know him through my friend Colleen, who used to room with him in the apartment next to the same convenience store. Softspoken redhead who plays a mean game of Diablo II. Hell of a sculptor. AIP Industrial Design.

And National Guardsman.

Pete ships out for Iraq in less than 24 hours. He's a mechanic in the Guard.

Pete looked very, very nervous.

Pete's tour is 18-24 months.

He's not taking his camera.


Effective 12:45pm EST, I am again in possession of functional military-spec jungle boots. Shipped through the joke that is UPS straight from the manufacturer.

Wore out my last pair late last year. I've been wearing a pair of Magnum boots that look something like this since. Built more for winter. Laces are frayed out and nasty- compared to my previous pair of combat boots, which wore out the soles and leather but never the laces. Go figure.

My dad rules.

Twisted Metal

Courtesy of Vai, further proof that intelligence and discipline (intelligence at least) should be requirements to hold a drivers license.

03:15 in news

Today in Space History, courtesy of Rotten:

When Soyuz 11 disengages from the Salyut space station, cosmonauts Georgi Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov, and Viktor Patsayev are killed by a faulty pressurization valve. All the oxygen leaks out of the Soyuz cabin before Patsayev can close the valve by hand, and the crew is asphyxiated.

The Soyuz, coincidentally, is our only way off this rock.

Here's hoping.



18:01 in irk

14:54 <@bda> This guy that got canned today... he had everyone's passwd in an excel spreadsheet.
14:55 <@bda> wtf
14:55 <@bda> Just sitting on his workstation, which had the same passwd as half the network resources.
14:55 <@bda> It was awesome.
14:55 <@_Lasar> Haha.
14:57 < necKro23> yay for security!
14:58 <@bda> Somethin'.

00:58 in irk

21:53 < solios> http://cortland.keenspace.com/d/20040618.html
21:53 < solios> O_o
21:55 <@ejp> well, you're not dark-haired.
21:56 < solios> am too.
21:56 < solios> it ain't light, that's for sure.
21:56 <@ejp> fagbot: 8ball is solios male?
21:56 * fagbot shakes the psychic black sphere...
21:56 < fagbot> It says 'Don't Count On It,' ejp
21:57 <@ejp> well, there you go.
21:57 < solios> :x



Pittsburgh Industrial (lack thereof)
00:13 in irk

21:04 < solios> http://www.pghgoth.com/clubs.php <- One. Fucking. Venue. (two, but The Eye may not last long)
21:05 < xeno> solios: 's what you get for going places and outside and such
21:05 < xeno> you have iTunes
21:05 < xeno> use the fucking thing
21:06 < solios> iTunes will not buy me drinks, drive me home, and suck my dick.
21:06 < solios> k?
21:06 < fagbot> k!
21:06 < solios> k.
21:07 < xeno> HAHAHAHA
21:07 < xeno> lies
21:08 < xeno> people.
21:08 < xeno> people--
21:08 < xeno> this is why i was in a bar, in pitt, for the first time in over a year
21:08 < xeno> i do my drinking at home, usually
21:08 < xeno> as for the dick sucking, shut the fuck up
21:08 < xeno> you've got 84 bitches fucking LINING UP to jump your bones, and you fag out every time and say no
21:10 < xeno> i think i'm going to lose a hundred pounds, dye my hair, turn gay, learn to draw, kill you and take your place
21:11 < xeno> i'll have all the bitches i can eat



02:28 in irk

23:23 * solios sucks at inking.
23:24 * xeno sucks at trying to draw at asdlajsdkaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
23:24 <xeno> godDAMN
23:25 <xeno> <- Einsturzende Neubauten : Negativ Nein
23:25 <solios> :D
23:25 <xeno> and, apparently, when i reached for some paper behind the speaker, i bumped the volume knob
23:25 <xeno> didn't really notice it, because the previous mp3 had about 10 seconds of silence at the end
23:25 <solios> Yes.
23:25 <solios> THEN.
23:25 <xeno> it was awesome
23:26 <solios> < F M Einheit> [ loud screaming ]
23:26 * xeno rates it 5 just for that
23:27 <solios> EN++
23:27 <xeno> a lot of it, yeah

Editing is the Only Thing that's Real.
02:27 in irk

23:20 <solios> Now is the Only Thing that's Real. <- you see that?
23:20 <xeno> i started to, but then i didn't
23:20 <xeno> i will again later
23:20 <xeno> sometime when i'm moderately more alive
23:20 <solios> :o
23:20 <solios> k.
23:20 <solios> well, when I wrote it, I wasn't.
23:20 <xeno> yes, i got that
23:20 <solios> which was Odd.
23:21 <xeno> especially the part about not having typos, even though there were, like, 3 before that and all of them after
23:21 * xeno should be an editor
23:21 <solios> :D
23:21 <xeno> I pick that shit out Immediately
23:21 <solios> k.
23:21 <xeno> seriously
23:21 <solios> Word didn't.
23:21 <solios> so.
23:21 <solios> nyah.
23:21 <xeno> i instantly see every typo or grammar error
23:21 <xeno> in everything
23:22 <solios> that's handy.



Now is the Only Thing that's Real.

Last night I was drunk. In Philadelphia, which is quite a drive. Got home around dawn. Wrote this somewhere in between a brief detour called New Jersey and Allentown, around which point it became more prudent to pass out.




Bed at 02:45. Sleep between 3 and 3:30. Wake at 5. Wake at 5:30, mild concern about AM or PM. 6. 8:30. 9. 9:30. 10. Fuck this noise, shower. Out of the south side at 11am.

Oh, and Mike Melvill (src=esch) made it suborbital. Awesome.

11:44: still waking up.

12:08. What's even MORE Awesome is that Mike made it back.

The Fourth Act

One of those mind-sucking, soul-reaving hangovers that you don't realize you have until you've left the house. Made worse by stimulant overuse. You can't jump-start yourself out of a brainfog- too much caffeine and your brain misinterprets O_O for -_- and rising from the sludge just isn't going to happen.

Watched T2 with commentary. Snagged groceries, including new lights and garbage bags. Bedroom now has options of 70watt bounce light or dual 100watt nuclear test blast overheads. Did laundry. Gods that sucked. Showered. Zombied out into some sort of fucked up sleep paralysis "nap" for about thirty minutes. Went to the bar, told the landlord that the fridge is fuxx0r3d. Get to play phone tag on Monday.

There was some sort of solstice party thing that I was supposed to go to but didn't. I figured I'd rather spend a nice day with the windows open and T2 commentary than cringing as people I'll never be the least bit interested in having sex with hit on me relentlessly.

They're denser than I am. Which, all things considered, is fucking impressive. I could go on for paragraphs.**

Time to wind down and prepare for a week of OMFGWTF as I attempt to get the fridge fixed and contact my ex roommate, who I would have seen today at the party had I felt like getting sexually harassed for several hours. I'm supposed to be in Philly or some shit on Wednesday for a Skinny Puppy show. From what I've heard it's going to be a snooze- if I have to choose between being available for appliance replacement and not hearing assimilate played live, I'm opting for ice cubes.

** Simple logic. The hostess wants me there because she wants to hump me something fierce. I don't want to be there for exactly the same reason.



03:08 in irk

00:07 < solios> fagbot: doot for eric and gurlz
00:07 < fagbot> I think I'll go punch him in the nuts

The Third Act

Ceremony. Uncarded, give Used Car Salesman inventory of backpack with physical examples and demonstration. Admission : 5$.

- Don plays Front 242 and Killing Joke.
- Duncan. English national, went to Oxford. Mid thirties. Looks kind of like Ronan from VNV. Talk Gentoo, Debian, SGI hardware. He picked up an Origin 200 (bare) for 31$. Met him a year or so ago and talked linux and britcoms at the time. This time, unix and politics.
- Chris. Newly minted 21 year old. Infer as much information about alcohol as can be conveyed in a 20 minute conversation, focusing on quality, octane, price range, and general psychological effects of various types of booze. He thanks me at the end of the night.
- Chad, who looks like Danzig and is now playing guitar for Agnes Wired For Sound. They need a web thing, he thought of me. Go figure. Gave him my email address. Fuzzy website potentiality.
- Dianna, who I've known for a couple of years. First in depth conversation. Specifically, sexuality and the occult; masculine and feminine sexual behaviour not being gender specific. Many other situation-specific point events. Dianna at goth night- go figure. She gives me a ride home, agree to continue conversation at some point in the future.
- Several Absolut and Cranberry's. Very, VERY dr1nxxz0r. Gonna be hung the FUCK over.
- But, hey. Don played KJ and 242. Bumped into Duncan, Chad, Dianna, Sean and Steve Owens. And 2/3 of Bastard Incorporated.
- Pizza at Co-Gos, where I asked Dianna to drop me off. Pepperoni. All of it, please. Boxed, oddly. Cheap. Tasty. Hangover buffer.

Victory over the forces of matter.

Closing on 30.




The Second Act

- Baklava (or however it's spelled) at the Greek Pastries place on Carson. I love the stuff. So much so that I only seek it out on Special Occasions.
- Terminator 2 Special Edition from Dave's Music Mine. For Later.
- Finished Sors Salutis 1 with Bodine observing. bda is still >_< about comic navigation.
- Quake III.
- Got some prints made of the current page and some other things.
- ET Phone Home. Talked with mom and dad. Dad would usually be at work. Took the day off on account of it being Nice and it having been some time since he's done so. Fortuitous. :-) Dad corrected the archery incident in the Chronology.

The Third Act will likely be a remix of Intermission.


Post Chronology, leave MNH. Hit Electroclash thing at the Upstage. First time, didn't bother previously due to expired ID. Cover is 5, in for 3- after midnight. Not carded. First drink is well vodka. Tastes like the paste your first grade teacher told you not to eat but you did anyway. Upgrade to better inebriatory enablers at a slight increase in price.

- Mike Propst. Haven't seen him in a LONG time (on account of Mike contracting a severe case of Detroit). Phoner with Sean Gebhart around 11- Sean mentions Mike is in town, doesn't have number. Catch up, buy him some drinks. Get number.
- Tara. Haven't hung with her in awhile. Catch up. Tara got a Real Job, and she's extremely happy about it. Job sounds like something she'll Kick Ass at. Awesome. Buy Tara a drink, Tara buys me a drink- good mind for numbers, knows it's my birthday.
- Leave Upstage around two. Ten piece mcnuggets at mcdonalds, open till three.
- Walk home.
- Kieth bumps into me. He's walking home from some bar in North Oakland. Stumble home drunkenly, pause to chat on Birmingham Bridge. Kieth takes a piss off of the bridge into the Mon. Chat some more, enjoy the view. Stumble home.

Memory Lane

Today I'm twenty five years old.

Quarter of a century.

Old, in other words. Closing on 30.

I've spent some time here and there throughout the week compiling a non-inclusive history of the last 9,132 days of my life. It's far from complete, but I believe it's detailed enough to give you a general idea as to what I've been up to since the lease on the womb expired and I moved Out.

I've been busy.



01:56 in irk

22:53 < akj> i keep trying to pronounce mdxi.
22:53 <@ejp> akj: you can't.
22:53 * ejp has tried.
22:53 < akj> i can try!
22:53 < solios> emm-dixie
22:53 <@ejp> Mmm, dixie
22:54 < solios> that allso works.
22:54 < akj> mid-ixie?
22:54 < solios> md-11
22:54 < solios> or 1d11 or some such.
22:54 < solios> fagbot: roll 1d11
22:54 < fagbot> Invalid. Use a valid die and only roll it at most 100 times.
22:54 < solios> :|
22:54 < akj> one-die-eleven
22:54 <@ejp> I pronounce "mdxi" as "elitist bastard"
22:54 <@john> ha
22:55 < y0shi> i don't know what you're talking about. you pronouce mdxi "honey"
22:56 <@ejp> y0shi: no, that's bda.



The Voice of Experience
19:11 in irk

15:17 <xeno_beer> I need to have magic and make your dad know everything there is needed to know about making games and then say MAKE ME A WARGAME OMFG
15:17 <xeno_beer> because it would kick EVERYTHING'S ass



03:52 in irk

00:42 <@ejp> <-- homeschooled.
00:42 < solios> it shows.
00:42 < solios> ;D
00:42 < vai> yes. You have to attend a gov school if you live within 100km of one. which is everywhere.
00:42 <@ejp> solios: fag
00:42 < solios> heh.
00:43 < solios> I'd be even more socially repressed or niave if I'd been homeskooled.
00:43 <@ejp> as it is you can't type.
00:43 < solios> no
00:43 < solios> fuckers decided to teahc us that in like 9th grade.
00:44 <@ejp> heh
00:44 < solios> also, Apple usb keyboard.
00:44 <@ejp> well, back then it wasn't such a big deal
00:44 < solios> against which breasts are diamonds.
00:44 < vai> ?
00:44 <@bda> ...
00:44 < solios> apple hasn't made a useable usb keyboard.
00:44 <@bda> He means they're smooshy.
00:44 < solios> yeah.
00:44 < solios> fucking smooshy like wet bread.
00:44 * bda likes his.
00:44 <@bda> Apple USB keyboard, that is.
00:44 <@bda> Not my breasts.
00:44 <@bda> >:|
00:45 < solios> fatass.
00:45 <@ejp> heh
00:45 < solios> :D
00:45 <@bda> $solios->die();
00:45 < solios> bda: <3
00:45 * ejp squishes bda's breasts
00:45 <@bda> omg.
00:45 < solios> fag.



14:24 in news

Leave it to the Brits to point out all the bad shit Reagan's responsible for.

Fuck knows the goddamned American media isn't about to do something like that.

In other news...
03:54 in news

My coworker and ATC 3-dimensional conspirator has suffered vehicle malfunction 80 miles from anywhere. My friend Dru got herself a DeviantArt account, I played a good deal of Quake, and I'm presently in the process of burning a Pizza. When the pizza is burned, I'm going to watch Mail Call.

Xeno's youngest sister Kendra graduated from LHS on Saturday- coincidentally Mrs. Krotzer's last day with the district. The latter makes me sad- Mrs. Krotzer kicks more ass than a whole platoon of ass kickers- and believe me, that's a lot of ass. She rocks, and future generations of retards (aka "students") have no idea what they're going to be missing. As for the former... well, Me, Xeno, my sister, and now all of his sisters are officially out of high school. Most of have been for awhile- though this is the first time in my life that nobody I hang out with, hung out with, or know in some capacity is actually interred in the public school system. Makes me feel kind of old.


Congratulations to Kendra for surviving 13 years of public education. She'll soon find out that the really good parts of life have nothing to do with yellow deisel gurgling, plastic desks or rubbery foodlike things congealed at LES and shipped over in a truck for public consumption. She's quite fortunate to have had Mrs. Krotzer as a teacher. Future students will not be so priveleged.

Congratulations, kudos, and High Honors to Mrs. Krotzer for surving the public school system for a hell of a lot longer than all of us, and for actually making a difference. Mrs. K made English fun, gave me a great deal of freedom over the outcome of my Senior Project, and is one of a very small number of people (none of them students) who made it worth my while to actually show up for class.

I could elucidate further, but I'm recapping the day here, not eulogizing! Mrs. K rules, Kendra's Out, and my pizza's getting crispy.


From Pittsburgh, Good Morning.



Papers, please.

I mentally put this together yesterday, and it looks like rotten did too- cops in northern Ireland are challenging an order that requires members of certain organizations to register with the authorities. Given the fact that various Masonic orders are on the short list, and the history of >_< towards freemasonry, this doesn't come as much of a surprise to me.

Makes you wonder how the Party in Power might use that information.

Citizen Solios
02:37 in news

Got my ID in the mail today. Envelope with the chunk of holo-laminated plastic in it. No documentation, no paperwork, no receipt. Reissued with existing signature, height, and photograph. All of which are 9 years out of date- I'm now 6'1", write even less legibly, and so on and so forth.

Now I can drink at bars I haven't been to before, get a bank account, and so on and so forth. Hopefully broadband. Assuming my roommate opts to renew his half of the lease, which will financially stabilize me.

Five years of slacking and I'm now re-Personed for another four, during which I'll be able to get shit done and stop bitching about not having a valid ID.

Next up: Student Loan Consolidation.



02:31 in irk

23:27 < solios> YAY SENTRY GUNS
23:27 < solios> UNF UNF UNF
23:29 < ejp> freak
23:29 < solios> no, dude.
23:29 < solios> SPACE MARINES RULE
23:29 < solios> I mrsn, ehrn yjru't rnoy hryyinh yjrit sddrd kivkrf.
23:29 < solios> !
23:29 < solios> fuck
23:30 < solios> I missed the home row.
23:30 -!- ejp changed the topic of #tildedot to: I mrsn, ehrn yjru't rnoy hryyinh yjrit sddrd kivkrf.

02:11 in irk

23:11 < mdxi> I THINK
23:11 < mdxi> WTF IS GOING ON
23:11 < mdxi> OKAY I'M DEAD



Night of the Day of the Dork Squad

cmib.png Well now. After learning a bit about cron and shell scripting and writing it up and all that jazz, _Lasar told me I could post his chmod calculator on SAB if I made an icon for it. So I did. Wasn't quite as hard as I thought it was going to be, really- though the software I used to finish it out was a bit odd.

Took longer than it should have, but hey. These things do. So now it's 10:13 and I'm mentally done for the day. Which sort of sucks, because I wanted to spend the evening drawing pr0n, but hey- I've accomplished a great many Nerd Things today.

Foreshadowing my present state of mental squishiness, I picked up the Extra Special Champion Edition version of Aliens during my locked-out-of-my-house Full Moon adventure yesterday evening- an 18 million dollar budget and a great deal of in-camera effects trickery hiding under a dvd interface that makes me positively moist. Huzzah.

Funny how Fullbore Geek Mode hits just as I'm getting my shit together to prep for ATC.3. Outside of the icon, I haven't created viz in photoshop since May 19th... and I haven't done much more than sketching otherwise. Did some on Sunday and it came out feeling positively rusty. o_O

Send in the dork squad.

I wrote my first shell script today. Posted the script and the experience to SAB, so I don't have to repeat it here. An edited version now takes the files that the original scripts drop onto the OS X Server and moves said files to another drive, saving some hassle and making my life a bit easier. Cron has officially pwnz0r3d me. It rules.

Of course, I still have to document all of this for work. :P

In other news, both of my coworkers have DA accounts now... which indirectly means that Gravipr0n has now made it into the workplace. Doom.



02:22 in irk

23:19 * xeno needs sleep
23:19 < solios> fag.
23:19 < xeno> I went to bed at 6 this morning
23:19 < solios> :D
23:19 < xeno> and then had to wake up at 9.30 because k had a dr's appt. :|
23:20 < xeno> however, I managed to finish Sanctuary and read a book about jerking
23:20 < solios> >_<
23:20 < solios> :o
23:20 < solios> sweet.
23:20 < solios> what's the title?
23:20 < solios> ISBN?
23:20 < xeno> ...
23:20 < xeno> heh
23:20 < xeno> it was a cookbook
23:21 < xeno> about Jamaican Jerk
23:21 < solios> uh.
23:21 < solios> GODDAMMIT
23:21 < solios> I thought you found a wankerbating manual.
23:21 < xeno> !
23:21 < xeno> that would be awesome
23:21 < solios> hence, jerking.
23:21 < solios> :P
23:21 < solios> yeah.
23:21 < ejp> if you need a manual, you shouldn't be doing it.
23:21 < solios> look.
23:22 < solios> there's more to it than USE LUBE OR YOU WILL MANGLE YOUR WILLY.
23:22 < xeno> Whacking Off For Dummies
23:22 < xeno> no there isn't
23:22 < solios> there isn't?
23:22 < xeno> no.
23:22 < solios> :(



The Damage Manual
22:30 in news

Engler fixed ATC. All is sweetness and light and I owe him one. ATC now has CSS that validates (unlike, say.... my html), and it displays Properly in Mozilla and IE. The rest of this entry is the post-op log- largely here for my own reference, as I will be attempting to impliment similar changes to mercury and other projects in the near future.

Oh, and I have the short-term memory of a goldfish at the moment, so I won't be remembering any of this otherwise.

Corrective Surgery

Dan Engler is taking a poke under the ATC hood. I can't think of anyone better qualified to work it- hopefully I'll be able to apply the defuckulation to mercury and learn something in the process.

20:28 <Danelope> This is bar none the most retarded way to design a site I've ever seen, Dan.
20:28 <Danelope> :)
20:30 <solios> sweet.

20:29 in irk

17:24 < photon> ,
17:24 < vai> ..
17:25 < solios> ./
17:25 < vai> ../
17:25 < solios> ../.././
17:26 < photon> /usr/bin/..\
17:26 < vai> ~.
17:26 < solios> /../
17:26 < vai> /god
17:27 < solios> /dev/god
17:27 < vai> | /dev/null
17:28 < solios> ln -s /dev/random /dev/god
17:29 < vai> okay you win.
17:29 < solios> ^C
17:29 < solios> vai++
17:30 < vai> fagbot: doot for anatheism
17:30 < fagbot> i'm feelin' PUMPITY FRESH, believe you me

Rubber Glove Seduction

Deadlocked at work- have to wait for a vacationing coworker to get information to proceed the current project. The display hardware for the reserve workload is broken- 40 kilobux to replace the hardware, or 20$ for new shit that suits our needs better, with no money in the hall either way. Kick. Ass.

Shot on finances as usual, 30$ and change to last until Thursday afternoon. Inconveniently timed month rollover dictates paying out of pocket for public transit for two and one half days, or six hops at 1.75 each- slightly more than laundry. Detergent injection takes a backseat to beans on the table. Unpleasant- two days and one clean pair of underwear.

On the upside, the machines are built, backups are in progress, and I've the unreleased P.T.P. track from Robocop. The rest of it's an inconvenience. iCal adjustment to reflect third person for Skinny Puppy - second trip to Philly- six plus hours assuming no stops like that's gonna happen - 23rd a Wednesday. Timing. Work Saturday.

00:09 in news

It's June. When did that happen?

Back to ATC this month. Daedalus is mostly complete. Veins screaming from espresso overdose- strung out, bile-filled substrate. Alcohol is the usual solution, but this time it's about feeling like shit, as opposed to feeling like a shit that Death took on an electric fence, ripped out of his gourd on tequila.

7100 and g3 tower refitted, reformatted. Equipped with SCSI zip drives, decent RAM, useable disk, useable apps. No modems. Checked over and good to go. On deck and ready for Export, leaving one ADB mouse and less of a drain on the power grid. Popped the breaker last night- it's the G4, iMac and AC or the G4, iMac, and anything but the AC. Feels like August, no decision. Rewired, AC on kickswitch. Lights dim when the beast is activated, but it's better than pliers. The functions of Massive still need a successor and after installing 8, patching to 8.5, patching to 8.6, installing 9, patching to 9.1, to 9.2.1, to 9.2.1, I'm done with operations and data shuffling for the moment. Breather. Shake the coffee grounds out of my wrists.

T minus 20.