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July 2004


Kid Video
19:37 in news

The title, credits, and most of the security camera shots for Drone 1.2 are more or less complete, as you can see here. Stills are from the title and the first three security camera shots.

You'd be surprised at how many little things have to be done to make video look this shitty.

I still need to finish processing the secams, which will be done tonight. The personnel in the video will be processed at a later date.

Eventually there'll be a Viz thinger for this project, and it'll be downloadable when it's finished.

(paper tiger)

[...] I'm sneezy. Fidgety guy in front of me- whoo. The day is dark and wet and green. Hangover's gone, thinking line art, pose eludes, subject oscillates. Man, that guy is really, really fidgety. Won't stop with the minute movements- adjust pants, hair, shirt, twitch, hair, look around, shoes, hair, eyebrows, twitch, pause, pants, pause (thinking?), hair with emphasis, glancing at me repeatedly. Shirt, arm, hair, other arm, pants, twitch, pause. Flex the fingers, twitch- and all of this in real time, no delays. Arms, hair, twitch. Shoulder, arms, twitch, twitch. Forehead, eyebrows, tongue, twitch, pause, twitch. Shake head, twitch. Flex fingers, twitch. Hair, forehead, twitch. He looks like a lanky Saddam, and fortunately, my stop is up. Twitch, twitch, nose, moustache, shoulders, twitch.

postscript: After I put my notebook away in preparation to get off of the bus, Twitchy twitched, looked at me again, and moved to the front of the bus- where he promptly stopped twitching and was staring ahead blankly as I made my exit. The decision to record his actions was automatic- my concentration is disrupted so frequently and so thoroughly by coworkers, friends and people like Mr. Twitch that it came as something of a relief to have my awareness infringed upon by a nutjob whose actions were actually recordable and vaguely amusing.



Sleeping it off
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Day changed to 30 Jul 2004
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09:15 <@solios> woo.

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We don't need no thought control. (Drunken Sammich Remix)
01:31 in irk

2:23 < solios_vodka> Drusilla: 2.99
22:23 < solios_vodka> also:
22:23 < solios_vodka> 1. Best topic EVER.
22:23 < solios_vodka> 2. I AM DRNK IT SUCKS.
22:23 <@ejp> o_O
22:23 < solios_vodka> 4. I. TALKED. TO. GIRLS.
22:24 < Drusilla> NO WAY.
22:24 < solios_vodka> 4.A. < political girl> SANTORUM IS THE DEVIL.
22:24 < Drusilla> real girls?
22:24 < solios_vodka> 4.B. < tara> I HATE CROWDS.
22:24 <@ejp> real girls are an illusion.
22:24 < solios_vodka> 4.C. < adrian> I'M 21!!!!1111
22:24 < mdxi> <frank style='volume: xx-quiet;'>clay! there are <i>girls</i> here!</frank>
22:25 < solios_vodka> $.D. < punk_girl_I_made_eye_contact_with_for.0005_seconds> Fuck Off.
22:25 < solios_vodka> mdxi++



12:58 in irk

09:36 * solios checked the "save with extension" box in Photoshop.
09:36 < bda> Heh.
09:36 < bda> yeah, well, no one at DCI does that.
09:36 < solios> since that's the only application I really _use_, problem solved. :P
09:36 < solios> er.
09:36 < solios> they're all fuckwits, then.
09:36 < bda> When it comes to this stuff, yeah.
09:36 < solios> of course, I went to AIP.
09:36 < bda> They don't know any better.
09:36 < bda> They're Mac users.
09:37 < john> bda's got a girlfriend
09:37 < john> neener neener neener
09:37 < bda> I what?
09:37 < solios> where I had two classes a quarter in an NT4 lab and one class a quarter in a Mac lab.
09:37 < bda> john: ?!
09:37 < solios> heh.
09:37 < solios> bda: feed her to the transexual lime.
09:37 < bda> You people are broken.
09:37 * solios bops bda with a centronix cable.
09:38 < ejp> bda: your point?
09:41 * ejp kneels before the transexual lime
09:41 < bda> ...
09:44 < rjbs> I bet that goes well with hypervelocity sausage.
09:45 < bda> Heh.
09:45 < bda> wow.

12:46 in irk

09:44 < solios> "We get our first glimpse this morning of the nine-minute biopic they'll formally unveil before John Kerry speaks tonight, yet another scripted image that Camp Kerry doles out to news-starved networks looking for love."
09:44 < solios> fagbot: doot for CNN's republican bias.
09:44 < fagbot> Conservativism is a political philosophy which has debatable strengths and weaknesses, whereas Republicans are amoral contemptible vermin who had best behave or get the hose.

All 31 Flavors of Wrong.
03:09 in irk

I haven't followed any of these links. I suggest you don't either.

00:02 < solios> ejp: fag have a dictionary?
00:02 < solios> fagbot_jr: define porn
00:02 < fagbot_jr> Dunno!
00:02 < ejp> he could.
00:02 < solios> :o
00:02 < ejp> actually...
00:03 < solios> uhoh.
00:03 < ejp> fagbot_jr: google for define:monkeys
00:03 < fagbot_jr> Google doesn't know about define:monkeys
00:03 < solios> fagbot_jr: google for your butt
00:03 < ejp> hrm.
00:03 < fagbot_jr> Google says your butt is http://www.funnyjunk.com/pages/smurf.htm or http://www.funnyjunk.com/p/buttsmell-jpg.html or http://www.scholastic.com/titles/butt/game.htm
00:03 < solios> oh. my. god.
00:03 < solios> I can't click any of those.
00:03 < ejp> you have no one to blame but yourself.
00:03 < solios> fagbot_jr: google for eric's glory hole.
00:03 < fagbot_jr> Google says eric's glory hole. is http://www.cjfearnley.com/fuller-faq.ps
00:03 < ejp> !
00:04 < ejp> ONE hit? and it's a postscript file.
00:04 < solios> you should feel lucky.
00:04 < solios> fagbot_jr: google for dan's glory hole.
00:04 < fagbot_jr> Google says dan's glory hole. is http://www.anieros.com/petite-btranssexualime-fabric.html or http://www.cjfearnley.com/fuller-faq.ps
00:04 < solios> TRANSEXUAL LIME.
00:05 < ejp> whew, DNS failed
00:06 < solios> I'm so totally not looking.
00:07 < ejp> I tried. I'm powerless before the transexual lime.

01:38 in irk

22:36 < solios> "Precisely how Provigil works is unknown, even to its developers. According to some reports, common side effects include nervousness, insomnia, excitation, irritability, tremors, dizziness and headaches. It may also cause "gastrointestinal disturbances", including nausea and abdominal pain, and cardiovascular effects such as high blood pressure and palpitations."
22:36 < solios> dude, that's all the symptoms of ME.
22:36 < solios> awesome!
22:36 <@ejp> pill-form solios.
22:36 <@ejp> ph34r.





The problem with being old enough to know how my brain works is hitting the periods where it Doesn't.

Basically, it works something like this:

I move in cycles or phases. Focus on web design for a bit. Focus on video for a bit. Focus on doing the comic for a bit. Writing the comic for a bit. Quake for a bit. Pr0n for a bit. "A bit" is anywhere from a few hours to upwards of a month, rarely longer than six weeks.

My most heavily sustained period of Focus was the winter of 1999- January through March- in which I cranked out Han Dold Interactive, a multimedia CD that served as a somewhat halfassed overview of a setting I've been working on for a few years. HDI was all that I did from the first week of January through the first week of February. Literally- eight to fourteen hours a day for roughly thirty days straight.

Then, I burned out. Fip. Fizzle. ZzzzAT. Somewhat spectacularly, actually. Collapsed into a depression, didn't go to class for a week, and spent the middle of February doing as little as possible. That's all my brain could handle. After a week of complete nonfunctionality and a week of getting back on my feet, I spent the assend of February and all of March busting ass again. In spades.

June 19 through July 22, I busted ass on ATC. Fifteen pages in four weeks. Went to work on layouts for the next four pages on Saturday and did something else instead. Made the debatable mistake of shooting Drone 1.2 on Sunday. Barely managed to get layouts done on Monday- my brain had latched on to Drone and for the last forty-eight hours, that's all I've been thinking about. That, and pr0n.

I tried to think about ATC and got stuck on how much ass the site design sucks at the moment.

So now my brain is spinning around an ATC redesign, a Drone effects edit, and trying to talk itself into pr0n4r+ or a pr0nc0m1c. Since I really just want to do ATC and I have my layouts for the next four pages done and everything, I find this present state of !focus to be extremely irritating.

I'm also kind of sick of working on the comic at the moment. You can tell from my comments on a recent page that I've been Feeling The Burn and need a changeup before I scream and start running around and randomly shitting on things like a monkey. I suppose Drone 1.2 came in as a defensive precaution. Pr0n gnawing on my brain is nothing new- I know myself well enough to realize it for what it largely is- an escapist response to stress.

Too much going on at once. Too much to focus on. Can't get it all done at once and want to do it all. I learned a long time ago that if I try to work on it all at once, nothing gets done... or progress on any one project is so slow as to be immeasurable... which gets irritating... which results in tons and tons of notebook being wasted on time management wankery when all that really needs to be done is to just PICK ONE and GO. I know this.

I know this because that's How It Works.

Of course, in practice, this doesn't mean shit. I can pull four to six weeks on a project and then I snap and I need a breather and that's all there is to it. If I keep pushing myself, I start turning out CRAP and eventually the stress defense (which isn't so much a defense as a fucking nuclear stress BOMB) goes off and that's that for another fortnight while what's left of the greymatter sorts itself out. If ATC was my day job, there wouldn't be any problems- but we're talking micromanagement of free time here. Something I don't have enough of- something too many people want- something nobody's willing to pay for.

I've bitched about that at great length in the past. Doing so again would be a waste of time.

So. Knowing myself to the extent that I do, the best thing for my sanity (and ATC) is a Breather of Determined Length. Operating on a deadline worked quite nicely last time- I was able to start production before I hit it. Which was good, because the start date (solstice) was the Mother of All Hangovers.

There are currently about four days left of July, which is enough time to get some work done on Drone. Maybe some pr0n. Easily enough time for some functional analysis of ATC production times. I know roughly when I want chapter three finished. Unfortunately, I still don't know how many pages it's going to take to get there... which means I need to do some more planning and plotting and so forth in order to arrive at the firing solution I need to get this thing done in a fashion that isn't going to result in thirty pages of crap.

Hopefully the HDI model and previous experience will prove out in this case and I'll be back on the comic shortly.



drone 1.2
12:22 in irk

09:10 < bda> Is Drone 1.2 going to Make Sense?
09:10 < ejp> ...
09:11 * ejp smacks bda
09:11 < solios> ejp++
09:11 < solios> yes.
09:11 < bda> Shit, sorry.
09:11 < bda> solios.
09:11 < solios> sort of.
09:11 < bda> Forgot.
09:11 < bda> :D
09:11 < solios> it's a vignette.
09:11 < solios> Programmer and Pressman are doing laundry.
09:11 < bda> Is there going to be 45 seconds of SCREEEEEEEEEE?
09:11 < solios> all of the plot takes place in cyberspace.
09:11 < solios> hence all of the goddamned after effects work.
09:11 < solios> because without the overlays, it's Stupid.
09:11 < solios> :D
09:11 < solios> no.
09:11 < solios> I took a toilet flush, slowed it down to six minutes and layered it.
09:12 < solios> That's the audio track.
09:12 < solios> This one has dialogue.
09:12 < mdxi> fagbot: doot for cyberspace
09:12 < fagbot> I withdraw my bid, sir! You are a cad and a mountebank.
09:12 < solios> GITS:SAC-style, only without the annoying circular things.
09:12 < solios> d r o n e improved, really.
09:12 < solios> 1.2 is a test for 2.0.
09:12 < mdxi> i honestly have no idea wtf you're talking about
09:13 < mdxi> i mean, i understand all the words
09:13 < solios> bda: tell mdxi about drone.
09:13 < bda> "Ouch."



He who controls the spice
13:24 in news

The Guardian has a two part article (1, 2, src=bda) covering five days in Iraq with the 3/1 Marines.

Summary : Imperial Sardaukar continue to get punked something fierce by Fremen.

13:10 in irk

10:07 <@bda> hal;jhsdl;hsdf
10:07 <@bda> The company that hosts email here.
10:07 <@bda> Hasn't been paid in three years.
10:07 <@bda> And just decided they want money.
10:07 <@bda> hahahahah
10:07 <@bda> People come back.
10:07 <@john> heh
10:07 <@bda> "Email is broken"
10:07 <@bda> "Yup."
10:08 < solios> er.
10:08 <@rjbs> bda: WOO
10:08 < solios> Three YEARS?
10:08 <@bda> YEARS
10:08 < solios> YEARS.
10:08 < solios> Awesome.



ph34r my m@cfu
12:24 in irk

09:19 <@bda> So this machine has three boot volumes on it, okay?
09:19 <@bda> OS9, OS9 (recovered, broken) and OS X.
09:19 < solios> k
09:19 <@bda> It doesn't see the OS X volume any more.
09:19 < solios> awesome.
09:19 < solios> wait, it's a _volume_ ?
09:20 < solios> or it's sitting on there with an os 9 install?
09:20 <@bda> It's all on one drive.
09:20 <@bda> One partition.
09:20 < solios> O_o
09:20 <@bda> Even booting a Norton CD doesn't see the OS X install.
09:20 < solios> okay.
09:21 < solios> there a mach and a mach.sym on the root of the disk?
09:21 < solios> (you can see those in Classic)
09:21 * bda wakes the machine up.
09:21 <@bda> Yup. mach, mach.sym, mach_kernel.
09:21 < solios> hm.
09:22 < solios> this yours, or are you tasked with defucking?
09:22 < solios> are Users, Library, and System there?
09:22 <@bda> Yes.
09:22 < solios> (not System Folder, that's a given with 9)
09:22 < solios> hm.
09:22 < solios> the rest of the OS X filesystem is hidden from teh uzar.
09:22 < solios> boot X from cd?
09:23 <@bda> Gonna try that next.
09:23 <@bda> er
09:23 <@bda> Now it sees it.
09:23 <@bda> wtf
09:23 <@bda> Yay solios and his magickal wayz.
09:23 < solios> :)



Turn your head and cough.

Welcome to the future. (src=rjbs, content_type=audio).

Best thing is that it's all for sale to the highest bidder! Woo!



03:40 in irk

00:28 <@ejp> here's a torrent of stage 12 of the tour de france
00:28 <@ejp> it's a gigabyte.



July 16th, 1969
15:33 in news

Drifting forward just a little.
Thatís good.
Contact light.
Shut down.
Okay. Engine stop.
ACA out of detent.
Out of detent. Auto.
Mode control, both auto. Descent engine command override off. Engine arm off. 413 is in.
We copy you down eagle.
Engine arm is off. Houston, Tranquility base here. The eagle has landed.



Frankenstein : Cliff's Notes
11:44 in irk

08:42 < _Lasar> <frankenstein> It lives!
08:42 < _Lasar> <monster> Ass.
08:43 < _Lasar> <monster> I suck. I keel j00!
08:43 < _Lasar> <frankenstein> You made my life miserable
08:43 < _Lasar> * monster kills
08:43 < _Lasar> THE END

01:18 in irk

22:12 < solios> holy shit.
22:12 < solios> the iChat Extended emoticons for adium have an emoticon for "Heh"
22:12 < solios> o_o
22:12 <@ejp> heh
22:14 < solios> also, there's a butt emoticon.
22:14 < solios> iChat style.
22:14 < solios> it's so fucking cool.
22:14 <@ejp> what triggers it?
22:14 < solios> (x)
22:15 <@ejp> that doesn't look like any butt I've seen.
22:15 < solios> look closer.
22:15 < solios> at the butts.
22:15 <@ejp> eh, mostly I sniff them.



15:00 in news


Gold Master.

For the Windows version, anyway. Hopefully the Mac version will be out before the year is through.

Commercial Break

NASA's getting some additional use out of the various probes we've sent out thanks to last year's blast of space weather, and I'm currently dinking around with Adium. It rules.




mdxi has a blog. One that uses elisp and emacs as opposed to, say, MT or some other flavor-of-the-month CMS. That puts his 1337 score somewhere well above yours. Unless you're also the kind of person who does heinously badong things with emacs.

So. Yeah. The food reduction thing is Odd. Fortunately, it'll be over with on Thursday, which is probably when I'll start hacking on ATC again. Got the script for the next scenelet Done, which means there's only one bit left of the entire chapter that needs a treatment. Everything else is good to roll with minor adjustments.

Thinking about a pr0nc0m1c. I do that. Often. Wangaby pinups are fun to do every so often, but without a focus, it gets fucking boring after awhile. A short while. Graphically speaking, the full contents of the Gravicon aren't much different than the folder full of templated anthro bullshit I cranked out in middle school. Need to do something more with it. Fortunately, I have other priorities. Doesn't stop me from thinking about it, though.

Thinking about putting debian on my powerbook. Augmentation, not replacement- which means the lack of disk space needs to be addressed, among other things. I have an OS X install I've used a total of my vacation at Xeno's, and too much fucking mail I need to move... uh, somewhere. Mail keeps the box in OS 9 quite a bit. So does battery life. Linux is ripe for the wankery- plenty of server installs, but nothing running x11 that I can screw around with if I get bored or, like today, I wind up spending a good thirty minutes getting pissed at OS X and Final Cut Pro for slugging a G5 down to LCIII speeds during a file export. And another three hours waiting on After Effects processing that refuses to network render in a useable fashion. Ebay shat itself at the suggestion it might have VST expansion bay hard drives, which entails a minimum 70$ investment for a 30g capacity increase. 10g would do nicely, and costs just as much.

Pr0n and technology.

Trouble and money.

At least I managed to crank out a scriplet when I told myself I would, rather than give in to the immediate rush of OMFG NOTHING TO DO TONIGHT DRAW PR0N, which occurs with startling frequency.

Contemplating moving all web browsing shizzle to Firefox. It shits its pants a lot less than Safari does. Wondering what to do about the mail spool and really, really disliking mail.app for any number of reasons. Calculating the path of least resistance between myself and the package of ramen noodles that will be sacrificed in the Great Chowder Experiment this evening. Wondering how to get ATC promoted through the Great Webcomic Circlejerk without getting any of the ick on me. More importantly, without tainting the presentation.

Always a concern of mine.



23:53 in irk

20:47 <@bda> 23:47 < bda> Culture?
20:47 <@bda> 23:47 * purl reaches for her revolver.
20:47 <@bda> 23:47 < bda> !
20:47 <@bda> fagbot is so obsolete.
20:49 < solios> fagbot: culture?
20:50 < fagbot> solios: no idea
20:50 < solios> hm.
20:50 <@ejp> fagbot is also an infant compared to purl
20:50 < fagbot> okay, ejp.
20:51 < mdxi> purl is, basically, the SECOND infobot
20:51 < solios> fagbot: culture?
20:51 < fagbot> It's a dead world, and it's about that time to clear things here.
20:51 < solios> mdxi: second EVER?
20:51 <@ejp> yes
20:51 < mdxi> yes.
20:51 < solios> omg.
20:51 < mdxi> her retired brother, url, was the first
20:51 < solios> fag's way down on the totem, innit'e?
20:51 <@bda> Heh.
20:52 <@ejp> he also has WAY less people to feed off of.
20:52 <@bda> Fucking vampires.
20:52 < solios> how many infobots would fag have to retire to make, say... seventh generation?
20:52 < mdxi> and doesn't have the infobot devs maintaining him
20:52 < solios> indeed.
20:52 < solios> fagbot: doot for your scriptmeats
20:52 < solios> ...
20:52 <@bda> ...
20:52 <@bda> I hate you guys.

Deal of the Century.

New Zealand (like all countries) is run by a bunch of fuckwits.

Bruce Simpson built a cruise missile on his own free time. Rather than give him a raise and a promotion, .nz has effectively blacklisted him.

Bruce has put himself on the market. (src=mdxi) For sale to anyone willing to pay a reasonable salary plus relocation.

You can buy 15+ years of professional experience in electronic hardware design and implementation, 15+ years of software development experience, the benefit of 5-years hard-core R&D into modern pulsejet technology, and 10+ years of small airframe design and construction all in one slightly aged package.

With Mr. Simpson, and ten ninjas, anything is possible.



Project BDA
13:24 in irk

10:20 < solios> July 08, 2004
10:20 < solios> Technology : Project BDA
10:20 < solios> Info on the [$thing] that [$person] is [$something].
10:20 < solios> Continue reading "Project BDA"
10:20 < solios> Posted by Chris Bodine at 02:09 PM | Comments (0)
10:20 < solios> ...
10:20 < solios> fagbot: doot for Project BDA
10:20 <@bda> wtf.
10:20 <@bda> HEY

[$edit] : realized I'd posted something I probably shouldn't have. Or something. It's from the blog we use at Work to Keep Organized. :P Also! Mercury Blog Entry Three Hundred! :D

Here's to a whole buttload of irk logs.



Kenneth Lay, of Enron. (src=john)


In todays mail: a belated birthday card from my grandmother. Grandma explained that the delay was due to insufficient funds.

My grandparents have been married for over 50 years. They have raised four sons and a daughter. They are, in fact, great-grandparents. They are senior citizens, they have worked their butts off their whole lives, and they deserve a rest.

My grandmother and grandfather do not deserve "insufficient funds."

My grandmother and grandfather do not deserve to be living paycheck to paycheck. To be watching every single penny like it's the last one they'll ever see.

The timing of the birthday card was phenomenal. I'm in a similar situation and would have fallen critically short otherwise- todays mail and a surprise gift from a coworker who knows my situation, and suddenly payday is in reach. That's not the point. I have another ten, fifteen years before this sort of thing should be eating my brain and causing ulcers. I have another ten, fifteen years to chase payday, catch it, lock it up and domesticate it.

My grandparents, by all rights, should be past this. They know what they're doing.

The economics and the priorities of the American government dictate otherwise. Savings were emphasized in the forties and fifties- these days, a good chunk of the economy itself is hung up in the concept. Lawsuits are filed. Enron comes to mind. Corporations screw people out of a few quiet years of reflection and gardening and suddenly you're pushing eighty and realize you've been doing the nine to five for the last sixty years.

Four daughters and a son. Nine (ten? I've lost track...) grandchildren. One great-grandchild. It's the twenty first century, and my grandmother still has a day job. A day job that doesn't quite make ends meet.

Feels disturbingly familiar.

Reading the card, I felt old.

Very old, and very cold.



Self Destruction, Neo-Con style.
02:46 in news


So. You should read this. And if that link doesn't work, there's a text-only version here (local).

Sourced from Zawinski. Worth the read.



12:42 in irk

09:30 < vai> I don't know yer politics. and don't want to.
09:30 < vai> Which is pretty much the same as the rest of the us I think.
09:32 < solios> I think anyone outside of .us who's following .us politics is either laughing at us or deathly afraid that Herr Bush is going to get a second term.
09:32 < vai> not following. and both of the above.
09:33 <@rjbs> anyway, I'm sticking to my guns: Any One But Bush in 2004
09:33 < vai> thankyou.
09:34 < vai> what happens if everyone just spoils their vote?
09:34 <@rjbs> eh?
09:34 < solios> how do you mean?
09:34 < vai> You don't have spoilt votes?
09:34 < solios> ??
09:34 < solios> we do. It's called "The Electoral College"
09:35 < vai> you can mark everyone on your ballot. its a 'concientious objection'
09:35 < solios> O_O
09:35 < vai> or no-one. or something.
09:35 <@rjbs> it's called a "voting error" here and gets thrown out
09:35 < solios> neat.
09:35 < solios> yes.
09:35 < vai> !
09:35 <@rjbs> and it's not always possible.
09:35 < vai> that sucks.
09:35 <@rjbs> for example,
09:35 <@rjbs> most of the voting machines in PA are not capable of recording multiple votes
09:35 <@rjbs> and no vote is considered "no preference" I guess
09:35 < vai> it counts here as a 'fuck you all'
09:36 < solios> .za++
09:36 < vai> enough of them invalidate the election.
09:36 < vai> 15%+ I think.

12:32 in irk

09:28 < solios> who the hell is John Edwards?
09:28 < vai> erk. 'psychic'
09:29 < vai> just a good people reader and finder of gullible folks.
09:29 < solios> !
09:29 < solios> [guardian.co.uk link]
09:29 <@john> vai, no
09:29 <@john> he's the VP candidate for Kerry
09:29 < solios> And democratic vice presidential candidate.
09:29 < solios> but he's also a PSYCHIC OMFG.
09:29 < solios> HE SEES DEAD PEOPLE.
09:29 < vai> oh. politics--
09:29 < solios> yes.
09:29 <@john> solios, he was the #2 contendor in the Dem Primaries
09:30 < solios> dude, he's a sucky psychic if he couldn't predict he wasn't going to win.
09:30 < solios> :|




Back to the feeling-like-ass. I blame this one on dust inhalation, which always makes me feel sucky. I mopped my room for the first time since I moved in- didn't hit all of it, but got most of the major areas I was sick of looking at. Floors have changed from a dull maroon to a bright red. I'm fairly certain my lungs have gone the reverse.

Boxed up my scanner and some clothing and tossed the mess in the basement. Threw out some other shit, cycled garbage- trash schedule will probably be screwed up this week. Popped the breaker again. Second time in two days I've had to set the alarm and the clock on the linux box. Climate control failure and several trips out of my ~75 degree / low humidity room into the 95 degree / high humidity house surely didn't help. The fact I was literally drizzling sweat onto a plastic container of jumper blocks while I was resetting the alarm convinced me to dust off and head to work- there's only so much cleaning you can do when the dust you're choking on is slickening to mud on your face.

People wonder why I spend so much time at work in the summer- it's largely due to the fact that my house is a human rights violation between ten am and midnight. I'll likely be buying a UPS or a really long extension cable before the month is out- I'm not happy about my computers kicking off. Fortunately, I don't do anything serious with them at the moment.

It's the thought that counts.

I'd think fans, but the last thing I need is more dust blowing around. I'd have to install filters on both windows and my door and the vents to keep the thin grainy fog of particles the hell out of my room. At that point, it's more expedient to move- which is on deck for next year.

03:01 in irk

23:54 <@bda> solios: I was going to spam at you about an idea for a story I had that would work best as a comic.
23:54 <@bda> But now I have to deal with this.
23:54 <@bda> FEEL LUCKY
23:54 <@bda> brb, swapping NICs.
23:54 < solios> :O
23:54 < solios> is it porn?
23:54 < solios> I wanna do porn. :|
23:54 < mdxi> PLz insert the disc containing "DECTAPE.DRV"
23:54 * solios has been itching to do a wangbaby comic for, like ,ever.
23:55 < solios> I so totally fear the repercussions (karmic and otherwise) that it's keeping me miles away from considering it.
23:55 < solios> wait.
23:55 < solios> fear's the wrong word.
23:55 < solios> can't predict / don't like the possibilities
23:56 < vai> pseudanonymise.
23:56 < solios> there's a Slight Problem with that.
23:56 < solios> it's easier to do with fiction.
23:56 < solios> I only have the one (bad, pseudo-anime) art style.
23:56 < solios> I can't, say, switch it up and draw realistic.
23:56 < vai> aww. c'mon.
23:56 * xeno gives solios inspiration
23:56 < mdxi> By: Not Solios
23:57 < solios> ldsfjkghl\
23:57 < xeno> solios: put Zubler in it
23:57 < solios> omfgwtf
23:57 < solios> fldjkghfjkl
23:57 < solios> DEAR GODS WHAT THE SHIT
23:57 < solios> nnnnnnnmcv/,.nj;lg
23:57 * solios pounds his head on the keyboard




Man, I was an ass last night.

Brief discussion with roommate about ATC before bed. The breaker blew while I was showering- reset, bring the linux box and the workstation back up, check 'em over. Kick the AC off first. Hot. Get dressed, get to work. Work has climate control 24/7. Home has climate control in six to nine hour blocks. Most of them when I'm not awake.

I show up and a klaxon in the basement goes shithouse. Freon leak. Right under my office.

It kicked ass.

Workin' on ATC. Probably walking home. Cleaning the house tomorrow.

And I do NOT feel like shit. I don't feel great, but I don't feel like deep-fried diarrhea.

Small favors and all that.

On Politics

Vote with your torso. (src=bda)

The Extended Entry is all sorts of reasons why people like me should never be given the little box and the launch codes. Nevermind the fact that I'm just as pissed about my ethics preventing me from bitchsmacking fucktards as I am about the continued existance of the fucktards themselves.

You don't know where that watch has been.

The Guardian has an interview with Christopher Walken. It owns.

'I practised the monologue for Pulp Fiction for eight weeks, and every time I got to the line "Up my ass" I couldn't stop laughing.'

Update : The Guardian had an interview with Walken. Past tense. Where it went is anybody's guess.

Fucking Holidays.

During the hellish blast of agony that was yesterdays hangover, I managed to pull and/or strain the heck out of all of the major muscles in my thighs and shoulders. Don't ask. I am, in fact, still hung over. I know this from the very distinct depressovibe that I've been surfing on since I woke up and felt my legs nearly fall out from under me.

The UPS on the server keeps popping.

I'd be working on ATC or the threatened SAB redesign, but for the aforementioned shitlike-feeling.

Always around holidays. Always and forever.

I stopped Using in the spring of 2003 because Using costs money, Using makes me feel like shit for weeks afterwards, and continuing to Use would, I realized, get in the way of ATC. Using apparently seems to have expanded into alcohol and caffeine.

Fucking Whee, that one.

Small comfort in that I've Stopped. Unlike Some People, my bills are paid, my utilities are still armed and operational, nothing I own has been repossessed. The whole "Rats leaving a sinking ship" vibe extends out of education and into Reality.

On the verge.

I feel spring loaded and sprung. It being a Fucking Holiday, nothing of use will be open for the next two days, and the busses will not be running properly. And pretty much everyone has plans. I don't. I'll think about celebrating the fourth when Bush is out of office- maybe then we'll have something to celebrate.

In the meantime, anything that makes me feel better than shit for a few hours makes me feel worse than shit for a few days, what busses that are running are running out of time, and I've realized there's some particular thing that needs to be done that I'm overlooking and can't seem to remember.

It's on the tip of my mind.



02:08 in irk

23:03 < ejp> speaking of smelling things, wtf are stores trying to pass off as fruit anymore?
23:03 <@bda> Rephrase that so it makes sense.
23:04 < solios> you mean that wax fruitshaped tofushit?
23:04 < ejp> yes
23:04 <@bda> Oh, that.
23:04 <@bda> Ryan ate some of that once. The orange kind.
23:04 < ejp> well, I mean how fruit doesn't smell like fruit.
23:04 < ejp> it's soft, but it doesn't *smell*
23:04 < solios> WAX
23:04 <@bda> Are you talking about real fruit or made-up fruit?
23:04 < ejp> real fruit.
23:04 < solios> they hose it down so it don't get cooties.
23:04 <@bda> huh.
23:04 < ejp> FROM TREES!
23:05 < solios> you mean FROM STORE! right?
23:05 * bda only ever eats oranges.
23:05 <@bda> And they smell like oranges.
23:05 < solios> cuz fruit FROM TREES! smells like fruit.
23:05 < ejp> it can look and feel like a peach. but if it doesn't SMELL LIKE A PEACH I ain't touching it.
23:05 < solios> I'm a pear man.
23:05 * bda pauses.
23:05 < solios> I like the smell.
23:05 < ejp> bda: that's because they have parmor.
23:05 < solios> and the texture.
23:05 < ejp> armor.
23:05 <@bda> Are we still talking about fruit?
23:05 < solios> and the taste is pretty good too.
23:05 < solios> yes.
23:05 < solios> YES WE ARE.
23:05 <@bda> k.



02:24 in irk

23:14 < Drusilla> solios: 2.97
23:14 * ejp comments
23:14 < solios> Drusilla: 2.99
23:15 < mdxi> wtf are you two talking about?
23:15 <@ejp> mdxi: all the kids are doing it.
23:15 <@bda> Who fucking knows.
23:15 * ejp has no idea wtf it is.
23:16 < mdxi> "all the kids"?
23:16 < solios> mdxi: 2.98
23:16 < solios> being, in fact, LESS THAN THREE!!!!!!!!1111omfgwtflolz!
23:16 < mdxi> yes, i've noticed that 3 may be asymptotically approached, for very crappy valued of "asymptotically"
23:17 < solios> <3
23:17 < solios> Drusilla: dood we're m@d 1337.
23:17 < Drusilla> indeed, we are
23:17 < Drusilla> mdxi: solios and i are fags.
23:17 < mdxi> this is some kind of gay blog thing, isn't it
23:17 < Drusilla> no.
23:17 < Drusilla> solios and i are fags. is all.

Viking Fnords
01:59 in irk

22:52 < mdxi> vikings?
22:52 < fagbot> vikings are secretly ninjas. or minty.
22:53 < mdxi> i believe i'll go with "minty"
22:53 < solios> fagbot: vikings is also the gothiest of all.
22:53 < fagbot> OK, solios.
22:53 < solios> more black metal, really.
22:53 <@ejp> Mmm, minty vikings
22:54 < mdxi> if i were a viking i'd be minty
22:54 < solios> VIKING NINJAS
22:55 < mdxi> i'd be all "OI! GIMME THEM FUCKINJ MINT SKITTLES!"
22:55 < mdxi> *stab*
22:55 * solios fjords mdxi.
22:55 * Drusilla fnords mdxi
22:55 * mdxi fnords solios
22:55 < mdxi> jinx
22:56 < mdxi> yave you even READ those books?
22:56 < Drusilla> it's a fnord-circle-jerk
22:56 < Drusilla> mdxi: me or him?
22:57 < solios> Ed read them.
22:57 < solios> so I got the good bits by watching him.
22:57 < Drusilla> that qualifies.

Totally Goth.
01:56 in irk

Picking up where Dru left off:

22:46 * mdxi cuts Xs in the backs of his hands
22:47 * mdxi weeps blood
22:47 < solios> stigmatagothfag.
22:47 < solios> <- goth, like the toaster.
22:48 < Drusilla> <-- gypsy goth!
22:48 <@ejp> <-- notgoth!
22:48 < solios> eek, the sexy kind.
22:48 < Drusilla> now with bandanna, tarot cards, and nomadic tendencies!
22:48 * solios gets the cattle prod.
22:48 < Drusilla> ...
22:48 < solios> <- rivethead.
22:49 < solios> got the spikes.
22:49 < Drusilla> WHAT THE FUCK, SIR?
22:49 < solios> and the milspec.
22:49 < solios> dood, if you got the Big Goth Boots, you got nothing to worry about.
22:49 <@panner> oh, great, I've got the only line in there that doesn't relate to the topic
22:49 < solios> them things got like two inches of rubber in 'em.
22:49 <@panner> (in the lj entry, that is)
22:49 < Drusilla> panner: that's good.
22:49 < Drusilla> really.
22:49 < solios> panner++
22:50 < solios> panner: I thought it was on topic.
22:50 < solios> :|
22:50 < solios> wangstruation is totally goth.
22:50 <@panner> it was in reference to that link bda (or whoever) posted
22:50 < solios> then it's proxygoth.
22:50 * solios lights the black candle.
22:50 <@panner> sweet!
22:50 < Drusilla> GOTH ENOUGH
22:50 < Drusilla> i'm still totally original.
22:51 < solios> LIKE OASIS?
22:52 < Drusilla> ...
22:52 < Drusilla> maybe i've killed my brain cells with the nail polish, but you keep confusing the hell out of me
22:52 < mdxi> i have only the handful(s) of good iadp boobs to comfort me
22:52 < Drusilla> OOH, "CLOSER."
22:52 < mdxi> also: VIKING
22:52 < Drusilla> THAT'S THE GOTHIEST OF ALL
22:52 < mdxi> vikings?
22:52 < fagbot> vikings are secretly ninjas. or minty.