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August 2004


02:50 in news

Well. I think the last time I did crunches and situps was 2000. :|

The big issue is finding someplace to hook the ankles. Indoors, preferably.

Next on the aquisition list (after broadband) : Bicycle. The ability to cover a lot of ground quickly is the concern here. I can bike until my testicles explode- which is a few hours and roughly 26 miles at peak in hilly terrain. I peaked at 2.5 miles jogging.

Takes almost as much time to get down a hill as it does to get up it, jogging. The Burn, however, is completely different. There's a reason my dad's jogged for most of my life, yet only biked for a smidge of it. There is, especially away from the light pollution, a Certain Zen.

After that, possibly a messenger bag. Don't know yet. Most likely new shorts. :P

Tomorrow, more crunches and stretches and pushups. Need to figure out how to work this into some form of routine.

Incentive. It always boils down to incentive. Self esteem- I can be in good shape within a year. I did it when I was in my teens. Need a hook I can sink my teeth into, so to speak. The hook is Near, fortunately... and to fully embrace it, I need to face Certain Truths- something I'm historically bad at.

Batting a thousand on facing Certain Truths this past week, though I've been very selective.

Don't have the role model this time. At least, not directly. Don't have anything to prove to anyone but myself. See previous posts about the angst of living in the future.

I fucking miss being ripped. Almost as much as I missed breathing. Breathing's a willpower thing. Ripped is willpower and endurance. Long haul, as it were. Total behavioural reconditioning.

We're operating under the assumption that a sound body contributes to a sound mind. Anyone who knows me knows that the whole "sound mind" thing isn't something I'm historically associated with.

There's reasons for that. One of them is that I haven't Worked Out since I moved to this fucking town.



15:34 in irk

12:30 < mdxi> OW FUCK GRAAGH
12:30 < mdxi> eyes tearing
12:31 < mdxi> i hate it when boogers are stuck to nosehair

Meat Popsicle
14:07 in irk

10:57 <@ejp> you know what would be fun? remolding a whole bag of popsicles into penis shapes and putting them back in the store.
10:58 < y0shi> your definition of fun is interesting
10:58 < solios> how Clockwork Orange.
10:59 < y0shi> my definition: a party, a good video game, a nice motorcyle ride. you: subversive pop-ice
10:59 <@ejp> your point
10:59 <@ejp> ?
11:00 < y0shi> you: fucked up
11:00 -!- y0shi is now known as y0shiMeeting
11:00 <@ejp> :<
11:00 < solios> :D
11:00 <@ejp> heh, you could make the double ones vaginas.
11:01 < mdxi> fagbot: doot for vulvapop
11:01 < fagbot> Being a person of the arts HONK HONK HONK WHOOOOP WHOOOP WHOOP
11:02 <@ejp> how many licks does it takes to eat one?
11:03 < mdxi> left cooter flap flavored ice cream
11:03 <@ejp> flavoring is hard.

Skeletons by Nature

Whups. Forgot about the previous entry until I got an email from the male parental unit with the title in the subject. The fact that people who aren't in the handful of IRC channels I make an ass out of myself in actually read mercury is totally OMFGWTF.

Fortunately, I don't have to deal with crankcase components bouncing around today- just the Head Designer of one of the projects I'm on demanding massive changes to everything. Again.

Fortunately, the deadline on this thing is something like noon tomorrow. :P



The Spirit of Keith Moon

I am drunk.

Usually, that would be funny.



Detox (Money in the Bank)

It's Fucking Humid. Snorkle variety- thick and liquid. Lungs are tearing themselves up flushing out the asphalt they've been paved in for the last five years. Halfway through another attempt at an ATC page. Afternoon walk, walked home. Spent some quality time with ChrisB.

Set up a bank account.

Hauled ChrisB along as co-pilot, to keep me sane while I waited and to speak for me on matters which reduce my brain to so much library paste- namely, money and anything it touches. Between hauling him along for that and a trip back to his house for a license plate, Chris had enough time for a Windows install. Talked to the same Bank Guy I talked to in July of last year. July of last year, Bank Guy cited the Patriot Act and tossed me out. No valid photo ID, you see.

Today's conversation with Bank Guy was quite a bit longer. Bank Guy says I'll have a little hunk of plastic in five to ten business days. A little hunk of plastic with money on it, Gibson style. Welcome to the next level, now you're playing with power (super power!), etceteras. ChrisB is The Bomb, as is ChrisS- The Chris have made the nicotine cessation process bearable.

I'd planned on being here last year. At least with the bank thing. Quitting smoking just kind of pounced on me like a tax audit.

I think I'm better off hitting it now, under the current conditions, at the present time.

Might be the humidity, but the state of Euphoria (eighties flashbacks, gender and sexual alignment flashbacks and fuzziness, the perpetual sense of exultation, discovery, of something NEW) has dissipated and I'm back to business as usual. Coherent. Mostly. Albeit with (mathematically) an extra 160$+ a month to burn and an estimated 64 hours reclaimed for burning it in.

Ran the math and realized I spent something like seventeen hours a week smoking. Round down to sixteen maybe, but still.

This week, that block of time has been replaced by walks, with plenty left over.

I'm still giddy about this whole "breathing" thing. And I still have a few routine situations to run through before I can pronounce myself Completely Free And Clear of my addiction to sucking on the little white filtered dick.


I have a pizza. Somehow it happened to be ready to go as I walked into the Co-Gos. I'mma eat it now, and make an ass out of myself on IRC.

It's been one hell of a week.

Terminal Buffer (Attention Span)

23:38 < solios> I got through a Guardian article without playing Quake.
23:38 < solios> that's a fucking first.



After the Flesh

Still Not Smoking.

Went to the Upstage. Spent a truly Epic amount of time waiting for service, during which I calculated just how much money Proof was costing me. Had a drink. Waited a sub-Epic amont of time for the acquisition of my second.

Three sips and suddenly the shit's coursing down my spine, eating everything in sight. Hit the restroom, freak out, note vaguely that the MUST SMOKE NOW!!! urge isn't even the vaguest of tugs- subliminated to the level of "hey, check email. Sometime this week."

Throw the drink in the trash, 1/8 consumed. Leave, sweating bullets. Freezing. It's seventy five and ninety percent humidity and I'm freezing and Jack Daniels puked in my brainpan and the last thing I'm interested in is cigarettes. It hurts like a motherfucker and it feels like broken glass is being shoved up under my shoulderblades and it FEELS FUCKING GREAT COMPARED TO MONDAY LET ME TELL YOU and I swear I fucking ejoyed it. Somehow, I enjoyed it. The visceral thrill of everything breaking and exploding and shattering and Falling Down and despite an extremely painful blast of sugar-shock, I fucking soaked it and took the fucking Pepsi Challenge and in the midst of a meltdown I.....

Walked home.

Quite deliberately. Still inhaling fresh-air euphoria. Still amazed at my rapidly upgrading lung capacity. Feeling like shit and on top of the world. Allegheny Center Mall flashbacks, plot for a transexual love story. Forking my life, assuming the ass end of Septmeber 1997 went Right instead of the horrible, horrible Left.

I have comics. I bought them at Phantom of the Attic to-day. I spent almost exactly the money I would have spent on cigarettes on comics. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind volume one. Ghost In The Shell : Man-Machine Interface issues 9-11. Gold Digger 43, 44, 46. Perry's the closest guy in cognitive proximity to Allison. I was into GD the same time I was into Pervert Club. Perry's still chunking it out and Phantom is carrying it. Nostalgia dictating buying habits. Can't last for much longer, as Phantom doesn't have the things I'm really looking for.

I'm going to shower, and I'm going to read my comics.

Truth (sexuality::distorted)
23:26 in irk

20:17 < solios> Also, there's a good chance I'm bisexual.
20:17 <@bda> Clinton on Daily Show.
20:17 < mdxi> ejp: she's got potential
20:17 < solios> bda: :o
20:17 < solios> heh.
20:17 <@ejp> solios: duh.
20:17 < solios> fagbot: doot for my brain spewing out plot for a trannie love story.
20:17 <@fagbot> You, greaser. Show me your pep.
20:17 < solios> ejp: O_o
20:18 < mdxi> oh jesus. i didn't see those goddamned earrings.
20:18 <@bda> Jon Stewart is good.
20:19 < solios> yeah.
20:19 < mdxi> don't look like she ever really cleans up. oh well. welcome to the pile of disposable girlflesh, sweetie!
20:20 < mdxi> oh dear. firetruck-red lipstick. NO.
20:21 <@ejp> yeek!
20:21 <@ejp> that series is scary.
20:22 < mdxi> heh. i went no further.
20:22 < solios> :|
20:22 <@bda> You know what's scarier? solios saying he likes cock and no one even dooting it.
20:22 <@ejp> ack, body paint.
20:22 < Drusilla> everyone likes cock
20:22 * ejp closes
20:22 < mdxi> he didn't *actually* say that
20:22 <@ejp> for the record, I do not like cock.
20:22 * bda is afraid of cock.
20:23 * solios doesn't do dick.
20:23 <@ejp> bda: yes, but you're afraid of girlparts too
20:23 <@bda> How can you be bi and not like cock?
20:23 < solios> my sex life isn't even my business.
20:23 < mdxi> he's platonically bi?
20:23 < solios> romance isn't genderr specific.
20:23 < solios> dateable guys don't exist.
20:24 < Drusilla> 'cos they have cocks?
20:24 < solios> nor do dateable girls.
20:24 < mdxi> warning: don't try to actually resolve that sentence for meaning
20:24 <@ejp> mdxi: of course he is. he's in here all the time.
20:24 < Drusilla> mdxi: TOO FUCKING LATE.

4-H Camp
18:16 in irk

Another blast from the past:

15:09 <@solios> toilets++
15:09 <@solios> except the ones at Camp Brule.
15:09 <@solios> >_<
15:13 <@xeno> they were latrines
15:13 <@xeno> latrines == a hole that you poop in
15:13 <@solios> :|
15:13 <@solios> fagbot: doot for Camp Brule
15:14 <@solios> fagbot: botsnack
15:14 <@fagbot> :)
15:14 <@xeno> O_O
15:14 <@solios> he so totally nailed it.
15:14 <@xeno> fagbot: doot for latrines
15:14 * xeno falls over
15:14 <@solios> a;slkdf/

11:59 in irk

08:52 < solios> THERE ARE PANTS
08:52 < solios> ON MY DESK
08:52 <@rjbs> > TAKE PANTS
08:53 <@ejp> solios: are they yours?
08:53 < solios> they are now.
08:54 < solios> 34x34 black.
08:54 < solios> courtesy of my supervisor.
08:54 < mdxi> o_O

Secret Skin

Lots of walking today. Walked with Smith and Bodine. Longer walk with Bodine. Shorter walk with Bodine. Some Quake. Not living behind the rocket launcher, but Quake nonetheless. Depression, of a sort. Remembering all sorts of things that I've repressed over the years. My fixation on the eighties became a fixation on Allegheny Center became a fixation on Building Seven became a remembrance of Gender Dysmorphism became something of an all encompasing emotional though-explosion thinger as I tried to execute the original planned layout of atc 3.24 - coincidentally page 101, the first prefix of my old phone number, the first post-Smoking page, and, oddly enough, featuring a walk down memory lane that will (eventually) make sense in context. Chewed on Mister Chewy Pen quite a bit. Breathed the Air. Smelled the air. Haven't done that in awhile.

The sensation of having lost seven years, in combination with being a few months behind "schedule" on ATC and generally wanting out of Pittsburgh lead to a stroll down one of the side streets of memory lane. Turns out to be one of the more depressing sidestreets, as two of my most formative influences aren't really doing much these days. :| Yeah, Will Allison has a blog and is on the production end of Radio, but.... man. He wrote Pervert Club, and a skim of his blog yeilds tons and tons of mentions of superhero comics. Kind of like going to watch Gibson speak and listening to him bitch about KDE for six hours. Larry Wall can make that sort of discussion framework work beautifully, but let's face it. There's only one Larry. Not to say that Allison's output isn't interesting in its own right- considering the temporal aspect, going in with expectations was obviously not the best idea.

Most of a week out. I get paid tomorrow- and then the Real Test of the whole smoking thing Begins. I plan to buy some comics, research the cost of broadband, and maybe do a little ebay speculation.

From Pittsburgh, Good Morning.



Alexander Yuvchenko

Mr. Yuvchenko was on duty at Chernobyl reactor number 4 on 26 April 1986.

It was like a laser light, caused by the ionisation of the air. It was light-bluish, and it was very beautiful. I watched it for several seconds. If I'd stood there for just a few minutes I would probably have died on the spot because of gamma rays and neutrons and everything else that was spewing out.

Covered also on The Guardian, with a different slant.

"We had no idea there was so much radiation. We met a guy with a doseometer and the needle was just off the dial. But even then, we were still only thinking 'Rats, this means the end of our careers in the nuclear industry. We all thought, 'We've been exposed now, this has happened on our watch' and set about doing what we could."

Otsego Undead
00:45 in news

Walked home. Anything beats waiting for the fucking bus again. Felt good. Passed quickly. Chewed on a pen. Remembered the 80s.

Realized I could actually smell the air. Not as fuzzy as I was yesterday. Still trigger happy. Specifically, ATC. Can't sketch for shit right now.

According to every graph ever, Wednesday's The Bad Day. I'm more concerned about Thursday. Payday. Eek.

I've been reliving the 80s and failing to work on ATC. Decent at the moment. More of a clue later in the week.

Star Trek
00:26 in irk

< xeno> < scifi> Stargate: Atlantis blah blah blah Colm Meaney blah blah blah
< xeno> < xeno> :o
< xeno> < mrsxeno> Look, it's Scotty!
< xeno> < xeno> ...
< xeno> < mrsxeno> er... it's someone, at least



My Motor Psycho Nightmare Freak Out Inside of Me
17:13 in news

Outside is the worst.

Specifically, waiting for the bus.

Home is easy. I've smoked at home twice in the last four months. Home is Quake III, install Debian (kernel 2.6.7), Quake III, configure, Quake III, dick with the screensaver, Quake III, move irssi to console, Quake III, play with web browsers, Quake III. Quake III.

Work is slightly difficult. Too many triggers. Replace with Quake III. Drop into the server, make accounts, base config. Quake III. Get Apache reconfigured. Quake III. White Zombie and Quake III. Get MT running. Quake III. Capture video. Quake III. Copy video. Quake III.

My lungs are vomiting up tar like a clogged drain, backing up slowly.

It was worse yesterday. Barely.

Housebreaking a diuretic puppy. In my head. Yeah.



Thunder Kiss '65

I tried quitting smoking in the summer of 2000 for monetary reasons. That didn't even last 24 hours. I hit a fullbore rolling freakout, Steve Dallas style, and that was that. Smoked half a pack in half an hour.

Take two. I've done some research this time. I expect no end of bitchiness. Mildly amused that most withdrawal symptoms match established behavioural patterns.

From the link:

It's important to understand that nicotine smokers need twice the amount of caffeine in order to achieve the same effect as a non-smoker.  Nicotine indirectly causes caffeine to metabolize (to be depleted) at a rate twice that of non-smokers.  If you're a heavy caffeine user who attempts to continue using caffeine at the same amount as you did while using nicotine, you may find yourself not only having difficulty sleeping but probably climbing every wall in sight.


I ran the math. I'm spending upwards of 180$ a month on nicotine, which has risen to $4.04 a pack for brand of choice. Cute. Roughly the same on caffeine if one doesn't count the third boost from the work vending machines. So, slightly more. Between 20$ and 80$ a week on alcohol.

That's somewhere between 300$ and 400$ a month. On vice.


Bicycle. iPod. Hard drives. Processor upgrades. Things like that.

Namely, hills and the ability to walk up them without sounding like a ninety year old rabbi at the top of the slope. Namely, not hawking up tar in the morning. Namely, the pleasure of telling dozens of fuckwads a week that they can fuck right off, as I have no cigarettes to bum them.

Obviously, this won't be easy. Or pleasant. Or fun. Especially for my coworkers- seeing as how Zero Hour of the Three Worst Days of My Life started at 7:10pm and I'm already contemplating hitting the crossroads for their buy-one-get-one-free and calculating rationing, etceteras. Junky style.

The plan is a fairly simple one. If I freak out, Fail, and wash out, then I'm making a doctor's appointment and getting anti-anxiety meds to take the edge off. That shit killed me dead last time.

This is gonna suck all 31 flavors of diseased acned ass.



The Impending Apocalypse

Let's see.... There's the PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS in Nigeria, Old Testament style. It's an election year, and William Shatner (star of Incubus) has released a new album.

Oh, and, likely as a direct result of his comparison of the Shrub to King George, Senator Kennedy had his travel plans fuxx0r3d. He's apparently a terrorist suspect. I'm particularly fond of the bullshit cover story the Transportation Security Administration cooked up. He's a Kennedy. He has "make a few phone calls and this goes away" fu. Common Citizens do not.

Keep in mind, this is the same administration that outed a deep-cover CIA agent because her husband was talking (well-founded, factual) shit on the People In Power.

I'm looking forward to the Shatner album, personally.

Vogon Angst
03:02 in irk

< mdxi> here is my impression of dru's voicemail:
< mdxi> ~fin~



12:21 in irk

< xeno> dan's going to send the men in the white coats after me
< kelly> right after they come for HIM
< kelly> because he DRAWS things
< kelly> on PURPOSE



16:17 in irk

13:05 < ejp> anyone know if it's 802.11 or Something Else that's sending all these "HEARTBEAT" packets?
13:06 < mdxi> oh, that's Chevrolet

Kick. Ass.
12:38 in news

So apparently this mercury entry is the top google hit for the IRIX error thinger _rld_new_interface: bad operation: 14.

Which is odd. Since the _rld_new_interface: bad operation: 14 instances in the entry link to a google search for the error code.

The other four hits are MIT, a *.gov site, the digital (as in DEC) ftp server, and a subdomain of SGI.

And I'm first.

NOTHING can stop Torg.

12:28 in irk

08:15 <xeno_zzz> Eraserhead completed
08:15 -!- Irssi: xeno_zzz is now known as xeno
09:19 <solios> Eraserhead++
09:21 <xeno> i've not seen it
09:21 <xeno> probably won't either
09:21 <xeno> at least, not for a bit
09:21 <xeno> have The Butterfly Effect to watch tonight
09:25 <solios> heh.
09:25 <solios> Eraserhead inspired Drone.
09:25 <solios> you've been Warned.
09:26 * xeno blinks
09:26 <solios> ?
09:27 <xeno> drone++
09:27 <solios> :o
09:27 <xeno> out of all the people i've shown it to, i'm the only one that has liked it
09:27 <xeno> everyone else started bleeding and screaming
09:27 <xeno> :D
09:27 <solios> :D



Warcraft III

23:58 < solios> fagbot: doot for Arthas the Asshat

I really can't understate just how much ASS the single player version of Warcraft III sucks.

Maybe it's the emphasis on Story over gameplay. Maybe it's the fact I'm welded to some insane shitfuck asswipe Fabio wannabe that I'd sooner punch than piss on for at least the first eight sections of the game. Maybe it's the fact that I failed section five twice and had to use cheat codes to make it less annoying. Maybe it's the fact that it's everything I hate about RPGs dropped onto everything I hate about RTS. Maybe it's the absolute worst contrived mission-driven crapfest I've seen in my entire life. Maybe the fucking 3d engine needs to LOOK like 1152x870 at 1152x870, as opposed to looking like 640x480 at 1152x870. Maybe it's the fact that after Starcraft, Blizzard went and devolved the Genre by taking more of the same old "this board has NO influence on the next" gameplay and adding really shitty RPG elements to it. Oh, and putting even MORE emphasis on "HERO MUST NOT DIE!" to the point where there's a special structure just to REVIVE the bastard.

Maybe Blizzard is having the same problem as Square, whereby they were MUCH better off being horribly hamstrung by the shitty technology of the time than they are with the resources of the present.

Dear gods. Such ASS.

They say it's worth it for the cutscenes.

They LIE!

The units are cool, but the singleplayer is such tripe that if that's all you have access to.... don't even bother.



Esch vs. Perl
00:55 in irk

Perl Wins, Fatality.

Apologies to esch for sending him to ~.; apologies to ~. for inflicting esch. Transcript courtesy of Xeno, as I was out renewing my acquaintance with alcoholism at the time.

[22.46.38] * esch figures.
[22.47.57] <mdxi> ye gods. what new gayness is this?
[22.48.12] <@ejp> an esch.
[22.48.18] * esch nods.
[22.48.41] <@ejp> it tastes vaugly like glue paste. but more tart.
[22.51.37] <mdxi> i don't want to know
[23.10.31] <esch> perl isn't really that much different from php.
[23.14.14] <mdxi> ops. OPS.
[23.14.18] <@ejp> yes it is.
[23.14.25] <mdxi> GIVE ME OPS GODDAMMIT
[23.14.35] <esch> for ($i = 1; $i <= 10; $i++) {
[23.14.35] <esch> print "$i ";
[23.14.43] <mdxi> that's not perl. that's C.
[23.14.44] <mdxi> OPS
[23.14.50] <esch> No, that's perl.
[23.14.54] ChanServ sets mode: +o mdxi
[23.15.00] <esch> But why does it print "1"?
[23.15.07] <@ejp> ...
[23.15.12] <@ejp> because you told it to.
[23.15.14] <esch> Doesn't the increment come before the print?
[23.15.15] mdxi sets mode: +b *!*Every@*.mn.client2.attbi.com



16:31 in irk

13:20 < esch> can you do an OR with grep?
13:21 -!- solios changed the topic of #dotnet to: < esch> can you do an OR with grep?
13:22 < esch> ?
13:29 <@solios> 13:23 < mdxi> you can do an OR in a regex
13:29 <@solios> 13:23 < mdxi> so yes. but not explicitly via a argument or anything
13:29 <@solios> 13:24 < rjbs> you could always cat two greps and pipe to uniq. but that would be stupid.
13:29 < esch> fuck.

We don't serve your kind here.
14:38 in irk

11:29 < xeno> what is modest mouse?
11:29 < vai> !dangermouse
11:29 < solios> suck.
11:30 < solios> you look up "ass-sucking amounts of SUCK" in the dictionary, you'll find their discography. Emo shits love them the way metalheads love Metallica.
11:30 < mdxi> a band. from the PDX.
11:30 < vai> ew.
11:30 < mdxi> who have this one half-decent song, which is only worthwhile because of the guitar tone
11:30 < xeno> er
11:30 < mdxi> (i thought it was a flute the first time i heard it)
11:30 < xeno> what's emo?
11:30 <@fagbot> emo is whining to a beat.
11:30 < xeno> k.
11:30 < mdxi> fagbot++

12:35 in irk

09:23 <xeno> gods
09:23 <xeno> i opened it in ie
09:23 <xeno> IT SUCKS IN IE
09:23 <xeno> freaking blue borders around the icons in /loc/
09:24 <xeno> also,
09:24 <xeno> < ie> Internet Explorer is not currently your default browser. Would you like to set Internet Explorer as the default browser? O yes O no O never ask me this again
09:24 <xeno> i mark never ask me this again
09:24 <xeno> EVERY FUCKING TIME.
09:25 <solios> yeah, I need to do something about that.
09:25 <solios> (the css)
09:26 <xeno> no, everyone /else/ needs to do something about that
09:27 <xeno> :D



16:05 in site

I've been dicking around with making web sites for a few years and finally found an excuse to learn forms. To an extent, anyway. The dropdown keeps the Archives list nice and small. Figured that one out through analysis of Engler's markup.

Search is in. Fields are in loc and the blog. Can't figure out how to make a search dropped in loc to actually search in loc exclusively- mt documentation is extremely vague on the particulars. But there is Search Capability Dammit.


14:41 < ejp> fagbot: doot for mercury
14:41 < fagbot> OBTASTELESS: I TOOK A SHIT
14:41 < ejp> exactly.

02:17 in irk

23:14 * ejp wonders who turned up the fag level
23:14 * solios smacks xeno with a walrus pubic bone.
23:14 < xeno> :o
23:15 < xeno> (walrus penii)++
23:15 < solios> fuckin' a.
23:15 < solios> they've inspired a lot of wangbaby pr0n none of y'all are ever gonna see.
23:15 < xeno> thus proving Nietschze wrong.
23:15 < solios> ?
23:16 < xeno> If God were truly dead, we'd have seen it.
23:16 < xeno> :|

01:51 in irk

22:38 < xeno> http://mercury.mirrorshades.org/loc/000260.php
22:40 < xeno> heh
22:40 * xeno expects a noise violation any minute
22:40 < solios> I'll bet your mom found that one.
22:40 < xeno> heh
22:40 < xeno> probably
22:40 < xeno> :
22:40 < xeno> ||
22:40 < xeno> if she mentions it, i'll just send her to /solios/db/ and say, "LOOK WHAT DAN DID."
22:41 < xeno> that'll distract her long enough for me to run and hide.
22:41 < solios> bd.
22:41 < solios> fewl.
22:41 < solios> short fot Body Design.
22:41 < xeno> short for Bowel Disruption more like.
22:41 < xeno> Body Design.
22:41 < xeno> wtf.
22:42 <@ejp> silly inefficent humans.
22:42 * xeno stabs ejp in the thorax.
22:42 < solios> dude.
22:42 * xeno sighs
22:42 < solios> next time I visit I'll swap out your pr0n for my pr0n.
22:42 < xeno> NO.
22:42 < solios> when you're not paying attention.
22:42 < xeno> we'll both get arrested :|

Breaking the Harble
00:44 in irk

21:39 < mdxi> she's a perfectly reasonable looking brunette
21:39 < solios> yes.
21:39 < solios> also, lactating.
21:39 < solios> BONUS
21:39 < bda> "Sillies! How am I going to make any annoying a;lksdfja
21:39 < bda> WTF
21:40 < solios> PWNED
21:40 < bda> las;jf
21:40 * mdxi ROFLs at the nutcracker
21:40 < bda> solios->die();
21:40 < bda> mdxi: Note the mouth.
21:40 < bda> solios++
21:40 < ejp> solios: dude, you broke the harble.
21:40 < ejp> solios++



14:47 in irk

11:36 < rjbs> SAB redesign?
11:36 < solios> yeah.
11:36 < rjbs> Man, it's been months since the last one. :)
11:36 < solios> heh.
11:36 < solios> well, I'm cleaning it up.
11:36 < solios> getting rid of cruft.
11:36 < solios> etc.
11:37 < solios> probably adding in comments.
11:43 < y0shi> SAB? Somthing About Buttsex?
11:44 < ejp> yes.
11:45 < rjbs> basically, anyway :D
11:46 < solios> :|

13:17 in irk

10:12 -!- mdxi changed the topic of #tildedot to: "There's no set architecture in Linux. All roads lead to madness"
10:13 < y0shi> at least the roads don't lead to Rome
10:14 < y0shi> now that Rome doesn't have Christians vs Lions, there's no reason to go.



To Do List

Shit I need to get done this week:

[x] 1. Thumbnails for the next ATC scene. These continue to prove elusive for some reason- I went and wrote most of Chapter Zero instead of getting them done Sunday night.

[x] 2. Mail money order to rjbs. I've been slacking on that for about a month.

[ ] 3. Pay rent. :P

[ ] 4. Get a bank account set up with what's left of the paycheck after Rent and Cost of Existing (as opposed to Cost of Living, which is quite a bit higher as it includes ritual liver abuse on a tri-weekly basis).

[x] 5. Get the SAB reimplimentation firmed up, since it's a good sanity-preservation candidate in the event of a continued ATC stall. (note that "firmed up" means basically done aesthetically and thought out in terms of information design. not actually implemented)

[ ] 6. Get another deferrment on the more evil of my two student loans so I have enough breathing room to postpone consolidation. Again.

Impulse Control

Genocide is as fundamentally Human as masturbation. Everybody's done it- it's just not the kind of thing you talk about at parties.

- Fell out of my mouth in conversation with mad_jester, Jungle Mike and Sugar on the smoke deck, CMNH shipping dock. Asked to repeat for posterity.

Missing the point

The Olympics went to shit the second a bitchy little white trash wannabe skater decided to get a leg up with a lugwrench. Now the corporate oligarchy is pulling the same shit. I find it amusing that McDonalds makes my ass bleed and Coke causes my hips to seize up, and that these side effects predate their sponsorship of the 2004 Summer Advertising Season.

I for one hope that our new corporate overlords fuck off and die horribly.

Muscle and Hate (/away)
01:09 in irk

<xeno> the red phosphorus--about .25 to .33 (1/4-1/3, genius) of a stick will
<xeno> do, be sure you grind this up GENTLY but thoroughly--to the "nap""palm"
<xeno> mixture you just made. Next, mix the water (boiling) w/ the gelatin
<xeno> thoroughly and make sure it sits long enough for you to be able to
<xeno> comfortable put your finger in it, but not so long that it sets up. Mix
<xeno> this into the lighter fluid/Skin so Soft mixture made before (again,
<xeno> thoroughly) and allow to set up over 24hr period. Walla, you have real
<xeno> Napalm (this mixture is almost identical to the original mixed up by
<xeno> soldiers in the South Pacific during WW2 and used in the Tokyo
<xeno> firebombings).
<xeno> This can now be put into bottles and wicked (molotov style) and used
<xeno> quite effectively. The Naptha has a low ingnition point and will burn
<xeno> quickly, the red phosphorus will burn hot as hell (road flares melt and
<xeno> mark asphalt), the palmitate is an oil (so if water is used on the
<xeno> napalm flame, it will spread--like greek fire--instead of being put
<xeno> out) and the gelatine will give this mixture some consistantcy and
<xeno> cause it to "stick" (as in, "napalm sticks to kids"). Needless to say,
<xeno> making this shiat would likely be considered illegal and a terrorist
<xeno> act under the current republican inquistion; however, it is your duty
<xeno> as an American citizen (in the Constitution, look it up) to rebel
<xeno> (violently if necessary) against a tryanical government should one come
<xeno> to power in the United States (like the one we have now, should they
<xeno> for some reason suspend or rig--again--the elections and prevent us
<xeno> from voting them out). So I say mix a few batches, test them out and
<xeno> then you'll be ready.
<xeno> ex-USMC, recon
<xeno> asdfashdjf
<xeno> k.
<xeno> that didn't work so hot
<xeno> disregard that and here it is again




~5:30 Sat., 18/Carson. 71, breezy. Slept forever.

Implemented new ATC site last night, came up w/a better method for mugshots as I was lying in bed. Had to force myself to wait. On deck first thing @ cmnh. Dreamt, walking barefoot, had been for days, perhaps. State of clothing unknown, no boots, feet tar-black with city filth and not feeling it. Not feeling it at all.

No hangover. Precipice of caffeine withdrawal but no hangover. Can't afford another one, at least in Oakland. Sun in my eyes, sunglasses, breeze curls notebook against my wrist. Small letters, thin ink, careful, legible. Wish pencilling and inking were this easy.

54c, Scott on the crosswalk. Connected at home long enough to scan weather, away log. Typo on transition 10, requires fix, repost, reprint. Ditto cast- method in mind.

Beautiful day.



13:37 in irk

10:29 < solios> I'm FUCKING METAL.
10:29 < xeno> does it hurt?
10:29 < solios> only a little.
10:29 < solios> <- Beefcake : 4:06
10:29 < xeno> k.
10:29 < xeno> :)
10:29 < vai> a little what?
10:29 < xeno> beefcake++
10:29 < solios> crazy.
10:30 < vai> porkscone?
10:30 * ejp <-- VargTimmen
10:30 < xeno> THAT WASN'T IT
10:30 < vai> don't lie.
10:31 < solios> O_o
10:31 < vai> Shampoo | We're in Trouble ought to do it.
10:32 < solios> 4:06 has 36 left.
10:33 < solios> then we'll See.
10:33 < solios> <- Red Elvises : Gypsy Heart
10:33 < xeno> :|
10:33 < solios> xeno: YOU LOSE

DOOM (Mayan Remix)
13:17 in irk

09:59 < vai> in the early 90's i know they had about 20 subs with 12 silos with 4 icbms per, each icbm with about 72 idependantly targettable heads.
09:59 < vai> thats kinda overkill.
10:03 <@ejp> depends what you're after.
10:03 * ejp thinks it's just enough kill
10:04 < vai> that was enough to target most major european cities, and blanket the ussr.
10:04 < vai> no fucking need for that.
10:06 < vai> (nuclear winter)--
10:06 < vai> I'd rather have ragnarok thanks.
10:10 <@ejp> k
10:11 < vai> mayans also predict doom for 2012.
10:11 < vai> duke 4 better hurry up.
10:14 < solios> :o
10:14 < solios> 2012.
10:14 < solios> I keep forgetting the year.
10:15 < solios> iirc, that's not Doom, that's when their calendar Stops.
10:15 < vai> yes. End of the last cycle.
10:15 < vai> no more world / time apparently.
10:15 < solios> also, an election year.
10:15 < solios> YOU DO THE MATH



16:20 in irk

13:17 * ejp sprays john in LiquiHAM
13:18 <@solios> ew.
13:18 < john> (tm)
13:18 < john> LiquiHAM and all relevant logos are registered trademarks of LiquiHAM, Inc., LiquiHAM, NJ, USA
13:19 < john> fagbot, doot for liquiham town
13:19 < fagbot> okay...losing precious oxygen now
13:19 <@solios> fagbot: doot for New Jersey
13:19 <@solios> fagbot: botsnack
13:19 < fagbot> :)
13:19 < john> WOW
13:19 <@solios> fagbot: be doctor weird
13:19 < fagbot> Behold! I give you... CORN!



17:52 in irk

14:46 < solios> http://mercury.mirrorshades.org/viz/atc_v_2004_2.jpg
14:47 <@bda> Nice.
14:48 < solios> fix your issues? :D
14:48 <@bda> Which ones?
14:48 < solios> nav.
14:49 <@bda> Oh.
14:49 <@bda> Yeah.
14:49 <@bda> :D
14:49 < solios> :D
14:49 < solios> wait, there's _others_ ?
14:49 < solios> :<
14:50 <@bda> I thought you meant MY issues.
14:50 <@bda> Like life.
14:50 <@bda> Work.
14:50 <@bda> Lack of female.
14:50 <@bda> etc etc.
14:51 < solios> oh.
14:51 < solios> well, it might fix those.
14:51 <@bda> Dan, if your graphics skills could fix my lack of getting laid, I'd have found you a job doing graphic design 48 hours a day.
14:52 < solios> If my graphics skills could fix _my_ lack of getting laid, ATC would have been done, like, last year.
14:53 <@bda> Uh, but it does.
14:53 <@bda> You're just an idiot.
14:53 <@bda> :D
14:53 < solios> :D



The Superstation
17:36 in irk

14:18 <@solios> (Ted Turner)++
14:21 < xeno_scotch> asdgfhalhf
14:21 < xeno_scotch> wtf
14:21 < xeno_scotch> dude
14:21 < xeno_scotch> he has sex with dogs
14:21 < xeno_scotch> i saw it on Family Guy



Uncharted Territories Deathballs Uberherp
13:50 in irk

10:31 < bda> I WANT ALL UR BALLZ 2 DIE
10:32 < solios> o_o
10:32 < ejp> o_O
10:42 < rjbs> bda ate my balls
10:42 < solios> :|
10:43 < bda> With potatoes and onions.
10:44 < mdxi> AND A NICE CHIANTI *smacking noises*
10:44 < bda> Chiana?
10:44 < bda> I'd hit it.
10:45 < solios> you'd get the herp.
10:46 < ejp> I'd still hit it.

13:35 in irk

10:32 < solios> actually. I'll probably be drawing some non-ATC boobs this week.
10:32 < solios> shit.
10:32 < solios> I forgot to ask Steve what irknetwork he's on.
10:32 < solios> :|
10:32 < solios> Steve++
10:33 < solios> Steve's going to Pensick or however it's spelled, which starts friday.
10:33 < solios> Steve, Sean, and some other people are Camp Haveabeer.
10:33 < xeno> let us hope they behead Kendrick
10:33 < solios> he wants me to draw up the camp deity, which is a babylonian wine goddess, historically depicted topless with TEH BEWBAYZ.
10:33 < solios> < steve> no udders.
10:33 < solios> < me> no problem.
10:33 < xeno> :D
10:33 < xeno> Steve++
10:34 < solios> Steve++

13:26 in irk

10:13 < solios> O_o
10:13 < solios> fagbot_jr: doot for mediabawx
10:13 < john> mdxi, heh
10:14 < mdxi> it's like having the world's most advanced Commodore64
10:15 < mdxi> LOAD "IRSSI",8,1
10:18 * rjbs records some New Wave music over mdxi's IRSSI tape
10:19 < mdxi> AAAAAAAIGH
10:19 * mdxi tells mom
10:23 < rjbs> <mom> I'm sure they'll play "irssi" again and you can record it then, honey.

Remember that other invasion?

You know, the one before Gulf War Two : Clone of the Attack? The one we've fucked up just as badly? The one Bush has forgotten about and Kerry hasn't noticed? The one that, much like Iraq, is another cold-war cleanup? The invasion the soviets already fought (and sucked at)?

Yeah, that invasion.

My friend Barry's over there, thanks to whatever shitface decided that sending National Guard troops (you know, the guys that protect us from Canada, Mexico, New Jersey, Japan, and NK ICBMS) in as de-facto reservists was a good idea.

Afghanistan : historically fucked.



20:09 in irk

14:22 <@ejp> macs are like girls. they don't have to make sense because they are TEH PRETTY
14:31 < Drusilla> ...
14:31 < Drusilla> ejp: you scare me
14:32 <@ejp> :D
14:47 < vai> beauty needs make no sense - cute just begets horniness, which begets _complete_ tolerance.
14:47 < vai> so ejp is in lust with the mac?
14:50 <@ejp> speak english much?
14:51 < vai> forsooth! ye hast mine self betrodden.
15:23 < mdxi> bleah
15:34 < Drusilla> bleah?
15:34 < mdxi> bleah.
15:35 < Drusilla> your eloquence astounds me
15:38 < mdxi> ...
15:38 < mdxi> boobies?
15:38 < fagbot> big time!

The Humanity
15:05 in irk

12:04 <@ejp> fagbot: doot for jolie
12:04 < fagbot> perhaps god is PUNISHING ME because i don't JERK OFF enough