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November 2004



Ordered one of these yesterday at the sale price. It shipped this morning. This afternoon, my third powerbook power brick shit the bed, which puts me back on the spare (old Duo brick, which will run the pismo but won't charge it) until I can acquire a replacement. If I elect to purchase one.

Frankly, I don't use it much these days, and I rarely have cause to haul much more than a few hundred megs between work and home. I still have to run OS 9 on the pismo if I want to actually use it for anything, which limits my options with the machine quite a bit. It's spent most of this year serving as a data donkey- and a poor one at that, as the machine only has a 20g drive. A 120 gig 3.5 ATA and a firewire enclosure will cost less than a 40g or 60g 2.5", and will probably weigh less than pismo.

The SanDisk might actually scratch my transport itch, which will save me some weight- in which case I may well forego raising my 9600 and might just throw a bunch of gear into the Pismo, turning it into a standalone occasionally portable "spare" machine at home. I wouldn't mind getting a newer portable, but I really don't need one at this point in time : I need the real estate of multiple monitors, I need the vast storage of 3.5 disks. Portability is a distant second at this point in time- some tweaks and I can rebuild the machine as a dual-head demon box with a shitload of funky bits attached. Right now, I could use that more than the portability.


Turns out dad read Hole, and emailed some information and details of his own history with sinusitis.

The Hole matches up with the Sphenoid region.

The title of this post stems from waking up with a wanging nasty sinus headache this morning, after receiving said email last night. I can breathe, I'm not gargling snot, but it feels like my eyeballs are being crushed and my upper jaw is in a vise. Go figure.

This may not be the thing that's eating my brainmeats. It may only be a contributing factor if it's not something else entirely. The fact remains that shortly (like, less than a week) after I quit smoking I caught a cold, and was snorkling tiny gulps of oxygen through gallons of thick ropy mucous for weeks afterwards, and my head hasn't felt right since. There's also the fact that I have a history of becoming a brain-dead zombie whenever sinus pressure reaches fissile levels- an irritating state of affairs which lead to the abuse of ephedrine in 2002, and serves as a convenient explanation for recent mental fogginess.



(Head Like A)

<solios> I've come to the conclusion that blogs are online public-access notebooks.
<javaman> yeah thats what I am thinking too

The obvious downside of this is that a psychotic break or any other form of mental instability is spread around like a monkey painting on the walls with its own feces. Quite a bit like a monkey poop-painting, honestly. I used to take braindumps in a physical notebook, but not so much these days- I've cooled off of the Mead Five Star Brain Log for awhile. ATC is in the bag and all there is to think about after that is a short list of things I've repeated throughout other notebooks. Better to be reading A Scanner Darkly than repeating myself yet again.

Doesn't help from the health perspective, obviously. Two solid weeks of full work days and full ATC production with the usual Holiday Weekend Ordeal thrown in hasn't helped either. I'm used to the quarterly mental meltdown- I'm not used to my sanity hanging by a thread subject to the whims of diet, especially when the only substances that seem to slow down the decay have drastic consequences the morning after.

The obvious conclusion is that either something is missing from my diet (a definite possibility), or years of heavy ritualistic caffiene abuse have taken their toll in the form of permanent brain damage. I'm hoping for the former and deathly afraid of the latter. My head really has not been the same since I quit smoking, and I'd hate to think that four bucks a day and years off of the lifespan are what it's going to take to set things square.


(Yes, I frequently feel shitty. Sometimes more so than others, with weekends usually being the situation that proves the rule. :P I should probably just stop drinking, honestly. People I care about are going to read this and assume Bad Things! :O)

Went to Laga feeling like shit (upside- talked to Adam, turns out we both have sleep anxiety. "upside" in that I'm not the only one, it's some nasty shit and he handles it much better than I do.). Had a couple of well drinks and promptly suffered glycemic meltdown. Gallons of cold sweat, an angry god vomiting down my spine. Cleared up after a half hour or so. File for future reference and move on.

Have a few more drinks, Absolute instead of Well. Social things, etc. happen. Walk home. Halfway home, the hole in my head reappears. Instead of being situated above the brainstem it's moved to the forebrain, left. Need to shit. Figure I'll get home, allow my ass to sneeze and then force myself to vomit. Finger down the throat, etc. Remember (fondly) actually feeling GOOD the morning after nights I get so drunk I puke.

Get home, paint the bowl, flush, wipe, flush. Finger down the throat, wiggle around, gag. Repeat, spit out some mucous. Repeat, spit out some blood. Mildly surprised and concerned. No finger, gag. Spit blood. Wash face. Spit blood. Muscles completely reject the tension- necrotic spaz-out back of neck, entire jaw. Spit blood, bile taste in back of mouth, feel like I've been clocked upside the head with a phone booth. Right upper jaw throbs like it's broken, like there's glass embedded in my palette. Burns to swallow, upper right hurts from strain- in hindsight, it wasn't even a tug, the fucking muscle group just BROKE at the slightest HINT of USE. Stabbing, relentless.

Stomach full of vodka. Tried to purge the mess, failed. Get to live with the consequences, spitting up blood instead of Absolut. Throat raw, feels like I've puked a freight train. Bowl says otherwise, bowl says less than an ounce of mucous, less than an ounce of pinkish blood. Raw.

Back of my throat burns like napalm. Right side of my face feels like an old sixteen ounce glass soda bottle was shoved into it at high velocity, throbbing.

Fingers pause. Surprised I can type at all, fucking dead alive that something, anything even works at ALL. The hole in my head is usually above the brainstem and wasn't there nearly as much when I smoked and now I feel it every day and it feels like I got hit with a bus in the jaw- it fucking HURTS and I did it to myself but I can STILL. FEEL. THE HOLE.

Fractured splinters of pain across the right, sometimes the left jaw, above where the wisdom teeth would be, below the eye sockets. Throat is RAW, throat BURNS. BURNS LIKE ACID. Can't think, clown will eat me. Entire head in a vise, barbed wire agony with The Hole at the fucking center dear gods STOP



A Mike Hinder Cameo (with commentary)

Every so often my dad will suggest that a bit of an email may be blogworthy. For the most part, I haven't taken his suggestions, for various reasons. Given the tone of my past couple of posts, I think my reasons for posting this one are self explanatory. I should note that I've always interpreted dad's use of multiple exclamation points as emphasis and weight- in this context, he reads like he speaks. Kind of like me and emoticons. o_o

When I got back home from {work} earlier this morning, I watched "Jay and Silent Bob Stike Back" on the Comedy Channel. In a nutshell, this movie is incredibly lame and hilarious as hell all at the same time!!!! Some of the scenes were so goddamn screw-ball that I told your mom..."......I'm just coming back from [having been in] 10 hours of THAT!!!! If any one movie ever could exemplify {work}, this would be the one!! Most likely the reason why I sat there and laughed my goddamn ass off the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O_o I still need to see this one. My own job compares cleanly to Office Space, albeit with a pre-columbian Moose skeleton instead of a hypnotist. Some days it's more like working for the Bureau of Information Retrieval.

Jen and her boyfriend just showed up for Thanksgiving Dinner a few minutes ago. THIS is the first I heard about THAT!!!!!!! Your mom invited them, in other words!!!!!!! So it looks like I got screwed out of still another Thanksgiving Dinner. There are certain things I hold sacred that your mom evidently does not, or ever did for that matter!!! Last night me and another guy in Engine Assembly threw in with the two guys in Engine Test and one in the Stockroom for a couple of Domino's Pizzas. Looks like its a good thing I did, as I accurately forecasted (as it turned out) that this would be my Thanksgiving Dinner.

Anyone who's ever been curious about my >:| attitude towards holidays needs to reread that paragraph and picture me saying that or similar. I can guarantee that Dad's impromptu pizza party was a hell of a lot more fun than any Family Event could ever hope to be. The problem (per se) with Holidays is that you're either out of the loop, or putting up with a whole bunch of people you'd just as soon use for target dummies- paintball or ICBMs, you pick. The shittiest thing about holidays is that I don't have control over the guest list. If I did, there wouldn't be many genetic relations on it. I'd rather have breakfast with my sister, lunch with mom, and dinner and a drink with dad than all three at once- yelling always seems to result. :P

Pizza with coworkers beats turkey with assholes any day of the week. And twice on Thursday.

Oh, and this sort of thing happens times five in about a month- I agree with dad; at least from the standpoint that doing stuff that sucks does not constitute a holiday!

Last Sunday, prior to going to work in Engine Test, I attended the monthly Union meeting. I think I may have mentioned this before, but these meeting ALWAYS start off with a prayer, followed by a Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. In this day of "political correctness" and the fear of upsetting somebody's goddamn fragile sensibilities; I think this sez a lot...the Union still has backbone!!

I'll admit, I have more respect for the spinefull than the spineless, regardless of spiritual differences- I've never worked in a multi-tradition workplace. Most of us haven't. Wouldn't mind seeing how a Union would interact with Islamic members, occultists or Libertarians. :)

The song that never ends.

Hit work like a ton of bricks and Gave Thanks that I was able to work without interruptions from security, cleaning staff, the parking lot, the coworkers, the project lead, or any of the other things that make it impossible to accomplish anything during work hours. Cranked out an ATC page I'm quite pleased with and proceeded to get more work done in five hours than I have in the last two weeks. Things were Decent.

Minus the usual fuckishness of the temp storage server being offline, the target video display being complete shit, the sluggishness of OS X under load, etceteras. Eight hours of good flow followed by five of hair pulling, murder warranting horseshit, wherein everything fucked itself over nicely and, for once, none of it's my fault. All the breaking and fuckishness is something that can be cleanly and completely hung on my coworkers.

Which is why I'm working on a holiday at all, really. To get things done without getting fucked over. Without having to smile and nod while I'm screaming inside.

I got fucked over anyway.

All of this would have been a problem any other day of the week. Right now, it's just disheartening, disappointing and annoying.




To offset the previous post, I offer you this old chestnut.



Another Fucking Holiday Weekend

I hate these. A lot. I've been Kringled and Happy Holidayed to the point where my asshole is bleeding and it isn't even thanksgiving yet. I'm not down with the verbal equivalent of family bukake, and I'm not down with raising a drumstick to genocide. We shit on the Nazis for gas chambers while celebrating years of death by smallpox, alcoholism and muskets. No thanks.

Since the rest of the world decided to run off and spend time out of town, I'm holding the (de)Activation bag for work on Friday. In by eight.

And I have keys to the place, for a change.

So what are my holiday plans?

A couple of ATC pages, and finishing off my workload for the current project. I can't go a single workday without my supervisors and superiors vigorously skullfucking me with their word-cocks. They thrust endless, useless minutae into my overclogged underpaid cerebellum, interrupting on the drop of a hat, fucking my ears until the spark of motivation is thoroughly extinguished by buckets of manegerial verb-semen. The spunking and grunting is getting on my nerves, and I finally have TWO WHOLE DAYS where NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE HERE. Which means I can FINALLY get some fucking work done.

I work while the rest of the world parties. And I work while the rest of the world works, because if I don't, I'm some kind of fucking slacker.

At least I get paid for it.



Aphids Don't Bite People.

Early to bed, early to rise, and off to the Waterfront with Ramsey, by way of Oakland and Phantom of the Attic.

All told:

Battle Angel Alita : Last Order (volume 4)
Stephen King : The Gunslinger
Stephen King : The Drawing of the Three
P.K.D. : A Scanner Darkley
Battle Pants, 32x34
Battle Pants, 34x32

The King and the PKD are books I've been meaning to read. I'd wanted Stephenson's The Confusion, but Barnes and Nobel doesn't have it, which is no surprise. Yes, they can order it for me. But I can order it on Amazon with none of the holiday hassle. The King are large format with illustrations, which is apparently a Good Thing, as the standard format paperbacks are evidently lacking this detail.

I now have three pair of Battle Pants- all the dark grey-green camo. Fuck jeans- the pockets on Battle Pants are Just Right, and they don't try to castrate me first wear out of the wash.

Had serious blood sugar brownout, was all kinds of stupid for parts of the day, synapses firing randomly, stumbling verbally. Lunch at Boston Market. Never a dull moment.

Ramsey totally rocks.



Deja Vu downslope

Went music shopping.

Front 242 : Fuck Up Evil : After Off, one of my favorite 242 albums.
Front 242 : Official Version : It was cheap. I can follow the red team.
Front 242 : Tragedy (For You) : See previous.
White Zombie : Supersexy Swingin' Sounds : It was worth the used price for the first track, which I absolutely love. The rest of it's blah.
Die Warzau : Big Electric Metal Bass Face : It's not Engine, but it has Dying In Paradise on it- which is directly referenced in ATC Chapter Three Page 38.

Bumped into Theresa and Beth. Didn't hear them at first, couldn't focus on them at all- serious mental brownout, low blood sugar or something. Lots of familiar faces around tonight.


I'm not the only one thinking about vacationing in Canada to check out the job market. And with the US Congress doing shit like national debt "limit" up to around 800 billion, I know I'm no the only one.

Canada, for the record, hasn't run a deficit since 1997- and this country is too busy ejactulating its technological lead all over Asia to even notice.

The moose is looking good, dammit.

00:00 in irk

20:54 <@iverson> Deal: PQI IntelligentStick 1GB USB 2.0 Flash $82 at NewEgg.com
20:54 < solios> O_o
20:54 < solios> is it backcompat w/ USB 1?
20:54 <@iverson> no idea
20:55 < solios> :|
20:55 <@iverson> get the Silicon Image 2.0 usb 2.0 adapter
20:55 < solios> <- Mac
20:55 <@iverson> same chipset as adaptec
20:55 < solios> also, not up with sticking my hand up my g4's ass.
20:55 <@iverson> macs dont have pci slots?
20:55 < solios> they do.
20:55 < solios> I'm full up.
20:55 <@iverson> ah
20:55 < solios> Radeon 8500 AGP, Radeon 7000 PCI, SATA board, case cooler.
20:56 < solios> macs are also (apparently and to my knowledge) the only machines shipping with USB hubs on the keyboards)
20:56 < solios> there's a certain convenience factor to jacking something into your interface.
20:56 < solios> ...
20:56 < solios> man, I should have worded that differently. :PP
20:57 <@iverson> heheheh
20:57 -!- iverson changed the topic of #215 to: <solios> there's a certain convenience factor to jacking something into your interface.
20:57 <@iverson> yea....you should have :P



Blunt Force Trauma

Four ATC pages in five days, blueprints for the next four, scene extended by two pages (maybe). All that pencilling, inking, and Quake Breaking and I've done blown out my left hand.

RSI blizzows.

So tonight I'm going to have a couple of drinks, then go home and read.

I'd rather be working on the comic, but the asdfg side of the board, which is where pencils and inks come from, is mad stabby.



16:24 in site

Two new categories : bullshit and politics. Politics for the political bullshit and bullshit for the non-political bullshit. Bullshit's mostly a clearing house for bloggy, and should probably be deleted, etceteras.

Did a preliminary filtering pass. Probably missed some bullshit, and I know I missed some politics. :P Oh well.

I'll tear all of this down and reorganize it after I'm done with suction.

All hands, abandon ship.

Resigned, announced 2004.11.15

Colin Powell : Secretary of State
Rod Paige : Secretary of Education
Spencer Abraham : Secretary of Energy
Ann Veneman : Secretary of Agriculture

Resigned, announced 2004.11.09

John Ashcroft : Department of Justice
Don Evans : Secretary of Commerce


John Snow : Treasury (likely)
Tom Ridge : Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (mutterings, likely)

Oh, Canada!

Stay and fight? For what Canada has already?

Point by point:

1. Medicare. Canada's is publically funded. The US system is a clusterfuck, thanks largely to the US Medical Economy.

2. Foreign Policy. Canada hasn't spent the last four years running around invading muslim nations, pissing off the UN, pissing off the world, and ignoring the Geneva convention.

3. Environmental Policy. Not a personal hot point, but Canada doesn't seem to be eagerly wiping its ass with its land.

4. Gay Rights. Canada has them. The US is working to dismantle them- majorities in 11 states loudly proclaimed homosexuals to be subhuman this past election.

5. Drug Policy. Canada claims to be down with pot. I could give two shits- I'm an uppers guy. They're not throwing large chunks of their population in jail for possession of the stuff, and that's fine by me.

6. Abortion Rights. Canada has them. The US doesn't want to have them.

7. Gun Control. All firearms must be registered and all gun owners must be licensed. In the states, there's a waiting period for weapon purchase and you only need a license to carry concealed. Not, say, wide out in the open.

8. Cultural Diversity. I don't get this one, personally. Might have something to do with my town being a suburb of the Pacific Rim during the academic season. Canada is English / French, as opposed to the US, which is English / Spanish. Wine and cheese beat the shit out of tacos any day of the week.

9. Capital Punishment. Interestingly enough, Amnesty International considers the death penalty- a sentencing option in US Federal courts and 38 states- to be a human rights violation.

10. NO FEDERAL DEFICIT. Canada hasn't run a deficit since 96-97. Compare to the record surplus we had at the beginning of 2000, which the Party In Power has pissed into record-breaking debt in just a few short years. Canada isn't fielding the most expensive army on the planet- they're too busy working to build better lives for their citizens to run around inflicting their will on the rest of the world.

Ten and Two are the big sticking points for me- seeing as how US foreign policy has incurred a debt that the baby boomers have no intent to pay. Canada has cooler flag. The currency thing is an issue, but if the US economy takes a dive, it won't be nearly the issue that it is at the moment.

Oh, and Canada has moose.


07:49 <@javaman> (really nasty bit about the CIA)
07:50 <@dragorn> javaman: wow
07:50 <@javaman> I cannot begin to tell you how bad that article is.
07:51 <@dragorn> The content or the writing?
07:51 <@iverson> oh, christ
07:51 <@iverson> that's really really really really not good
07:51 * iverson restates his previous statement about 4 bad years
07:52 <@javaman> http://christianexodus.org/
07:52 <@javaman> both links courtesy of william gibson's blog.

Truth (metaphor)
03:10 in irk

<@ejp> Fate is like soap in prison. hold it too loosely, it will drop away. Hold it too tight, it'll squirt away. And if you attempt to retrieve it you'll get fucked in the ass.

02:55 in irk

23:46 <@someguy> Someone in the grocery store today asked me what he should put on his steak.
23:47 <@someguy> Minutes later I found a lone bottle of steak sauce laying on a pallet of rice.
23:47 <@someguy> So I took it to him.
23:47 <@someguy> It was so baffling.
23:47 <@someguy> Any lesser person would have assume there was a conspiracy or that God was trying to say something.
23:47 < pthread> haha
23:48 < ACB_> sounds like something out of a student film
23:48 < pthread> seriously
23:48 < solios> was it good steak sauce?
23:48 < solios> or generic?
23:48 <@someguy> I noticed on of his teeth had a gold wire around it.
23:48 < pthread> a1?
23:48 <@someguy> Generic. I'd told him to go get a1
23:48 < pthread> mmmm fucking steak and a1?! mmm
23:48 <@someguy> but then realized this store wouldn't have it.
23:48 < solios> I'll bet he was ILLUMINATI.
23:49 < solios> :|
23:49 <@someguy> Yeah, I have not read up on the illuminati.
23:49 <@someguy> Maybe I need to at this point.
23:50 <@someguy> It's such a perfect story. Usually when something brilliant like this happens to me, I fuck it all up.
23:50 < solios> just assume it was Them and proceed as you would normally.
23:50 <@someguy> Yeah, it's like, this time I just kept my cool and was very positive about everything.
23:50 < pthread> dude I am SO hungry now since you mentioned that steak sauce
23:51 <@someguy> I was helpful, but not overly concerned.
23:51 < solios> left the knives at home, huh?

Eyes of the World
02:55 in irk

23:14 <@someguy> I believe I'll go to NYC Wednesday. The guy who does Diesel Sweeties and another comic dude I read are going to be doing a panel at NYU.
23:15 < solios> sweet.
23:15 < solios> I need to do a panel, dammit.
23:15 <@someguy> heh, yeah.
23:15 <@someguy> do you have colleagues (sp?)?
23:15 < solios> people who also work on the comic? Technically, no.
23:16 <@someguy> no, that's not what it means.
23:16 <@someguy> People who do what you do.
23:16 < solios> oh.
23:16 < solios> uh.
23:16 < solios> no.
23:16 <@someguy> With whom, presumably you have a repoire.
23:16 < solios> I've been resoundly ignored by every single webcomic artist I've emailed.
23:16 < solios> it rules.
23:16 <@someguy> Or at least a mutual knowledge of each others existence.
23:17 <@someguy> ah
23:17 <@someguy> nice.
23:17 < solios> also no.
23:17 < solios> :D
23:17 <@someguy> What do you think that MEANS?
23:17 < solios> which part?
23:17 <@someguy> The ignorance.
23:17 <@someguy> erm, ignoring.
23:17 <@someguy> or whatever.
23:17 < solios> <- laughing his ass off.
23:17 <@someguy> lol
23:17 < solios> simple.
23:17 < solios> there's no advertising on ATC.
23:18 < solios> and I've never blown any money on advertising ATC.
23:18 <@someguy> ah, so maybe the other guys trying to "make it" with their comics don't feel you're in the same boat?
23:19 < solios> got me.
23:19 < solios> maybe my introductory emails aren't the handjobs they're looking for.




Atlivec-optimized firefox (link courtesy of javaman).

Like, HOLY SHIT. Visible difference. Tactile difference. From "slug on ketamine" to snappier than Safari. Not just UI, either- though UI is traditionally the area all Mozilla progeny SUCK ASS IN on the Mac (ESPECIALLY Thunderbird)- I'm talking the whole enchilada. My ancient crotchety nursing-home grade G4 2x450 actually feels kinna... snappy.

It's kind of confusing, since I'm used to it feeling like a 7100.

Now if only Firefox had non-gay bookmark management and non-gay download management. Then I could drop Safari and join the rest of the trendy non-gay trans-platform kids.



16:01 in irk

12:35 <@pete_> is it "further" or "farther?"
12:37 < pthread> they are the same thing
12:39 <@pete_> i know
12:40 <@pete_> but is one "more correcter?"
12:40 < pthread> lol, not afaik
12:40 <@pete_> my wang is more correcter
12:41 <@bda> Wangerific.
12:41 < ACB_> Wangtastic
12:41 <@asm> uh
12:41 < ACB_> wang?
12:41 <@asm> so who was discussing hacked putty exes?
12:41 <@pete_> Wangublous
12:42 <@asm> wangarang
12:42 < ACB_> Wang-loaf.
12:42 <@asm> wangarang (n) - a penis turned projectile
12:42 <@pete_> roof-i-O, roofio, roofio, bangarang, roofio!
12:42 <@pete_> jason, ahahaha
12:42 <@pete_> well put
12:43 <@pete_> that should be on bash.org
12:43 <@asm> a penile projectile
12:55 <@pete_> cervix smasher

14:43 in irk

11:40 * bda looks at all the parts for anubis Mk II.
11:40 <@rjbs> bda: myomer bundles? heat sinks? gyros?
11:41 <@bda> Double the hardpoints.
11:41 < mdxi> did you go for endosteel, or are you saving slots for high-density armor?
11:41 <@bda> Fucking BattleTech fags.
11:41 * rjbs wonders what the release on MA2 is.
11:41 < solios> ferrofibruous armor.
11:41 < mdxi> i got a ER PPC with your name on it, sweetie
11:42 * rjbs sticks to ye olde gausse cannone
11:42 * solios loads up on LRMs.
11:42 <@bda> I love when you talk Clan at me, baby.

14:41 in irk

11:32 * rjbs has a secret weapon to keep people from sniffing him.
11:32 <@ejp> poogas?
11:32 * rjbs stinks.
11:32 < solios> poogas.
11:36 <@bda> wtf is a pooga.
11:36 * mdxi laughs
11:36 <@rjbs> bda: that's what I wondered. poo+gas
11:38 <@bda> ...
11:38 < mdxi> quick, someone get ursulav to draw us a pooga



11:16 in irk

08:09 * solios_ wears the battle pants again.
08:09 <@solios_> DAY SIX
08:09 <@solios_> 1. they're not funky.
08:09 <@solios_> 2. they're a 34 and they MEAN IT.
08:09 <@solios_> all the jeans I have that are 34 have shrunk to, like, 32.
08:09 <@solios_> >.<
08:10 <@ejp> yeah, black shrinks.
08:11 <@solios_> it SUCKS
08:11 <@solios_> this means I either have to starve myself back down to a 30 so the fucking 34s fit, go to all cargo pants, or buy 36s. >_<
08:11 <@ejp> most people know this, and buy a size larger
08:12 <@solios_> o_o
08:12 <@solios_> well, I know NOW. :P
08:13 <@ejp> didn't your mother teach you these things?



For Your Consideration.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. -- That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, -- That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Excerpt, United States Declaration of Independence

Minimum System Requirements
11:05 in irk

07:42 <@xeno> i tried explaining that just because computers were gaining more and more processing power and memory, it didn't mean the OS had to fucking USE ALL OF IT
07:42 <@xeno> and they stared at me



Stephen King's Wang

Pattern Recognition was worth the read. Like all Gibson, devoured quickly. Gone in an instant. Leaves a hint of a Burroughs aftertaste, exceptionally strong at points.

Met the author in the disturbingly vivid and awkward unconscious doldrums of a post-gin pre-dawn Sunday morning. He seemed about as irritated as I was surprised, the whole situation out of context. A hotel bar, somewhere in the jungle. A dream, strength of detail implying otherwise.

He took a duck to the face at two hundred and fifty knots.

Right on the nose.

Though shit started to slide in this town as early as 1997, according to some reports.


Yesterday's News

A few of the tabs I'd left open in Safari yesterday, as I was sick of talking about politics. I'm even more sick of liberal hysterics and conservative arrogance, so I'm filtering.

Keith Olbermann : MSNBC blog. The November 7th entry is of particular interest- concession speeches arent legally binding. Oh, and the county Cleveland's located in registered 93,000 more votes than voters.

Dick Morris : Article on The Hill. Exit polls aren't wrong. In fact, they're often used as a check against malicious interests deliberately skewing results in the third world. This guy should know, he's supervised elections in Mexico.

Just for the hell of it, an article about Japanese Sex Thereapy. The Japanese have only 46 sexual encounters on average each year, compared with 79 for the Hong Kong Chinese and Singaporeans, 82 for Indians, 90 for mainland Chinese and a whopping 137 for the French.

#dotnet rules.
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I think we've set a record.



30k Frags, Obfuscated

OpenGL on OS X has been like this for awhile. That's a Quake III Arena screen dump, right there- dumped from the application itself, as opposed to using the system screen-grabber. BZFlag and a few other apps have the same problem. Dunno if it's multihead wonkiness or what, but it's lame, dammit.



Okay, I've bitched about politics enough. I'm starting to sound even more hysterical and reactionary than usual. :P It's wasting my time and not exactly educating anyone, since nobody listens to this kind of shit anyway. Hell, the election proved that better than any opinion poll ever could.

So. E-Fucking-nough of politics for a bit- unless I retool mercury (again) and add a political category to lob said bitching into.

I bought pants on Saturday. Dark green/gray camo BATTLE PANTS. Well, cargo pants, technically. They're stupidly comfortable and lack the lameass designer splat above the ass. Consider me sold. Jeans have a certain stigma about them now.

Gradual fashion shift in line with perceptual shift. This is good.

Chewed my way through the urban demolition bit in Pattern Recognition, which I started reading a few days ago. Mostly a bus and laundry thing at the moment. I've found the work to be quite enjoyable with that single exception- it sickens me to see that a couple of airplanes and an agenda have become as culturally pervasive as the dead guy on a stick, thrown about with levels of reverence and righteous indignation usually reserved for unpreventable, undeserved tragedies. It's a cheap shot, a below-the-belt emotional appeal, the instant sympathy ploy, and finding it referenced in PR (in some detail) was about as enjoyable as realizing that the dog shit on the rug while you were out for the evening.

Clean up, flush. Life goes on.

I'm just under the halfway point- time will tell if the scene in question was a personal statement from the author or critical to the story. Presently leaning towards the former and hoping that's the end of it. Looking forward to more on the subject the way I looked forward to bible camp- which is to say, not at all.

The Face of Evil

USAToday interviews Karl Rove, one of the scariest men in America.

President Bush "absolutely" will use his second term to push for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, his top political strategist said Sunday. Karl Rove, who oversaw Bush's re-election victory, said Bush will renew the effort, which failed in Congress this year but may enjoy new support after 11 states approved bans on same-sex marriage on Election Day.

You might want to read this as well, as it's a concise history of what the Turd Blossom has been up to. Makes Nixon look like a fucking Eagle Scout.



I still hate politics.

Specter rolls over. Kiss your right to choose goodbye, ladies.

Andrew Veal commits suicide as a result of the election. Can't say I blame him, really.

Heil Bush. (warning : super massive godzilla font) Remember that bit I did with the flag and the swasticas? Yeah. I'm not the only one scared shitless by the blindness of the sheep. Small comfort I'm not the only one who can see the pattern.

Oh. and the Bush admin is distorting the facts to mask negative job growth.

Oh, AND.

We pissed off the world. Thank you, my asshole countrymen, for shitting away legitimacy. Some of us don't want to be citizens of The Empire, thank you. You've gone and spoiled it for all of us, you ignorant shits, and we deserve absolutely every bit of ordinance lobbed at us because of it.



Executive Summary (Politics.2)

Executive Summary (Politics)

21:20 <@solios> fagbot: doot for John Kerry
21:20 <+fagbot> why don't i just get SUGGESTION BOX tattooed on my ASS
21:20 <@solios> !
21:20 <@solios> fagbot: botsnack
21:20 <+fagbot> thanks solios :)
21:20 <@solios> fagbot: doot for dubya
21:20 <+fagbot> Bag Tard needed at register 12!
21:20 * solios dies.



Hypothetical Situation
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10:45 < solios> mdxi: wanna do nerd things for thirteen bux an hour?
10:45 <@rjbs> real dba's are scary
10:45 <@ejp> yes
10:46 < mdxi> solios: where you work?
10:46 < solios> mdxi: museum. Pittsburgh.
10:46 < solios> mdxi: this isn't even a "maybe" yet.
10:47 < solios> basically, IT is making a shitload of whining noise about an exhibits problem, saying they can solve it.
10:47 < solios> their "solution" consists of asking me - an exhibits employee - if I can solve the problem.
10:47 < mdxi> i would say "sure, i'll send a resume", but i've heard you talk about them too much. i don't want to work with those people.
10:47 < solios> so this'll boil down to "give me a nice fucking raise or contract mdxi. You pick."
10:47 < solios> I don't either.
10:48 <@bda> haha.

Church and State

09:44 <@iverson> friends away message:
09:44 <@iverson> Before another one of you assholes IMs me again with "We won, hahaha", just remember: Our party had the backing of the more educated states, and you guys had the backing of a bunch of bible thumping rednecks. If I wanted to live under the bible rather than the constitution, I'd live in the fucking vatican. Consider that.



Fear will keep them in line.

Your daily dose of WTF
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08:48 < solios> javaman: you recommended the US Airways site for cheaper airfare estimates, right?
08:48 <@javaman> yes.
08:48 <@javaman> if you are flying into/out of philly.
08:48 < solios> roundtrip boston PHIL is 78. Roundtrip pittsburgh PHIL is 264.




Okay, so. I haven't stopped FUCKING SNEEZING since I got back to Pittsburgh. Specifically, South Side. My house is one giant sneeze inducer and work is orders of magnitude worse.

In other news, viz got its first update in something like siz billion years, and holy shit does that section of the site need an extensive overhaul. Again. The current setup is not working. Pain in the butt to maintain, etc. Some of which is MT's fault.

So now I'm wearing a dust filter and Ron's commented that I've been Really Bitchy the past month or so- which is true, especially in the context of my interaction with him and other members of the department, specifically anyone attempting to handle me in a "managerial" role, seeing as how the failure rate in said respect is nothing short of interstellar.

Of course, the last month has also been the Apple Juice Experiment, which wasn't exactly a resounding success. I'm out of the Homicidal Rage phase and back to being merely disgruntled, which is a vastly happier state of affairs.

Right now, Pittsburgh is making me sneeze and morale in the building is so low that administration is staging an appreciation month, which further proves that The Powers That Be really have no understanding of how repeated firings, layoffs, forced retirements and budget cuts can affect ones willingness to strap on the shit-eating grin and dive into the cube farm five days a week.


Loot from Philly:

1. Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. Borders, with Bryan and Adam and Sophie. First night in Philly. Sweet.

2. One (1) Pumpcon t-shirt. Dark blue. Swapped for finishing work on the new PWF logo, which is worth more to Adam and the Factory than the $ equivalent. Dark blue isn't necessarily my thing, but until Friday, neither was Gin.

3. binary @ omnidance 2004 live mix CD, slipped to me by binary. Don't remember exactly when this was beyond the fact that the exchange was triggered by my Killing Joke shirt. We may have been drunk.

4. Fiji brand water bottle. Love those square bottles. Wawa. Bryan needed something to drink.

5. Ministry : Side Trax, released in the second week of October. Picked it up at Sound and Vision- Relapse was closed. Bryan picked up some Flogging Molly and some The Faint, so it was a quality haul for both of us. Side Trax collects all 1,000 Homo DJs, Acid Horse, Pailhead and PTP releases on one disc- including PTP's elusive Show Me Your Spine. This is so far beyond cool that it borders on transawesome.


After getting all pissed off at my house and realizing I was starving, I left (via the back door) and stomped to Tom's, which was promptly closed for carpet cleaning until 6am. Stomped to the Beehive (saw Scott on the other side of the street) and bumped into Brooke- found out SGG had been at Dracula's Ball on Sunday. The fact that Bryan didn't feel like Going Out and my reluctance to wander around Philly alone saved me considerable mental stress. This confuses me, but Bryan rules nonetheless. Brooke found a house and her birthday's on Wednesday, which seems to have made her even more indomitably cheerful than usual. Nothing like some ^_^ to defuse a roiling >_<. Impeccable timing.

Hit Crossroads for a Payday. Never could find one in Philly for some reason. Bumped into Luke- he mentioned the bit about the carpet cleaning.

Bumped into Ray and his girlfriend at the CoGos, which I hit to pick up pizza I still need to eat. They offered me a ride home- I politely declined, as it's all of two and a half Pittsburgh blocks. Which are about half the size of Philly blocks.

Pittsburgh sucks most of the time, but every so often it Doesn't.

Also, the upside to waiting 40 minutes (or what felt like it) for a bus in downtown was that the bus was a 51A, which dropped me on 22nd and saved me the annoyance of walking home from 18th. So that bit was nice.



I hate it here.

Roll off the train and promptly spend 40 minutes waiting on a bus.

No cabs. Civilian vehicles very nearly non-existant. Pedestrian traffic the ghetto scum types you'd sooner be scraping off of your boots. Ghost town.

Get home to find that the locks on the front door are jammed / stripped and are conveniently useless. Likely due to my roommate's baiting taste in politics.

A terse note has been left in a convenient location, demanding to know what the deal with the locks is, if known.

No signs anyone's been home since I left, and the first floor smells like rot.

Fuck, this city smells like rot.

Torrents are fired up. It'll be tomorrow before anything useful congeals, at which point I'll need it. Completed torrents are one thing to look forward to- brings the total to two.

Number one with a bullet is The Day I Leave This Shithole For Good.

I still have around 250 pages of Cryptonomicon to read.