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February 2005


Bloodsport (one down)
23:26 in site

LOC has moved. It's still here, but it isn't being updated and the root flips you to the new location. The same thing will be happening to mercury in the near future, etceteras.

Man, this site's a fucking mess. Going on three years of cruft shlupping beneath a horrid, badly implemented site design. Bleh.

Thanks to bda for keeping backups- I hosed the damned db mistaking ligur for gridlock, etc. Totally underscoring why everything needs to be separated in the process. Go me.

So. LOC has been snipped out (sorta), and migration/transition begins. I'm not ready at all, but I have a tendency to plan myself into paralysis. So, fuck it. We move.

Also, acting out any impulse on the command line is dumb dumb DUMB.



Note to self.

Awareness of the need to change does not necessarily impart the ability to do so. Re: motivation, cross reference habits, inertia. Also reference quitting smoking, cross-index against the perils of an existance without the "milestones" of the education industry, etc.



The choice of a new generation.

Finally got a chance to play with the iTunes Music Store with no risk- a couple of OMG FREE SONGS SIGN UP FOR THE SWEEPSTAKES OH GOD THE PEP etc.

Caps don't usually mean soda caps, in my experience.

So I hassled through, used my Apple ID (you can also use your AOL handle. Dear gods.), got through the FREE FREE FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 hassle, racked up a wee little mass of credit, the entire user experience is everything it's craked up to be, it's really nice I like it BUT...

... I couldn't find shit.

If you know me at all, you knew this would happen. I stopped listening to the radio when bullshit like Beck and The Black Crowes started edging out Van Halen for airtime. The post-Cobaine pop scene is a shriveled, syphillitic dick with delusions of Holmesian grandeur. It is diseased cock, and iTMS is loaded with it.

Lots of searching ensued.

I found two Godflesh albums, three Front 242 albums, ONE Front Line Assembly TRACK (the preview of which is probably as misleading as Metropolis putting the hardest loop from the hardest track of their pussiest album up as a preview), several variants on "DID YOU MEAN TOTICO?" in response to a search for Hocico, etceteras. One Killing Joke album, earmarked for Friday (payday)- I'm not going to be finding that in the wasteland of the Pittsburgh "music" scene.

Whitehouse. NO.
Watts. Everybody but Raymond.
Pig. Turns up a Ministry track.
Ministry. Have it all. Most of it legally, working towards all of it (got Twitch for cheap not too long ago).
SPK. No, I did not mean Sjk.
Melt Banana? FIVE ALBUMS. O_o
Merzbow : Two tracks. One collab, one remix.

And so on.

At least my argument of "I'm not bothering, they couldn't possibly have a fucking thing I want!" is invalidated.

Their genre selection most definitely sucks, and sucks HARD. Melt Banana is classed as Alternative, Godflesh is ROCK, and Electronic is overly broad. Putting Bass $whoever and DJ Fillintheblank in the same list as Front 242? Might as well put the cadillacs with the yugos- they're both CARS, AREN'T THEY?!



Fucking orgy for those of you who allow your tastes to be defined by coffee house fliers, Clear Channel Media, and Viacom. Enough breadcrumbs for the rest of us.

You'd think Metropolis would put their catalogue up, what with them being the "premiere" post Wax Trax industrial label, industrial music and iTunes both being synonymous with TEKNOWLEJEE, etc, but no.

Anyway, it's decent. Genreing is Radio-grade levels of overgeneralized inaccurate blandness (you could cut it down to one genre, MUSIC, and it would still be just as easy to browse), the interface is great if you know and they have exactly what you're looking for, the previewing thing rocks, and... really, they just need more music I want to spend money on. There's quite a few bands with albums I'm willing to buy without a prior listen, and I'm not down with lurking around the soul-sucking, skate-rock blaring pretention-aggregating suckathons that are Pittsburgh record stores waiting for something I might like to roll in.

Tempting, like euthanasia
21:27 in irk

I just got "offered" (that is, pointed in the direction of) a jerb that starts at more than double what I'm making after six years in the *.edu editing pit.

As always, there's a catch.

16:22 <eniac> yeah, its healthcare, you have to look shiny all the damn time
16:22 <eniac> and sit in meetings
16:22 <eniac> and deal with your 8 bosses
16:22 <eniac> its office space
16:22 <solios> yick.
16:22 <eniac> yeah
16:22 <eniac> but it pays
16:23 <solios> hm.
16:23 <solios> that's one heck of an ethical quandary. :|
16:23 <eniac> you deal
16:23 <eniac> honestly
16:23 <eniac> it does suck
16:23 <eniac> now I got a gig at Drexel, I never want to see a tie again
16:23 <solios> heh.
16:23 <solios> why don't you and bryan get me a gig at Drexel? :D
16:24 <eniac> do you know java?

When the guy who had the job tells you it sucks...



Electric Head pt. 1 (The Agony)

Skimming the "front page" (such as it is), I noted that I'd stated previously that mercury will be decomissioned "shortly."

Keep in mind, I work for a museum. We percieve time geologically and act accordingly.

ATC will be revamped and mercury will be Dealt With and hopefully this'll all be done before summer hits.

In other news.

HST died, see below and anywhere else that has an interest in the Real Culture. The kind the Ubiquitous Eye doesn't inject into your synapses.

I finally broke down and configured irssi to autoconnect to the three networks and five channels I'm in on startup. I'm on efnet for Factory and dalnet for a webcomic I'm not involved in. From what I've seen, webcomicdom in general is starting to notice IRC, which puts them something like... what, fifteen years behind the times, at least?


Probably. Give it a few years, they'll be all about the Video Toaster and the VAX.

Kids these days.


I helped friends move, which was fun to a point, despite profuse amounts of sweating (dressed too warmly for the weather, as usual). My hypothetical ride got sucked lock stock and yuengling into a No Doubt DVD, so rather than sit through the root canal that is Gwen Stephanie, I walked home. Thirty minutes down the hill, five of it through transwarp ghetto and ten of it through one of those connecting roads that's inside city limits but is really a warp in the spacetime continuum that transposes you to Wyoming. There's a few of these around- nothing like catching a deer out your right eye and the USX out your left.

Drank a beer after the moving thing happened but before the MTV brainwashathon started. Haven't had a beer since 2000. It tasted pretty fucking decent, but it's not even tomorrow and the muscles of my back and arms have already acquired that tight, strung-out, cramp-that-won't-stretch-out rinsed-in-puke feeling I know and loath. It's been slowly creeping into my eyeballs over the past hour or so and I'm putting off going to bed on the off chance that continued attempts at hyrdation will do the trick.

Already used to the walls being pr0nfree. Brain's already working overtime to compensate, filling my dreams with weirdness. Fired off a lengthy rambling email to Bryan regarding post-mercury web presence, etc. Dunno what I'm going to do just yet- I really need to just sit down and map shit out, etc.- ATC upgrades and alterations, moving around what's been dumped into mercury over the years, etc, etc, etc.

Drop the focus and the imagination is off to the Beksinski-esque pre-dawn riverside city of railroad ties and rotting superhighways, support beams lined with doors, screaming Lud.

Kill the guards and walk.
00:49 in irk

21:48 <@bda> HST is dead.
21:48 <@bda> Fuck the world.
21:48 <@bda> HST is dead.
21:48 <@bda> Hack the planet.
21:49 < solios> ...
21:49 <@bda> Long live HST.
21:49 <@bda> &
21:49 < solios> <3

He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.
00:47 in news




Sky high with a heartache of stone

Breakups suck.

Worst through AIM, and this isn't the first one.

Worse when it's your own goddamned fault, you know it's your own goddamned fault, you know stopping it's best for her, and you can't bring yourself to do what's best. Because you Need, just like everybody else. Because you can't articulate or reciprocate that need worth shit, and you have no idea how to articulate just how much your inability to do so sucks.




Ass, off-getting (ctd)

Depr0ned the bedroom. Walls are startlingly empty.

Went through a good chunk of backup media- not all of it. Focused on the really annoying shit, the backups of backed-up backups. p2p loot I've never used, p2p looted games I've never played, etc. Too many CD-Rs. Way too many- hundreds. Never had a clear inventory as to what existed on disc and off, so I wound up tossing several copies of copies of copies. Mindless sorting- just the thing to work through a light hangover.

One of these days I'll reboil it all down to DVDs and keep a local copy on disk so I don't have to go rooting through piles and piles and piles of backups to find a three year old .psd.

With all the spindling of like-minded media I may eventually need (or wish to blowtorch, as opposed to discard), and all of the pitching of old software, etc., I have a double-stack of jewel cases about a foot high and two 100-disk spindle sheaths, one full, the other 3/4 full. And I still need to figure out a solid solution for video, and... uh... reburn the damned mp3s.

Or not - currently they're spanned between two machines, and that's enough of a backup for the time being.

Clearing out the 7300 was just the start- the amount of CRAP I still have to sort through, categorize, file and/or discard is still pretty considerable.

Spring cleaning starts early.

04:53 in irk

16:17 <bda> Whatever happened to Trencher*?
16:17 <solios> easier to "open in tabs" than to edit the bookmarks?
16:17 <bda> Did that go anywhere?
16:17 <solios> got me.
16:18 <solios> Trencher was fucking awesome.
16:18 <bda> I don't even remember what it was about.
16:18 <bda> But the art kicked.
16:18 <solios> I want to find a copy of "wrecking balls"
16:18 <bda> ?
16:18 <solios> my friend Hatkowski told me about it.**
16:18 <solios> Same artist.
16:18 <bda> huh.
16:18 <solios> it's about a superhero.
16:18 <solios> with giant testicles.
16:18 <solios> he uses them like a bolo.
16:18 <solios> and like a helicopter, so he can fly.
16:19 <solios> apparently the only thing he ever says is "OW! OUCH! GODDAMN!"
16:20 * bda stares.
16:21 <solios> is it not the awesomest concept EVER?
16:21 <bda> It sounds like it'd be pretty entertaining.
16:21 <bda> Sort of a pervert's Inspector Gadget.

* Sick, sick fact: Trencher may well be ATC's biggest single plot influence.

** This was back in the summer of 1997, I think. When he lived with the Mike that later got weird. There's a better than even possibility I'm pulling this out of my ass. Ryan- if you're out there, feel free to correct me. Cursory googling points to Wrecking Balls being a character Keith Giffen (Trencher writer/penciller, etc) used in a Valiant title. But that is, as they say, all she wrote.

Getting off of my ass (somewhat)

Finished distortion -8-, went the Upstage, marveled at the suck and did some journalling. Walked home. Preheated the oven, noticed Nitzer Ebb blasting from the bar behind my house. This struck me as odd- it's always poppy eighties CRAP on Fridays... usually I hear The Cure every time I come home- Ray Parker if I'm lucky.

Nitzer Ebb ended while I was taking a shit and was replaced by, of all things, The Cure. Sororisluts fucking LOVE Robert Smith. Stick my head in at the bar and bump into Theresa- talk to her for a couple of minutes while I sober up and the oven preheats and left the bar with my clothing reeking of what I can only describe as mentholated vomit. Even when I smoked, I couldn't stand menthol.

Depr0ned the first and second floors. Still need to do my room.

FINALLY (after MONTHS of thinking "Hey, I'm not using it, why don't I...") pulled the 6g out of the ravaged begie g3 and swapped it with the 60g in my iMac. It did not go quietly. Turns out the drive - a six gig Western Digital that's older than god- is one of those "ATA compatible" models, from that era where standards were optional. Some googling got me working specs and a cute CNN article from 1998, which begins with this little nugget of whatthefuck:

Hard drives are getting so big they're almost scary. Who really needs 8 gigabytes of storage, much less one of those gargantuan 14GB drives that are shipping with Pentium II 350- and 400-MHz PCs these days? If you don't use your PC for more than a few basic applications, anything beyond 2GB is overkill.

Yeah. My home directory is eating 96 gigs, and I don't even keep the mp3s and video there. Go technology.

Anyway, it turned out the iMac was sad because the drive had somehow made it through the past eight years with the jumper set for Factory Default. On modern drives, this is Master or Cable Select (typically with no jumper being Slave, so I always make the Slave a Cable Select instead so I don't lose the thing). In this case, Factory Default wasn't Cable Select. It wasn't Master. It wasn't Slave. It was, in fact, Factory Default.

Yeah. And here I thought SCSI was voodoo.

Set it for master and everything works. Put the space egg back together, all the while cursing Apple for making such an obviously disposable machine even accessable at all. Dropped Minerva and popped in the 512 stick Bodine had given me, and the 60g drive from the iMac.... running the machine completely out of molex. The sixties will have to be swapped for a 120 in order to free up enough plugs for the Radeon 9800 I plan on buying sometime in the nearish future, but in the meantime the machine has more disk than it needs, and it's cruising along with a gig of ram. Woot.

So, 2,432 gigs of ram, 652 factory gigs of disk, and a WHOPPING 1.999ghz spread across the three running machines (2x450, 733, oc'ed 366). Of course, the fastest machine has the middle video card and the lowest drive capacity.

... and I still need a scanner, so I can actually use the gear for something other than the internets, video playback, audio playback and CivIII. :P



11:06 < ejp> there's something about getting the key to apple's seed that's just...gay.
14:09 in irk

11:06 <@bda> Yeah.
11:06 <@bda> I felt real gay pulling that shit at 3MB/s.
11:07 <@rjbs> <bda> I could barely swallow that fast.
11:07 < ejp> that's just because you're in INTARWEBS2
11:07 < solios> yeah, but it's the warm, life-validating kind of gay.
11:07 < solios> as opposed to the wet sticky FUCK WHERE IS THE MOUTHWASH kind.
11:07 < ejp> o_o
11:07 <@bda> Andrew is burning me a DVD now.
11:07 <@john> what are we talking about here?
11:08 <@bda> You taking it in the ass.
11:08 <@john> Keys?!
11:08 < solios> I'll be burninating a DVD in about three minutes.
11:08 <@john> Seeds!?
11:08 <@john> Ass?
11:08 < fagbot> Ass is probably that thing you can't find with both hands and a FUCKING MAP HOLY SHIT.
11:08 <@bda> john: Apple.
11:08 < solios> ADC.
11:08 < ejp> bda and I talking about tiger. solios is talking about blowjobs.

Non-alphanumeric characters may be combined to form letters.
14:00 in irk

10:55 <@bda> [ microsoft.com : parental guide to 1337sp34|< ]
10:56 <@rjbs> ...
10:56 -!- bda was kicked from #tildedot by rjbs [rjbs]
10:56 -!- bda [bda@cloak-114FEF1E.mirrorshades.net] has joined #tildedot
10:56 -!- mode/#tildedot [+oa bda bda] by ChanServ
10:56 < solios> rjbs++
10:56 <@bda> >:|
10:56 <@rjbs> my BRANE
10:57 < ejp> that's, uh, wow.
10:57 <@rjbs> "ph": often replaces "f," as in "phear" for "fear" (as in "ph34r my l33t skillz") and vice versa, such as spelling "phonetic" as "f0|\|371(."
10:57 < solios> ph@g+@5+1|<.
10:57 < ejp> I bet that's valid perl
10:58 <@rjbs> nope
10:58 < solios> shit.
10:58 <@rjbs> not enough args to . operator, at the least

What goes around, comes around.

At some point during the inking of the current ATC page, Bryan started jonesing for a current Tiger build. He does this a lot. Apparently they've gotten scarce since Apple sued a few people for torrenting builds. Which is, if you're a developer, a violation of the EULA.

Back in 2000, I was an ADC member courtesy of Sean. He's probably let his membership lapse- that account got killed by the fuckery of Apple's "secure" password system a few months later, but it was enough to get a couple of dev builds of 10.0 Server and a 10.0 Gold Master. I mentioned the benefits of ADC membership to ~..

Apparently my timing was spot on. I owe rjbs a c-bill and am once again a Developer, alongside Eric, Bryan, and John.




15:34 < pthread> I love the state of america's youth
19:52 in irk

15:34 < pthread> (18:33:51) Megaslut: well its the best game ever and what it is is you have a aquarium and you feed these guppies and they poop coins ... the bigger they get the better copins they poop (sliver and gold) so you have to feed then and collect the coins in order to buy this egg (you can only buy it a 3rd at a time) so when you get the whole eggg you beat the level and a helper hatches from the egg
15:34 < pthread> (18:34:10) Cisco9955: that is the most disgusting shitI have ever heard
15:34 < pthread> (18:34:15) Megaslut: like it could be a jelly fish to help collect the money or a seahorse who helps feed
15:34 < pthread> (18:34:30) Megaslut: but you have to protect your fish from aliens that come and try and eat your fish
15:34 < pthread> (18:34:36) Megaslut: so you get helpers for that too

22:56 < vai> whee.
02:22 in irk

22:56 < vai> (sleep deprivation)++
22:57 <@ejp> lies
22:57 < vai> well - true.
22:57 < vai> it just sucks well.
22:58 < vai> like apathy. It's terrible. I just don't care.



A Small Deadly Space

I remember being goal-oriented, as opposed to avoidant. Exploratory as opposed to routine-driven. I remember having more things I wanted to work towards and fewer things I wanted to leave behind. I remember when reserved enthusiasm was the mindset and potential was everywhere, like oxygen. I remember being passionate about... well, about anything.

Then I started smoking, Got A Real Job, the biochemistry gave out, routine locked itself down in an ironclad fist, it was proven time and again that proving an idea is rarely worth the spiritual agony, and I find myself burning off a few hundred gigs of data to DVD-R on three hours of sleep on a Saturday, because hey! I get to work on Saturday!. I've stopped smoking, but it hasn't brought back the love.

Far from it.

I originally thought weekends would be a good idea, but both of the times I've been up to bat, I've been completely braindead. Nothing like pumping yourself full of sugar and caffeine and water and food and waiting for the cocaine/nicotine Wakefulness that never comes. Sluggish freeze-frame dropout torpor is good for a certain variety of introspection... but I'm not, I've noticed, the kind of guy that's good at finding answers to the questions. Routing around terminal blindness takes months or years and by then you're rolling against Habit at a -5, looking for reasons to give a shit and coming up dry.


Somewhen, IGNORE EVERYTHING got to the top of the list. Theory being focus, application being the head distracts itself regardless. Give it nothing to work against and it starts digesting itself.

Somewhen, TOTAL ISOLATION IS HEALTHY AND DESIREABLE got into my head, became reflex. Despite boatloads of evidence to the contrary.

Somewhen, this would have been the kind of indigoth livejournal-grade motivational spanking that my eyes have blinded themselves to, defensively.

Funny thing about jealousy is you're hating other people for making more of their potential than you are of yours.

The Human Race is not the enemy.

Blood sugar, brainwaves and biorythms are the enemy.

Inward isn't the way Out.

And while we're at it, theory isn't application. :P

All we're waiting for is something worth waiting for.

Yes, Pittsburgh is full of things to do. In theory.

If you're sick of the shit booze, asshole security, and tepid patrons of the Upstage (the only bar in the burgh what plays goth-industrial), and maybe, gods forbid, want to see an industrial show that ain't local* or no-name, well...

Laga and The Club Formerly Known As Metropol (M, The World, etc, etc.) both closed in 2004. Ministry played at Mr. Smalls last year, but a venue without a bar is a lot like sex without genitals- frustrating.

Strapping Young Lad will be here in April. At The Rex. If The Rex has a website, they've made it hard to find. The Red Elvises play at the end of April. Everything else excavated during my brief archeological dig smells like what Mr. Anderson might call "That damned hippy crap."

If you're part of the Clear Channel Homogeny, there's plenty going on in this town.

If you're part of the Clear Channel Homogeny, you're probably wondering why so many people have left this town, are leaving this town, or really fucking want to leave this town.

Culture has a lot to do with it.

If Hippy-With-Guitar isn't your idea of a good time, if you're not into The Motherfucking Steelers, if you're not into the Pirates, if you're not into Hockey, you've no reason to stay in Pittsburgh after you're done with skool. There's very little here- and what the city does have to offer is being rapidly crushed out of existence by a cash-starved, pathologically deranged** city government and greedy universities that treat the entirety of Oakland like it's some kind of Educational Militarized Zone***.

I could keep going, but I do believe that's enough for three hours of sleep.

I'm interested in finding the kind of city that people move to and tell their friends about. I'm living in the kind of city that people move out of and warn their friends about and it's wearing thin.

* it would be a serious inaccuracy to consider the pghgoth band list "up to date." Parvulus Infectus broke up in 2001. Andraculoid split from Parvulus in 2000 and moved to Philly. Hedra was dismantled somewhere between 2k1 and 2k2. I've never seen a Dark Martyr flier. Probably because there aren't any venues in Pittsburgh.

** The mayor swapped iron-clad firefighter job security for reelection last term. The end result is that the fire departments can't be optimized- a wet dream for union stewards everywhere. Murphy's been forcing his view of what Pittsburgh Should Be down the city's throat for years... people keep voting him in and the deficit keeps getting deeper.

*** Nevermind the fact that it is. There used to be nightclubs in Oakland. Now South Side beer troughs outnumber Oakland bars something like 73:1 and the entire fucking student body of Pitt and CMU come to the South Side to party, and scream and yell and piss and puke in my alley before they go home. Thursday through Saturday, 1800-0300, you'll pay for the whole seat but you'll only need.... the edge. They like it so much that Birmingham is now awash in college students and rents are skyrocketing into the Oakland range.



23:28 in irk

20:22 < solios> I'm getting email about pr0n holocaust now.
20:22 <@ejp> haha
20:22 <@ejp> I TOLD YOU
20:22 * solios shakes his head.
20:22 <@ejp> you took the candy from the perverted baby
20:22 <@ejp> now it's crying




Drinks with Justin Kownacki and Theresa at Dee's, followed by a coffee at Tom's Diner with Justin. Haven't hung out with him at length since 1999.... and all of the loveable bits of Mayor McCheese are still there. Awesome.

Get home and my roommate hands me a CDR loaded with a 108 page web-rez comic- excellent timing, as I now have material to go exploring with- keenspace or graphicsmash or whatever. Something, somewhere. Yeehaw.

Week of social DOOM continues.



Revenue Stream
18:46 in irk

15:34 < solios> I wipe the wangbabies off of DA and now the only non-spam email I'm getting is HOW DO I GET TO GRAVICON PLZ? :|.
15:35 <@ejp> haha
15:35 <@ejp> I tell you, start charging
15:36 < solios> it's great. Bryan and Engler and xeno shit on me for drawing the stuff relentlessly. Yet the minute I take it down for professional reasons, I open some funky floodgate of OMFG I LOVE YOUR STUFF WHY DID YOU KILL IT?! :(
15:36 < solios> funny how I never got mail like that when the DA account was loaded. >:|
15:36 <@ejp> of course not.
15:36 <@ejp> because they could get to it
15:36 < solios> Sorta.
15:37 < solios> like 1/1000th of it.
15:37 * ejp fails to see why any of this surprises you
15:37 <@ejp> yes, but *they* don't know it was just a fraction
15:37 < solios> yes.
15:37 < solios> I'm wondering what I'm going to do about this in the interim.
15:37 <@ejp> you need to rebuild gravicon to be a "OMG LOOK AT TEH PORN" instead of a "THIS IS MY TORTURED SOUL BARED FOR ALL TOO SEE!"
15:38 <@ejp> then charge.
15:38 < solios> O_o
15:41 < solios> all I need, really, is either a hyperintelligent gallery script or something non-MT that'll import an MT db.
15:41 < solios> problem solved, etc.
15:41 < solios> well, then hosting.
15:42 < solios> but really. The world doesn't want ATC. The world wants freakporn.
15:42 <@ejp> yes
15:42 < solios> And wanting the world to forget about freakporn is a pretty tedius undertaking.
15:42 < solios> I'd be doing a freakporn comic but I've never been able to come up with a story that is actually to my liking.
15:43 < solios> ATC, on the other hand, just comes. Like temperature inversions in Pittsburgh.
15:45 < solios> ah well. If people want access, odds are some people would be willing to pay, etc.
15:46 * solios sets this aside as something to Think About Later.

Vacation Time
14:17 in irk

11:13 < solios> fagbot: doot for getting the holidays sniped out from under me, again.
11:13 < solios> (fourth of july this time, and christmas as usual)
11:13 < solios> fifth year in a row. :D
11:13 < solios> fuckers.

Job Security : If I leave, they'll have to work weekends and holidays and leave just after five, as opposed to around 3:50pm. Which is effort, etc. and they don't want that. One of the perks of "seniority" is delegation, etc. Since I'll be at the bottom of the totem pole until I leave, I'm first in line to get shit on. It rocks.

Techno Holocaust (in progress)

One machine I still need to assign to a new owner of my own choosing.


Over the last few years, I've given away a 7300, an 8500, a 7600, a 9500/120, a 9500/200, a g3/266, a powerbook 170, a powerbook 520, an NCR laptop, a Quadra 650, a 7200, a 7100/80, a 7100 (maxed out), an 8100, a 6400, a 4400, two Centris 650s, a centris 610, a quadra 610, a "fat mac", a couple of 128ks, a //ci (kept the monitor), a scanner, two wacom tablets, a USB cd burner, some RAM, power cables, ethernet cables, and all kinds of other little odds and ends.

I've never been compensated. I don't expect compensation from the kind of people who consider a 7300 with 168 megs of ram and a frayed and battered ADB wacom tablet to be a Graphics Processing Godsend. Neither can the kind of people who are connecting using a swiped uni dialup at 14400. They get photoshop and internet, I get floor space.

In one case, they got photoshop, and a migraine when I not only resisted their attempt to suck me into a lifetime of Big {Catholic|Jewish} Guilt styled "tech support". Learning is so hard.... and trying to move me around like a chess piece is quite a bit harder- I'm one of those "ask him nicely and give him something in return for his time" kind of guys. It works. Nag and whine at me like a three year old and it's more convenient to lose your phone number than it is to give you the satisfaction. I'm the only nagger in my monkeysphere, and I don't like competition. I'm ranting.

There's one useable piece of gear left, which will be replacing a dead field machine. Reassign a monitor at some point, THROW OUT THE BASEMENT (excepting the prototypes), and I'm finally free and clear. The rest of it I either need Just In Case (the 9600 for its serial ports and SCSI), because I can't bear to part with it (SGI, wgs95*), or because i've pressed it into use as furniture.

Over the next few months, I intend to strip my gear down to only the hardware that I use - two G4s, a beige g3 (linux), and my powerbook. And the 9600 for occasional shits and giggles.

The rest of it can go. To the dumpster if an owner doesn't manifest in a timely and convenient fashion.

* Working A/UX install. I'm so fucking cool it hurts.



18:57 in irk

15:48 < solios> er.
15:48 < solios> Fidner won't eject a mount.
15:48 <@ejp> FIDNER!
15:48 < solios> might as well be.
15:48 < solios> says something's using it.
15:49 < solios> NOW RUNNING :
15:49 < solios> terminal, firefox, safari, netnewswire.
15:49 < solios> and iTunes.
15:49 <@ejp> FIDNER is caching something on it
15:49 < solios> most likely.
15:49 < solios> no finder windows open, though.
15:50 <@ejp> your point? :P
15:50 < solios> BAHAHAHAHAHA
15:50 < solios> I fixed it.
15:50 < solios> WITH A BRICK.
15:50 < solios> solios@mnh-exh-lns01:~$ ps aux | grep afp
15:50 < solios> root 558 0.0 0.2 3888 1276 ? S Jan05 0:00 afpd
15:50 < solios> solios 8151 4.7 0.4 4720 2476 ? S 13:39 15:06 afpd
15:50 < solios> solios@mnh-exh-lns01:~$ sudo kill 8151
15:50 < solios> < idoru> OH NOEZ TEH FS DIED! D:
15:51 < solios> (mount disappears)
15:51 <@ejp> subtle.
15:51 < solios> LIKE A MOOSE.
15:51 * solios kicks OS X in the balls.
15:51 * solios punts netatalk for good measure.




Just got off the phone with Randy (Chambers), who's relocated from the barren, sucking desert of South Side to the pre-fab Yuppie enclave of Shadyside. Among other things, he wanted to know if I was interested in doing something with him on the local Public Access channel (odd timing, given my recent encounter with Justin). He also pointed me at Jalbum, which might solve the viz problem.

Decisions, decisions...
16:40 in site

mercury will be decomissioned shortly.

1. Front page (what the novablade cats call the "jumpgate") : Never was horribly useful. Will probably get parted into the pending blog replacement.

2. LOC : Post Traumatic Ass Disorder will move to a dcr subdomain. Most likely on the home box, since it doesn't get enough traffic to really impact the line. I know what I did wrong the last time I tried to move it, and I'll do it right this time.

3. mercury (BLAWG) : once the other bits are scrubbed out, mercury may be rebuilt for "posterity" and then left alone, or deleted completely. Not sure yet. Merc's more of an outlet for me than anything else- a sort of online bitchbox. No Audience Intended, etc. And it's really bitchy... a whole shitload of tonal ickiness that doesn't work with where I want things to go.

4. viz : I still have some thinking to do about this.
  A. The web interfaces can GO. I'm about as into doing web design as I am into getting assraped by elephants.
  B. The ATC aesthetics test should either be wiped or moved to the ATC site.
  C. carbon_ and viz.... I dunno. That's the big thing that I need to figure out, and soon.

Spin Control
16:23 in irk

13:08 <@ejp> solios: see, you're finding out why I don't blog.
13:08 <@ejp> if you google me you'll only find tech stuff. no IRC, no blog, nothing.
13:15 <@solios> yes.
13:15 <@solios> [the Matrox SOLIOS video board]
13:15 <@solios> o_o
13:15 <@ejp> yes
13:16 <@ejp> also, don't do Real Work as solios.
13:18 <@solios> ?
13:19 <@ejp> monikers/nicknames/handles tend to scream HACKER to non-tech folks.
13:19 <@solios> oh, that.
13:19 <@solios> yeah, I'm changing handles when I eject from mercury.
13:20 <@ejp> ...
13:20 <@solios> which means the footer and a few other things on ATC will get scrubbed too.
13:20 <@solios> I've been thinking about it for awhile.
13:20 <@_Lasar> -!- solios is now known as b00bster
13:20 <@ejp> _Lasar: this is my fear.
13:20 <@solios> and have had a good replacement pseudonym on deck for awhile.


The 9500 I gave my friend Randy awhile back puked recently. Won't power on. Typically this means the power supply fucked itself over... and who wants to waste time hunting down a component that fits ten year old hardware?

Not I. Not anymore.

I yanked his hard drive (9g IBM SCSI), RAM (128 across 5 chips), and two of the three PCI cards (8 meg Rage, 2-port USB. Left the Twin Turbo video card.), shattered the 600i CD drive pulling out the Tangerine Dream that was lodged in it, threw all of the parts back into the case and loosly slammed the thing back together, telling him to Bulk Night the carcass. Made my way home by around eight PM Sunday night.

Spent several hours resurrecting my 7300 and hunting down SCSI termination problems. I fucking hate SCSI termination problems- especially MacOS's way of telling you that you have them, which consists of either not booting at all, booting but ignoring the PCI bus, booting but ignoring MOST of the PCI bus, partially booting and collapsing under a "bus error", or working just fine for an hour or two before succumbing to a hard freeze.

Got all of that shit sorted out. Made sure the USB card worked. Installed the drivers for the G3/300 upgrade board in the 7300. Dicked with the RAM until the machine had 168 and I had a small pile of dead or flaky chips, subsequently binned. Threw out two 2g Seagate Hawks, a 2g Quantum and a 4g Viking drive, rather than spend the time to track down jumper and termination problems on hard drives that won't hold a modern OS and applications.

Drop in a 10/100 board long enough to back up the hard drive in its entirety- something like six and a half gigs of data, give or take.

Driver install for Scanjet 3c, which Bodine gave me before he departed for the left coast. .hqx decompresses to folder named Disk 1. Installer freaks about being run from a folder. Drop it onto a disk image. Says the disk image is the incorrect floppy. Drop it onto floppy. Says the floppy is the incorrect floppy. Check the install contents folder and notice it's loaded with .sit files. Decompress and throw the appropriate files into System Folder:Prefrences:TWAIN and the fucking thing works on the first try. Don't know where the "help" files are supposed to go in the System Folder, don't care. Slap a monitor adapter on the motherboard video and call it done.

Lock the scanner lamp into the bed and stack it on top of the 7300 in the usual place of the laundry bag for transport out Tuesday, somehow. Spend a few minutes looking over the 9600 the 7300 had sat on during assembly and testing, thinking about what to do with the machine. Check over a couple of boards from the 7300 and from around my room, find out that two SCSI boards and an IDE controller are slag. Look around at the pile of drive sleds, screws, low capacity attention-seeking hard drives, cables, etc. Bin the boards, bin a few more drives. Keep the screws.

Wonder when and how I ever thought any of this was useful. Slow application of technolust alongside a pack and a half a day with one or three vodka and {tonic|cranberry} nightcaps, and call it the 21rst century.

There's a few bits I can actually give away. Minus some parts, the rest of it is going to be binned.

C.S. (Conservative Shithead) Part 2

(Napalm Death)++

I suck on my teeth and find myself wondering when the next opt-in for dental is as I spit blood into the garbage can.

Porno Holocaust is one phase of a larger operation. Seeing as how a huge amount of my time goes into one specific online project, it stands to reason that I'd likely benefit from a certain amount of image control. If this were politics, this is the point at which the campaign contributors with mafia connections would be asked to take preemptive action against certain potential inconveniences.

I asked Bryan last week about loading up another website for me on the servinator. In this case, a dcr subdomain. Which means mercury's days are numbered- at least in the active sense and possibly even in the available sense. It may well end up depricated- filed away like Bryan's earlier blogs on walled city.

Control Freak

(mirrored from the gravicon devblog, which is .htaccess'ed)

Wiped most* of my pr0n out of DA for professional reasons. Left a few pieces around as a science experiment. Still need to lock down fiction and inversion here- so don't be surprised if you suddenly can't access those.

And if you suddenly can't access those, don't ask for the password. The idea here is presentation control, and getting the more embarassing bits of the more embarassing thing locked away.

It's a bit hard on the ego, but this is image control. A professional decision. I might eventually make the Gravicon or some element of it a pay thing, but in the meantime.... radio silence.

* Four left, as of this post.


Spent some time on IRC discussing the pile of crap hardware I own and how I'd like to get rid of it. Walk out to get juice from the minimart and there's a garbage truck lumbering around on dumpster rounds to underscore the point.

At Some Point I'm going to move, and when I do, I'll be damned if I'm taking most of my legacy hardware with me. So over the next few months I'll be throwing it out a piece at a time- whatever I can't find an owner for. It's hard to even think about letting go of this stuff until I consider what it is I actually do with my gear, and the fact that out of the ~20-some machines I own, only three are capable of doing any of it.

Less crap would be handy- on the web as well as in the "closet".



Epson printers can suck a fart out of my ass.

Prosumer printers suck. Even the good ones, amongst which I'd definitely include the Epson 1270 and 1280. Not their drivers- these printers MAGICALLY LOST the ability to CENTER a print on a page when they transitioned from OS 9 to OS X, but the image quality itself is damned nice when the printer is behaving.

When it isn't, you get stupid shit like this:


Yes, there's scanthrough. That's assgasmic HP laser paper run through Epson print cleaning four times- top and bottom for each side.

And that's a good sample- usually it's black that stays clogged and spreads its shittiness all over the test prints. Has something to do with how the heads are cleaned- a sponge assembly. Think about this for a minute- a sponge. In a really hard-to-get-to place. And it's a wee sponge, mind you. The above sample is typical in that there's one spot that Will Not Clean No Matter What. I'm certain it would have been there if I'd bothered with a 5th, 6th, or 7th pass... but I didn't. I've been there before and what happens is the mess the thing cleaned up (the black problem) usually creeps back in with a vengeance. Because that sponge is soaked and ain't doing shit for cleaning.

These things retail for 315$ (Amazon price), they DRINK ink (20.99$ for black, 22.99 for color and you need a matched set to print anything, even a resume.... so figure 43.98 for ink that lasts a week if you do heavy printing, a month if you're moderate but steady), and under normal operating conditions they last roughly a year. If that. Cleaning problems crop up about six to eight months into their lifespans (in my experience) and get progressively worse throughout.

When I get a home printer, I'll be getting one of these on the grounds that consumer inkjets suck month-dead buffalo cock- while this thing, at its worst, is sucking cock that's still on the autopsy slab. Which is almost - dare I say it- fresh.

I find it depressing that it's 2005 and non-shitty, quality hardware is still up around the same price point as student loans and organ transplants... and even though it's high quality gear, you're lucky to have the thing paid off before it dies or fucks itself into expensive repairs, re: iBooks.

Me, I'm waiting for what is obviously disposable hardware to creep a little bit closer to disposable price points.

Alternatively, gimme one hell of a pay raise and I'll move on to the next neurosis on my checklist.

12:01 in irk

08:46 < mdxi> i'm not too fond of milk chocolate
08:47 <@rjbs> neither am I, in general
08:52 * solios can't deal with the stuff.
08:52 < solios> it overclocks me.
08:53 < mdxi> then you'd be OCDan
08:55 < solios> for about ten minutes. Then I'd be a blipverted puddle of goop with teh black shakes.
08:56 <@ejp> what if you keep eating it?
08:57 <@ejp> and then we could hook cables to your nipples and use you to power a whole city!
08:58 < solios> for about an hour.
08:58 < solios> it's like this: o_o -> O_O -> @_@ -> @.<!!!!!!!! -> -.-
08:59 < drusilla> cool.
08:59 < drusilla> doi it again.
08:59 < solios> o_o
08:59 * drusilla feeds solios milk chocolate
09:00 * solios asplode
09:00 <@ejp> drusilla: you're cleaning that up.

< mdxi> i think i just came up with the best analogy ever
01:17 in irk

< mdxi> 00:59 <@mdxi> 2600 is like the SCA in reverse



Bombing Run

Bodine's gone and there's been two runs on the supply cabinet today- one looking for tapes (honest enough), the other looking for hard drives. He's still standing there, slackjawed. Funny how people act when their technological answerman is gone and they suddenly have to think for themselves.

Reminds me of most of the Users I know- the people who expect you to throw in the effort to actually solve their problems for them.

'Cuz, yanno, learning is hard.