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March 2005


PORT FORWARDING (for my convenience)

Port forwarding file (edit as rewt):

13:59 <@ejp> /etc/network/if-up.d/start-nat

Apply the shit:

14:29 <@ejp> iptables -t nat -F PREROUTING


14:46 <@ejp> solios: that's not correct. to actually *apply* the changes to start-nat you rerun it. if you add things
14:46 <@solios> k.


Okay, so. Roughly this time last year (give or take a few days on either side):

1. I was still using the same desktop wallpaper. The MacOS creation date for the file is 18 September 2003, so it's been well over a year. Haven't done anything that knocks it out of the awesome slot, though I probably could if I put my mind to it.

2. I was whining quite a bit about focus. 360+ days later I've got so much focus that I've lot sight of how to unfocus. I'm either Producing The Comic, sleeping, working, or drinking myself into a coma. I'm fucking FOCUSED, yo. At the expense of a social life, but I don't really miss it. :P

3. I've been using the same home desktop for just about a year with nary a complaint, though its faster sucessor is the other position on the two-port KVM it's plugged into. I've upgraded keyboard and mouse to non-shitty (re: non-Apple) kit, gigged the RAM, and dropped it from three heads to two, but other than that, my dual g4 450 is still surprisingly useful for everything but production applications. Handles terminal, iTunes, video apps and browsers just fine, and it's good for RTCW and Quake if I'm patient.

4. 20040327, I wrapped animal, one of the scenes that'll be retitled during The Edit. This finished Chapter Two and put The Dualist at 76 pages. I've done 80 pages since then, or one page every 4.5 days.

I was just about to gripe that updating twice a week would have given me an additional 24, but hey- 80 in ~9 months is nothing to sneeze at- and it's more than I accomplished with the first two chapters.

Page count won't be an accurate measure of brute force achievement after Zero is finished... I plan to spend the spring and a chunk of the summer ironing some of the bigger problems out of Chapter Two, as well as tuning up everything else.

If I need to address anything, it's that my current creative MO doesn't allow for doing writing or layouts outside of a bar - the effort and twitching involved in working out the control layouts at work was intense. We're talking some sort of fucked up Pavlovian OCD here.




In the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 29, Discovery rolled over from the Orbiter Processing Facility to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. There it will be attached to its redesigned External Tank and twin Solid Rocket Boosters.

On Monday, April 4, Discovery begins its eight hour journey to launch pad 39B. Discovery's mission, STS-114, is targeted for launch in May.

From the NASA release.


Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory (First Impression)
19:33 in irk

16:15 < solios> WET regulars are ASSHOLES.
16:15 <@ejp> s/WET/FPS?
16:16 < solios> yep.
16:16 < solios> I'm assuming it's all gamers, really.
16:16 < solios> their social skills SUCK ASS. >_<
16:16 <@ejp> pretty much
16:16 <@ejp> also their typing.
16:16 < solios> worse than mine.
16:17 < solios> fagbot: doot for 1337sp34k, the webernet ebonics (language of IGNERT FUCKTARDS)
16:21 < solios> the game would be great of it weren't for the players. :|
16:23 <@ejp> this is how I feel about all mutiplayer stuff.

Well, I remember why I got out of gaming after I got to artskool- gamers are by-and-large even more socially retarded and reality-impaired than their tabletop bretheren... putting the FPS fuckwits somewhere in between people who've read Dragonlance too many times and LARPers. About a nine on the suckometer.

This would be why I have 47200+ frags in Quake III*- I don't spend five minutes downloading a map so I can spend 20 seconds waiting to spawn for every five seconds I'm alive, and the bots aren't Gundam/Crow/Chow Young Fat/Drizzt/fillinyourfuckingiconHERE wannabes.

As always, there are non-asswads in the community, but this is one case where it's really just not worth the effort to sift through the horseshit. There's too much of it, and the game completely hinges on this thing called "teamwork", as opposed to dual-pistol John Woo assholery. That shit isn't even cool in movies, yet here you'll find every tom dick and cocksucker who failed out of high school venting their ignorance through a virtual reenactment of everything that sucks about cinema.

I might have been impressed with this kind of behaviour in fifth or sixth grade, but those days are long gone.

It's a free download from Activision and runs on OS X and Windows... and you get what you pay for. It would probably be a hell of a lot of fun playing co-op in the same room, but the number of gaming-savvy non-assholes I know isn't large enough to make it fun.

Yet I'm throwing time at it- I've been playing Quake III for a Very Long Time and BZFlag just doesn't scratch the itch like I wish it would.

* The game only stat-tracks for single-player tourney.



Blogtastic, thanks.

Got a ride to work from a girl I dated briefly in the fall of 2000. Workstation is up 26 days and Quake3 audio is still on helium- the announcer sounds like Foamy. It rules.

Stumbled across a blog devoted to Pittsburgh blogs. Completely unsurprised at the volume of sports-dedicated opinion outlets in the list- Murphy's done a pretty thorough job of giving city residents little else to talk about- the city is broke, which means neighborhood immolating things like the South Side Street Spectacular ain't happening, among other things. This doesn't bother me in the least, as I've lived through a few of them, and if there's one thing I hate more than Pittsburgh natives and Steelers fans, it's a few THOUSAND of the fuckers mobbing my neighborhood for four days straight in broad daylight. Gah.

And Scoble thinks commenting is the killer feature for blogs. I think commenting is an ego thing- as a user you want comment capability so you can impress the blogger with your AWESUM WERDSKILLZ and as a blogger or webmaster you want comment capability so you can unzip and wag it around at the bar. Newsflash- the number of posts your blog posts recieve will not get you laid. It's an ego thing, pure and simple- visitors leaving comments validates your existance, etc. Kind of amusing how everyone in the blogosphere blogging about how much the blogthing matters are already successful elsewhere... and are only being read by other bloggers. This is a lot like the "success" of the linux desktop- everyone who uses it thinks it's the shit, so they say it's the shit, so "the linux desktop is awesome," period, despite the fact it's a technical and useability nightmate and a horrid piece of shit that's an improvement over Windows but not much else. Dissenting opinions are not tolerated by the community. Blogging is easier than networking, it has the RSS thing going for it, it's less ugly than modern bulletin boards, but the signal to noise ratio is insane- blogs are continuing proof of Sturgeon's law, self-contained- maybe ten percent of the posts of ten percent of bloggers are useful, edifying, or otherwise worth reading. If anything, the sum of blogdom seems to be that peoples lives are even more boring and filled with irritating shit than mine is. As with all media, the biggest problem is finding the ten percent that doesn't give me hives.

Mercury doesn't have comments. This is largely due to some pretty extensive mistakes I made with regards to distribution of my creative output, and I'd just as soon people not use my own webspace as a vehicle for flinging poo at me- I've already had to do turd cleanup with ATC comments. Mercury is a "notebook" of sorts- most of the shit that gets slapped in here would be committed to paper if I weren't at a machine when the thought(s) occure{d} to me, and my notebooks are the most private thing I have.

The one thing I can say in favor of blog commenting is that it's more satisfying and immediate than email. But I really, really hate email. So anything that lessens my reliance on it is good in that respect alone.

I read blogs about marketing and software, since the future of both interests me greatly. I tried reading blogs maintained by other comic artists, but I appear to be the only comics artist who doesn't have INDUSTRY FANBOI tattooed onto his genitals and advertised above him in large neon letters. My experience with tabletop RPGs is the reverse of my experience with comics- I love to talk about gaming mechanics but hate to play; I love to make comics, but I couldn't give two tugs of a dead dogs cock about the gibbering, quivering, oh GAWD DON'T GET THAT ON ME undying "love" that industry participants and/or wannabes have for the industry. It absolutely reeks of ghey, and ghey is not something I wish to get on or near me, kthks.

In other news, my culture-lagged ass has finally caught up to Futurama.



05:27 in irk

22:52 -!- You're now known as solios_
Day changed to 26 Mar 2005
02:20 < solios_> holy gay.
02:20 * solios_ took a three hour nap and is now WIDE AWAKE!!!!.
02:21 < solios_> prolly cuz I gotta be at work in three hours and I feel that if I go back to bed I'll sleep right through etc.
02:24 < solios_> probably doesn't help that there's enough salt in my system to pickle a moose.



21:53 in irk

18:46 < solios> I wish the media would get over this "human interest" trend it's been skullfucking for the last ... uh... well, since OJ, at least.
18:46 < solios> :|
18:47 < pthread> heh
18:48 < solios> american news media is too much like american entertainment. One thing gets popular and suddenly everybody's got their cocks out, spunking all over it, hoping a wad of spunk will hit the target and ricochet off in the form of ratings, dollars, popularity.
18:49 < solios> kick in the internet and suddenly you've got every accessible medium screaming about one fucking thing to the exclusion of all else. Other shit is happening, but since somebody decided this story has an ANGLE and shit, suddenly even sports reporters and otherwise non-"current events" webcomics are trying to cash in.
18:50 * solios smoulders, wishes he could get some goddamned Real News or at least Just The Facts Please.
18:50 < solios> :|
18:50 < solios> </rant>
18:53 < pthread> lol

Olbermann has The Facts on this season's Human Interest Cash Cow, without the inch-thick slathering of talking-head sycophantic word-semen that everyone else is snowballing. Olbermann reads as one of the few journalists out there who isn't flagrantly padding his timecard with buttleavings. Dig it.

Pity MSN's "blog" markup is such ass.

This just in.
17:39 in site

Finally, a use for the PC in The Pit. Mercury looks like shit in IE/win. LOC looks fine. ATC looks fine. My other project site looks like ass but it needs a makeover anyway.

And the way IE/win scrolls when you whack the spacebar is ... disorienting.

I still want to burn mercury down and start over - it's near the top of the To Do List, filed in with the list of Things I Need To Think About.


I always wondered why Hugh had such a huge lubed-up hardon for Seth Godin. Thinking about such things usually conjures up an image of a platoon of industrialized Truth Through Hate rivetheads gangraping the cast of Rainbow Bright with pitchforks- the personalities broadcast just do not match up.

Then Godin went and said this, and Hugh's crush suddenly makes sense- especially when it's applied to all the ego-driven creative efforts out there (re: all of them).



<@eniac> you got class all over me
20:44 in irk

16:15 * ejp <-starving
16:16 < solios> aight.
16:16 * solios unzips.
16:17 <@ejp> :x



Bounty Hunting

This "cleanup" thing is starting to get a bit out of hand. Probably a good thing- the hangover certainly isn't clearing up and I'm putting the >:| to good use. Handy thing that I have a huge amount of personal work locked behind an .htaccess- the kind of stuff that has a definite audience, an existing mindshare, etc. I'm starting to realize that it's leverage and I'm beginning to use it as such.

Poker chips. Having something that's always in demand is useful, even if it's not where I want the focus to be these days.

Housekeeping, Take Two

This time, Work. Tossed three boxes of crap that have been sitting under my desk for a few years. Moved the linux iMac to the server rack. Moved the so-called "intern station" (never used for such) under my own desk and cabled it up in place of the iMac. Spent some time trying to figure out how to eject the Dock wannabe the previous user had installed- wound up with a system that has no fucking idea what to run for a default shell, so it doesn't. It isn't on the domain, either. Made myself a user, set the beast up to my own liking, and aside from the fact that it's Windows and hence an assrape of an interface anyway, the only "inconvenience" is having to run explorer manually.

I kind of hoped Windows would have improved in the useability sense since NT 4, but it hasn't. No wonder KDE and other linux desktops look and run like ass- they're chasing after the third place interface, and they keep slipping on the trail of {ooze|shit} it's left in its wake. Rhapsody / OS X being second and Classic MacOS being first in my book, though if you're talking an install with third party extensions, then OS X wins- it has Quicksilver. I'll keep not using linux as a desktop until the developers get a clue and start aiming for first place. No wonder MCSE is a four letter synonym for "retard" and the punchline of many an IT joke- you'd have to be horribly, horribly brain damaged to consider a system like this good.

Conversely, the OS X version of firefox needs to be as snappy and go fullscreen, please and thank you. And OS X needs something as non-shitty as Winscp- all the sftp clients I've used for OS X have left me fucking around on the command line. It's cleaner and doesn't crash nearly as often.

Worked with Smith to get the table the machine had been sitting on moved. Found my Indigo users manual. Still extensively hung over for a shitload of scotch. Go Go Eighties Night - at least I have a few bits of ATC Evil taken care of. Closing in on getting the next scene ready for production. Still trying to figure out what to do about mercury, etc.



19:07 in site

Made some tweaks to the ATC site. Minor under the hood things and some moving around. Still have a few more little things to do- things that are fresh now that I might forget about later. Strange block in my head that I had to push past to get any of it done at all.

Scrubbed loc out. It's still here, mind you, but it's no longer linked outside of possible mercury entries. It's been moved into the appropriate position in the mercury root.

Now I need to decide what - if anything - I'm doing with viz. I could cram it all into my DA account and call it done, but that puts things a bit out of order. I've been thinking about jamming some of the stuff into ATC, but it doesn't really belong there. Once I have a viz solution ("fuck it!" is also an option), mercury will be decomissioned. Already working on the replacement, vaguely.



Halo in a nutshell.

Yes, I'm a year or so behind the curve. If not more. Hell, I just watched Cowboy Bebop. I usually have better things to do that vidiot the fuck out, which ultimately saves me time on sorting through bullshit to get to the good stuff- I just ask $genre afficianado what they're into at the moment and check it out. But I'm currently what we industry professionals like to call "burned the fuck out" and creatively constipated to boot*, so it's a good time to play catch-up.

Anyway. Halo is very pretty in the "icing on the wedding cake" sense of the term. If you've played Oni, you can tell that some (or all) of the same people are in the creative pipeline... and whatever their actual tastes, I'm left with a very strong impression that these guys wear polo shirts and listen to Dave Matthews Band. iD, conversely, comes across like they wear combat boots and listen to Carcass, which could easily be part of why I blew so many bits writing about Doom 3, etc**. Halo ain't ugly, but it does have a certain softness to the texturing (Radeon 9600, 1280x1024, everything jacked to the max except antialiasing and The Goddamned Lens Flare) that makes me hungry for cake. It ain't industrial, that's for sure.

Weapons. The pistol's a joke. Drop it the second you get the chance, you'll never, ever regret doing so. I like the sniper rifle, the machine gun is okay, the rocket launcher is amusing (but ammo is scarce), and the Covenant weapons are decent. Least favorite weapons are the needler and the pistol. I would have used the sniper rifle and the rocket launcher a hell of a lot more if ammo wasn't an issue- as it was, I ran around with the assault rifle, since it holds the most ammo. Frag grenades are nothing to write home about, and it's neat to watch enemies scream and run around with plasma grenades stuck to them. Bungie seems to have gotten grenade physics playable- you pitch the fucker and it blows up. None of this half-gravity aluminum pingpong ball bullshit that iD seems to be spunky about. You get a shotgun when the game turns into Night Of The Living Dead. It's a shotgun- I got so impatient with the Flood that I rarely used it. Okay weapon, I guess. Prefer the rifle.

Vehicles. Brutally unfair that the Scorpion tank is only used once in the game. It kicks the most ass and it has the best handling out of everything. Main cannon is a bit tricky and the machine gun slops, but otherwise it's love. The Warthog is a goddamned JOKE on controls and absolutely SCREAMS CONSOLE BACKPORT!!!! in large, friendly letters. The fact that your success in Halo is completely dependant on controlling a vehicle that handles like you're shouting orders at a pair of interns pulling on monkey testicles is really, really annoying. The Covenant aircraft is useable for going Up and that's pretty much it- the hoverbike handles a bit better and is the most maneuverable indoors. Not sure why the Covenant tanks can't be skanked- might have something to do with the fact that a Mazda has thicker armor.

Plot. Hey, I beat the fucking game to see the story. Anyone who's made it as far as the Flood knows what I'm talking about. Story : good. Recycling maps like Pacman : bad. Simple formula, and Bungie gets a big fat fucking F for their interior map design for forgetting this. The backtracking was about as fun as the Flood- which is to say, it wasn't. Weather conditions sure were purdy, though. +5 bonus points for not having huge shitty bosses and mini-bosses, and +10 points for not ending the game with a huge shitty pain in the ass bossthing like every other goddamned FPS I've ever played has done.

Gameplay. Wouldn't mind trying multiplayer at some point. I played through part of the single-player a second time to revisit the fun bits and stopped to write this when the game turned into a slogfest again. Most single-player FPS hit a point where they stop being fun and start being an endurance test- for me, it's the second you hit the control center. Vehicle control is a major drag- not only does it scream CONSOLE! CONSOLE! CONSOLE! it screams DATA EAST / Ocean. You know, the really shitty second-rate third party developers for the SNES. The guys that made games the stores are still trying to get rid of. The fact that you can carry a max of two weapons of your choosing, use any of them as a melee weapon, and carry up to four grenades is pretty cool. Might stretch the realism a bit too much for the CounterStrike assholes, but for a guy used to Quake 3, I found this bit to be especially noteworthy. I found the checkpoint system to be amazingly FUCKING ANNOYING the first run through, as I'm very much used to quick{save|load}, but the second time through I found it to be quite a convenience. Still annoying as hell if you hit a checkpoint with one health and no ammo and there's a shitload of enemies around the corner, though. Love the marines. Love 'em. The game started to suck ass for me when they all disappeared.

System Requirements and Such. Holy mother of fuck. I remember this shit being demo'd on early G4s and kicking ass. I played it on a mid-gen G4 and it was sucking ass. Playable on my G4/733 with a (shitty like a malarial ass and destined for replacement) Geforce2 and gigaram at 800x600 with everything set to low or NO, though audio would stutter and spurt and spunk and the game would drop frames, choke, hork, puke and generally shit its fucking pants for a good three to eight seconds every time I hit a checkpoint. Cut the horkage in half every time the game needed to load and keep in mind it was running off of a SCSI-160 controller. Smooth like butter on a G5 2x2ghz with 2g ram and a 64meg Radeon9600- but for fuck's sake, current mac games had better run smooth on this shit.

Final Analysis. This seems to be the Final Fantasy VII of FPS. Fucking absolutely everybody*** has blown a spunkhole the size of Nebraska in their pants over this game, despite piles and piles of as-good stuff that's come before and since. There's about an eighth as much Halo fanart on DeviantArt as their is Sonic the Hedgehog fanart, but it's enough to be noticeable. There's better stuff out there (imo), but there's also much, much worse. And it's really nice to actually be able to beat a non-tournament FPS without using cheat codes. So I give it a B-. Originally an A- brought down to an F+ by post-Control Center level design, but bumped back up to Decent by breaking a couple of really shitty FPS convenitions. The grade was originally an A- after the adjustment, but I loaded up again a few minutes after writing this review, encountered the bit where you're supposed to find Keyes in the swamp, hit the complex, had a flashback, remembered that from here on it Really Fucking Sucks Shit, and decided to revise my estimate in order to warn the others. If you haven't played Halo yet, be warned- the second half (closer to 2/3) of the game is a slog through most everything you've slogged through before, only in reverse and with more enemies. And the interior map design would fit into the system limits of the N64- it's bland, unoriginal, boring, claustrophobic, and surprisingly repetetive. The exteriors, however, are nice.

* Stuck on a few points of the next scene of ATC and lacking the funds to get thrashed enough to think my way through it. Go me.

** The Unreal guys, conversely, come across like Incrediboy. Leghumping wannabes out to try and impress absolutely everybody- they're choking on benchmark and feature cock so hard that the part of their brain that's capable of acknowledging aesthetic and gameplay has long since died. The team producing the Unreal games comes across like they read shitloads of Image comics, took a spare change of underwear to the third Matrix film, and listen to whatever whoever they think is cool now namedropped in a recent interview. They might be the hoopiest froods in history, but their shit feels like a really bad Escape From Los Angeles ripoff written by Rob Liefeld and run through the turd polisher until it glimmers like a parody of a zircon. I'd shit a gold plated brick if they swapped out their obvious Image/Liefeld love for some Vertigo/{Gaiman|Ellis}. Man, I love ripping on these guys.

*** Outside of my monkeysphere, that is. My monkeysphere is of the averaged opinion that "vehicle control sucks", "HALO SUCKS", "you mean that game you play backwards?" and/or "It runs like shit on my system! Bad engine! BAD! IT PEED ON THE RUG!!!"



17:50 in irk

14:30 < solios> < matt> (referencing fucked up flooriing on one) that's what we get for displaying the dead.
14:30 < solios> < me> that's what we DO, man. We're a cross between a necropolis and Wal-Mart.
14:30 < solios> I <3 working for a museum.
14:31 <@bda> Heh.
14:36 <@ejp> Necro-Mart?
14:36 <@ejp> We Sell Dead People.
14:36 <@bda> Walpolis sounds like you're selling walruses.
14:37 <@ejp> a valid business model.
14:37 < solios> Necro-Mart sounds pretty cool.
14:37 < solios> we sell BIG dead things.
14:38 <@bda> Oliphants?
14:40 <@ejp> Necro Mega Mart.
14:41 <@ejp> Necro-Mart SuperStore



Auschwitz, 1945
04:31 in

It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.

--Anne Frank



< solios> PORN?
18:07 in irk

15:05 <@ejp> I just sent myself a jabber message to home that reads "assboi=fucknut".
15:05 <@ejp> I'm glad I live alone.



The function of Art is to disturb. Science reassures.
10:12 in news

Swiped from here, third on the list. Murdered on February 22nd.

Title swiped from George Braque.

MT Patch

MT sploitfix, sploitable only if comment notification is turned on, tested back to 2.661, etc, etc. Mildly annoying to find, posting it here for easy reference, etc.



11:58 in irk

08:47 * solios gets more pornsite email.
08:47 * ejp snickers
08:47 < mdxi> WHER THA BOOBS AT
08:48 * solios ponders responding.
08:49 < ejp> solios: you're lucky I'm such a nice guy or I'd yoink the images off gridlock, start a site and make $$
08:49 < solios> o_o
08:51 < ejp> but then I wouldn't get to waggle my finger every time someone emails you and go "OMGWTF???".
08:51 < solios> heh.
08:51 < ejp> and I'm rather enjoying that.
08:51 * solios responded with a quick and simple "If I had a dollar for every email like this I've gotten from someone I'd never heard from before, I'd be rich."
08:52 < ejp> which is exactly my point. it's also my proposal. :P
08:53 < ejp> "All you can eat wangbabies, $5.99, children and seniors half price!"
08:53 < solios> >.<
08:54 < ejp> solios: We could kill *everyone*!
08:54 < solios> I was figuring flat rate for the galleries, more for the fiction (since people want that shit but have a fucked up habit of reposting it, etc), and keeping the scary shit invite-only. Insert some superannoying javascript to prevent right-click, tweak mod-rewrite so images can only be viewed inline, obfuscate the source and watermark the hell out of everything.
08:55 < solios> oh, and something that tells wget to fuck the hell off, etc.
08:55 < solios> the gravicon logs are sick. A few of the people I let look at the site went through and downloaded it. All. Of. It.
08:56 < ejp> for the record, I was not one of them.




Hard drive enclosure showed up. Thanks to Smith for swinging me out to the Fedex offices and back. Assembly went smooth. Smacked a Light Cycle icon on the drive and loaded it up with work accumulata.

Stripped LOC down to Fear and loathing, 2600 style. Attempted to reconstitute Drone, found I'm missing... more or less everything critical. Whatever I'm not missing is in media100 format, requiring a Classic quicktime player and transcoder. I have backups of all of the internet dumps and all of the unlicensed video, but none of the stuff I actually shot for the project. Go figure.

Pulled enough source to mix with the "dissonance" material and rev up something new. Don't have the software I need to check the DVD files at home, need to haul it all to work. Not sure if I really want to, but I have this vague gnawing urge to buy some more hard drives, reconstitute all of my data AGAIN and burn it all off Properly... while leaving the stuff on disk so I can pull it when I need to. It would be handy to have rapid access to- I wouldn't find myself digging through trunks full of Gravicon and Mp3 cds looking for data I may or may not have burned off during one of the least sane periods of my existence.

Found : Killing Joke, Pandemonium; two Tea Party albums; Fear Factory : Demanufacture (first run CD in second run packaging, first and not the last time Dave's Music Mine staff fucked up).

In theory, I have enough material to do a partial "update" of Drone. I'm thinking Summer, after ATC c0 and Edit are complete.

In the meantime, my data is highly disorganized, minerva needs a Final Cut Pro install, and I'm exhausted.



<@dragorn> huh.
16:41 in irk

13:25 <@dragorn> I just found a really big security hole in the kernel.
13:25 <@dragorn> well, in a driver.
13:25 <@nullboy> cool
13:25 <@nullboy> what kernel? what driver?
13:26 <@dragorn> 2.6.11
13:26 <@dragorn> prism54 wireless
13:26 < solios> D:
13:26 <@nullboy> is it 2.6.11 only?
13:26 <@dragorn> no
13:26 <@dragorn> All prism54 drivers afaik
13:26 <@nullboy> Heh.
13:26 <@dragorn> It's a buffer allocation error
13:26 <@dragorn> they decided that packets are at least 60 bytes
13:26 <@dragorn> if they aren't, they resize it
13:26 <@dragorn> only, they don't really
13:26 <@dragorn> just say they do
13:27 <@nullboy> ?
13:27 <@dragorn> so it maps 60 bytes into PCI memory from the beginning of the packet skb
13:27 <@dragorn> if the packet skb is 10 bytes
13:27 <@dragorn> it slaps 50 bytes of kernel buffers after it
13:27 <@dragorn> and sends it out

0x0120: 2433 04ff ffff ff37 0e01 0306 0c0f 1117 $3.....7........
0x0130: 1c1d 1f21 2829 2a3c 114c 696e 7578 2032 ...!()*<.Linux.2
0x0140: 2e36 2e31 3120 6936 3836 3d07 0100 8048 .6.11.i686=....H

13:28 <@nullboy> so it's leaking some bytes? I don't totally get it yet.
13:29 <@nullboy> what's "skb"?
13:29 <@dragorn> skb = kernel buffer
13:30 <@dragorn> it's leaking -kernel buffer bytes-
13:30 <@nullboy> right
13:30 <@dragorn> ie, anything recently buffered in kernel memory
13:30 <@dragorn> like network traffic
13:30 <@dragorn> or disk blocks
13:30 <@nullboy> ok, so I did get it.
13:30 <@dragorn> I got a hunk of kernel versioning info
13:30 <@nullboy> yeah
13:30 <@dragorn> another run, exposed hunks of source code
13:30 <@dragorn> of recently edited files
13:30 <@nullboy> hehe
13:30 <@nullboy> and next, some private info
13:31 <@nullboy> that's pretty funny

< mdxi> i think i'm going back to not paying attention to you people
15:21 in irk

12:00 < mdxi> oh man. airfare to the UK is *hideous*.
12:00 <@rjbs> yar
12:00 <@rjbs> :[
12:00 < mdxi> wtf? it's, like, *right over there*
12:01 < drusilla> dude, i know.
12:02 <@rjbs> it's to pay for the terror-proofing.
12:02 <@rjbs> costs money to keep cat stevens off your plane
12:03 < solios> mdxi: how hideous?
12:03 < solios> and is the boat cheaper?
12:04 < mdxi> the boat's not an option. have to be there exactly one month from now.
12:05 < solios> O_O
12:06 < solios> you're going to YURP?
12:06 < solios> are you being deported?
12:07 < ejp> probably going to get knighted for his great contribution to UK technology. I hear they're giving those out like candy now
12:09 < drusilla> i want candy
12:10 < solios> so would that be Sir Boyette or Sir Mdxi?
12:10 < solios> they need sugar-free chocolate, dammit. :|
12:10 < drusilla> Sir...dude, what the hell is your real first name again?
12:10 < solios> who, me or him?
12:10 <@rjbs> SW-1 Boyette.
12:11 < drusilla> him.
12:11 < drusilla> his middle name is Shawn
12:11 < solios> < qe2> how do you pronounce this? emm-dixie?
12:11 < solios> < mdxi> >_<
12:11 < drusilla> HE IS LIVING A LIE
12:11 < solios> o_O
12:11 < solios> Shawn Shawn Boyette?
12:11 < solios> sounds like a girl band...
12:12 < drusilla> his first name is not actually Shawn.
12:12 < drusilla> because he is a LIAR. who lies. and lies.
12:12 < solios> mdxi: care to tell the class?
12:12 <@rjbs> 13:54 <mdxi> [ exposition that invalidates the thread ]
12:12 < solios> @_@
12:13 < ejp> yeah, I'm thinking "no" is the answer.
12:13 < mdxi> what? i was on the phone. what's going on?
12:13 < drusilla> what's your real first name, since you're going to be knighted?
12:14 < drusilla> and what the hell is in this soup I am eating?
12:14 < mdxi> i think i'm going back to not paying attention to you people



Jakalope (or : Skullfucking the namedrop for a quick buck)

Artist :Jakalope
Album : It Dreams
Year : 2004
Genre : Hot Topic Pop. They'll tell you it's "Industrial" - it isn't. It's electronic by technicality. I've tagged it Hot Topic Pop 'cuz the kiddies are going to eat this shit up. The spooky girls finally have a Poe of their very own, etc.
Rating (iTunes ratings / number of tracks) : 2.16/5
Number of tracks : 12
Length : 45:16
Sounds Like : The bastard child of Poe and Shirley Manson

Synopsis : Pretty Life sounds like somebody took Poe out to Hot Topic to get her all gothed up, followed by a stop at the DNA Lounge to give her an idea of "the Scene" on the way to the record studio- the result is simple, smotheringly hooky pop, the kind of track that screams SINGLE! SINGLE! RADIO PLAY! over and over. Screecher is easily the strongest track on the album, Baddream is by far the biggest turd that's come near my ears since the last time I listened to the radio, though it starts off with a deceptively promising beat. The lyrics are shit. I mean, they're really shit. See Genre- with songwriting like this, you simply are not aiming at anyone older than, say, six. Maybe seven year olds, if they're retards. Nothing Nowhere is a fairly groovy and laid-back, a bit of a surprise after the shitfuck that is the distortion break in Light After Night, the track that leads into it. If you like the idea of a bastard child of Shirley Manson and Poe trying to kick out the angsty goth-rage through a poppy, marketable, hyper-processed "even Britney Spears will listen to it!" slurp, you'll laud this album as the second coming of.... well, of something.

Notes : The Orange bio page for Jakalope lists a total of 35 "members" of the band, and lemme tell ya- this shit sounds like focus-grouped, designed-by-committee, kid-tested-mother-approved poppy sludge for the spooky kids. Pump a few thousand Menthols and a heroin habit through Katie B and you'll have a replacement for Shirley Manson whenever she feels like keeling over. Said bio goes into some length about various people the writer feels are relevant- the name dropping includes Goth-Industrial wunderkind Trent Reznor and producer Dave Ogilvie, who's still riding that "I produced Skinny Puppy! I am TEH KEWL!" wave. Hey, I fucking catered Foetus and got his drummer and bassist extremely fucked up after the show- and if you think Ogilvie has anything to do with what makes Puppy what they are, then you're the kind of person who'd be dumb enough to believe that anybody who actually played at the Foetus gig remembers the guy who replaced the lock on their gear trailer. The point is, a phat little CV with your name in near proximity to Projects Of Quality does not necessarily mean you're capable of generating quality your own damned self- one need only take a gander at Kevin Ogilvie's solo album- synthpoppy casio-toned grammar school drool, brought to you by Skinny Puppy's very own vocalist. Funny how the nursery rhymes stop when he hits the studio with Cevin Key.

So you've got two guys who'd like you to think they ARE "Industrial" (one Skinny Puppy's producer, one the guy who did the score for Quake and that Closer song that every angsty guy who's never listened to Carcass pulls out whenever he's feeling down). Trent and Dave have their names on some pretty intense shit- check the Discogs CVs for Dave and Trent respectively. You'd think with these guys and a girl (a girl and Trent, fancy that), you'd get something that would sound like Awesome. But you forgot about those thirty two other thumbs in the pie, damned near all of whom I can gurantee you've never heard of. 35 is a shitload of people to be involved in any kind of project, and what they managed to shit out of the other end of the assembly line is a design-by-committee slurpee that's about as industrial as rose-scented toilet paper. It's got COMMERCIALLY VIABLE stamped all over it, it screams WARPED TOUR or OZZFEST or whatever the fuck festival bands that are trying to be "gritty" and profitable whore themselves at these days. It's so overprocessed and overwrought and ultimately devoid of impact (the tempo change from one commercially viable style to another right when Screecher COULD have erupted into a kick in the balls, but instead it shifted gears into rancid slurp-rock lounge groove... the whole album is like that, never staying in place long enough to sink in and hook.) that with just the right amount of marketing, it's a guranteed smash hit. This album, or concept work, or whatever the fuck you want to call it, feels like the result of extensive gangraping and focus grouping by a crop of musicians who by action profess a sincere belief that the world needs another Garbage, and who by production appear to be vastly more interested in sucking in warm bodies than they are in producing something that might manage to evade the "remember those guys? no? me neither." rack of the Captain Trendwhore record store that Suicidegirls are recruited from. It feels like Dave and Trent pulled the masters of every angry girl to hit the top forty in the last ten years and smushed all of it down into an album you'll be able to choke down in an hour, with time left for commercials.

Did I like it? Fuck no. I like what it obviously had the potential to be, and the fact that it falls short of being even minimally satisfying doesn't leave me wanting more, it leaves me wanting to kick Dave in the jock. Do I recommend it? If you're up for the disposable, mushy, trendy, "kind of dark but not dark enough to scare off the geeks and the fratfucks and the other normals" sort of thing that you can slip in the iPod and forget about, then yeah. Go for it, it's your {money|bandwidth}. And beware of track 11 - Baddream is so unbelievably, unrelentingly shitty with its hyperqueer hairdresser male vocalist whining out lyrics that would embarass anyone who survived their first year of puberty that there oughtta be a law. That piece of shit drags the rest of the album down like a lead brick- it's a lot like throwing, say, a State of the Union address delivered by midgets on helium into the middle of The Downward Spiral. And the fact that mister Dave "Rave" Ogilvie let this piece of shit onto the disc with eleven properly homogenized and vaguely poppy tracks says more about his "taste" than is probably good for his career.

That's the angst in a nutshell. The rest of this entry is the "live" IRC listening marathon. Apologies to Eric- he really does like this album (as does Bryan), and while I do not think less of either of them for doing so, I'm not about to endorse it myself. That's the funny thing about musical taste- it's like politics and religion, by which all dissenting views are uninformed, ignorant, heathen savages who should either be Cleansed or Thoroughly Mocked, etc. Proof marketing and hormones are doing their jobs. Doesn't help that I dislike high pitched vocals and prefer my lyrics to either be intelligent or an instrument, as opposed to the sort of thing you find scrawled in a high school urinal.

<@bda> I really really hate you guys.
15:03 in irk

11:53 < mdxi> solios: that comic is so so so gay.
11:53 < solios> mdxi: yes.
11:54 < solios> http://www.thewebcomiclist.com/
11:54 < solios> found it there.
11:54 < mdxi> it's one big steaming pile of self-insertion wish fulfillment
11:54 < solios> GONTERMAN?
11:54 < fagbot> GONTERMAN is an extreme example
11:54 < solios> XD
11:54 < solios> yes, yes he is.
11:55 <@bda> "self-insertion"
11:55 < solios> http://www.commuterbarnacle.com/gonterman/ <- outranks Gonterman's ACTUAL WEB SITE.
11:55 < solios> bda: it sounds wankish for a reason.
11:55 <@bda> If my dick was long enough to shove up my own ass, I wouldn't need to.
11:55 -!- calliope [~calliope@cloak-59D00242.manxome.org] has joined #tildedot
11:55 <@bda> NICE TIMING
11:55 < solios> sdfkljg
11:56 < ejp> o_o
11:56 < solios> pwnt.
11:56 <@john> ha
11:57 < mdxi> i have a video of that, btw, if anyone's interested. apparently what one needs more than extreme length is a certain floppiness and shoving one's nuts out of the way.
11:57 <@bda> ...
11:58 <@bda> die("plzkthx:$!");
11:58 < esch_> Interesting.

03:50 in irk

00:37 < ejp> there's a lot of (r)'s and (tm)'s going on there.
00:37 < solios> I had a pair of nikes I used for years... they were GREAT.
00:38 < solios> yeah.
00:38 < solios> it's nike.
00:38 < solios> they're built by a bunch of toddlers in some third world shithole.
00:38 < solios> and they pay 'em a buck a month or some shit.
00:38 < solios> so I'm down.
00:38 * solios contemplates opressing, for great flab reduction.
00:38 < ejp> well, you *sound* like Riddick.
00:39 < solios> O_o
00:39 < solios> my voice isn't that deep.
00:39 < ejp> na, just the tone of the comment.
00:39 < solios> Riddick sounds like a cement mixer throwing up.
00:39 < solios> I need a serious cold to get that.
00:39 < solios> ah.
00:39 < ejp> for some reason it got rendered as riddick
00:39 < solios> hahah
00:39 * solios ++