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April 2005



I was sorting through the results of today's photo safari with Smith when I got distracted. Else this would have been up a few hours ago.


Only downside to the Canon is a flaw shared by all digital cameras - namely, the LCD looks like ass under sunlight or any kind of overhead lighting. The resolution on this one is nice but the size is itty bitty, so all of my outdoor photography was looking like ass (quality as well as composition). Turns out the quality is Mostly Fine... and short exposure times on a gloomy day results in some pretty serious Power Gloom.




I still need to remove the iMac. Among other things. Which involves spending more than as little time as possible here and throwing away a good deal of unus{ed|able} equipment.



Finally burned through the first set of batteries. Good to know that I'll kill a quartet of AA NiMHs with about two thirds of a 512m CF card. Shooting hand-held on standard exposure with the device set for "motion" shots, since I can hold my hands steady or hold an object with them, but not both.



13:34 in irk

10:32 <@ejp> fagbot: doot for solios's biochemistry
10:32 < fagbot> my vaginitis burns like a white hot-pizza oven. on the SUN
10:32 <@ejp> nuff said.


Vitamins are important and boozaholic treats do bad things to them.

If alcohol is your soother, stress will hike your nutritional needs and alcohol will reduce nutrient availability.

{"6 steps for handling stress," Lauri Aesoph, ND, Health World Online, June 2001}


Alcohol destroys B vitamins. This is a list of minerals and vitamins that you will need to supplement if you drink alcohol: calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamin C, thiamine and riboflavin.

{“The Complete Guide to Your Emotions and Your Health,” Editors of Prevention magazine. 1986}


Man. I suppose it's a good thing I OD'ed on Red Bull last year. Otherwise I'd be severely lacking the ability to recognize the symptoms of vitamin {toxicity|overdose|defficiency}. Troubleshooting the whole "feeling like somebody puked in my head" thing by trial and error is FUN, dammit.



Uh huh huh huh huh. You said "work."

There are vastly prettier areas in the workplace. They're of no interest to me. If they're of interest to you, I'm sure a tour can be arranged.


The OS X Server. It actually runs 10.3 client for various reasons, most of which have to do with Server being a pain in the ass for the two things we need it for. Blue G3 chassis with a G4/400 processor, a gig of ram, two SCSI drives, ten IDE drives, gigeth and two outboard firewire cages. It's fast like a slug.

s_sink_ceiling.jpg s_spray_room.jpg

Two different angles of the spray room, which connects the Work Area to the Shop.

s_sink.jpg s_kiosk.jpg

The sprayroom sink and a gutted kiosk casing, also in the sprayroom. We call these kiosks "bananas."

f_refridgimicator.jpg f_boner.jpg

The fridge needs to be defrosted, and I'm not sure what (extremely large) animal that vertebrae belongs to. It's just kind of There.

c_quality_workmanship.jpg c_this_vent_has_no_off_swit.jpg
c_union_patch_job.jpg c_vent_handle.jpg

Work Area ceiling, which I can't say anything good about. The garbage bag over the vent was my own Expert HVAC patch job - the thing has no off switch and either oozes or blasts cold air 24/365. The duct-tape encrusted mess of ventilation duct is Buildings And Grounds' idea of a "repair job." Proof that Pittsburgh is a breeder reactor for retards - these people have obviously never heard of pop rivets, solder, or that funky metal striping stuff (muffler tape?) that's occasionally used in similar situations.

There are more Industrial areas, but they photograph better in the daylight. :)


The chassis is a lot smaller than I thought it would be.


Line Noise

Tangentially off-base, as usual. Hence the title. Still meandering through the post-drinking-binge-rehydration-and-vitamin-restock superstore, etc.


... I could use more of an attitude adjustment than I've affected already. I suppose that's what I get for slacking off in certain areas I keep promising myself not to.

Funny how that works. :P

Freelance (Money Is Not Our God)

Big rant. Something of a deterrent, I hope. Immediate friends and pre-existing obligations are obviously excluded, though this may address the frustration of some associates at their inability to interest me in whatever it is they'd like me involved in (the short answer is that I like you as a friend and am about as interested in collaborating with you as I am in swimming the Atlantic).

Digital Soundtracks

Despite the rabid amounts of hell slogged through on the day of the 25th, the evening was a serious improvement. Draft of some ATC scenery, stupid amounts of booze, some rather odd social bits, and I didn't quite sleep off the hangover...

... but I still finished Chapter Zero of ATC today. For my next trick : Getting into The Edit before anyone in meatspace notices I'm their definition of "free of obligations." It's gotten progressively easier to tell people to fuck off when they start sniffing me up for freelance - though this may very well change if the money to hassle ratio is ever favorable.*

Come home to find out that the important part of my recent NewEgg order has shipped to Pittsburgh - which means it'll either be delivered here tomorrow or left at the sort faccility for pickup. The convenient PCI card shipped separately and is completely optional - the rest of the goodies are all together. Which makes me paranoid, but hopeful.

* see "Freelance", which has the timestamp proceeding this one.




Man, what a nasty, horrible day. Shit weather, fucked over climate control, shitty night life. Cold and annoying and all that other fun stuff. Haven't had a day this miserable in months. Not up for repeating the experience and hopefully shouldn't have to.

And to think that when I woke up I figured that today would go smoothly - 'cuz hey, I didn't have a hangover.

Apparently that isn't the case. Apparently I've gotten one of those hangovers that completely skips any kind of physical symptoms and instead attacks nomenal reality. With any luck I'll be able to sleep it off. :P

Given a choice, I would have taken perpetual nausea, headache and Arrakeen dehydration. That shit's a Known Commodity that can be dealt with relatively easily.



Climate Control

32° outside. In late April. Shitty clammy lead-sky cold with no sign of the fucking sun and an endless icy drizzle oozing out of the sky like arctic pus. This could easily be any day between the beginning of October and the end of March in Pittsburgh, but it's not. We got a decent week, a nice week, and now that we're all off guard, wearing shorts, and bracing for the 80%+ humidity 80°+ septic tank sensation that is what we in these parts call "summer" (it's closer to "summa", what with buckets of shithick smogidity crawling into your lungs every time you take a breath), BLAMMO! it's Suddenly Siberia.

Most days the natives and the air* piss me off more than the weather, but today's been pretty exceptional.

Since last week was "nice", the roommate had the heat (which he pays for) OFF. Mid fifties in the house according to the thermostat, which is (you guessed it) the warmest room in the house when the circulation system is off.

Go to work to take care of a few details and the internal temperature is about fifty, with the vents BLASTING FREEZING COLD AIR.

Right on my neck, no less. They've been doing this since I took the desk I currently use, but it's usually heat in the FUCKING WINTER, so you don't notice. Only last week was nice, see, so buildings and grounds (the beacon of competence and proof positive that unions are a haven for mouthbreathers who can't find their own asses with both hands and a map) decided we needed cool air. And they're not in on the weekends, of course.

Oh, and the designer with flowthrough vents appears to have LEFT HER MOTHERFUCKING WINDOW OPEN AGAIN so there's a gale-force ARCTIC BLAST working its way in through there as well. One of the few doors I don't have keys to, naturally.

Oh, and it's only my office. It's 15° warmer in the hallway. >:|

Freezing at home, freezing at work, freezing outside.... and people wonder why I DRINK so fucking much.

It's warm in bars, that's why!


Update - bars are also full of assholes. The kind of assholes that think the country and western equivalent of ghonnorhea is something that actually belongs in a jukebox. The kind of shitforbrains genetic waste that thinks that said aural assgravy needs to be coming out of the fucking thing.

Funny. The rest of the week has been fine - I guess a Sunday full of fucked-in-the-fucking-ASS HATE is called for in order to balance it out.

So. I spent about sixteen hours sans shower either freezing my ass off and shivering like an epileptic or freezing my ass off and getting sleet all over me.... so now that I'm actually home and the heating system has taken the requisite ten hours to bring the temperature up to a tolerable sixty five, my back and neck muscles are screaming at me and I have all the symptoms of massive blood sugar problems - only without the AWAKE or the headbees.

On the upside, line art for the next page of ATC is done and my teeth feel really, really clean for some reason.

* I quit smoking and promptly got sick. For several years, I was filtering the diesel-flavored filth that is Pittsburgh air... and my lungs were so surprised to be sucking the shit-smelling carcinogenic waste that after I got over the OMFG THIS AIR IS WORSE THAN THE CIGARETTES cold, I was left with a "defensive" cough for a few weeks while I slowly came to terms with the fact that the air wasn't only just as thick and foul as cigarette smoke (especially during rush hour), it actually tasted worse. Nothing like a curtain of mucous to keep out the grit. The EPA forgets to mention that Pittsburgh is of interest for air quality study because anywhere worth being in town is in the valley - and in the summer, that valley traps a soupy mix of diesel fumes and sewage brewing at 70-90% humidity. You'll be gasping for breath just walking to your car from the Taco Fucking Bell and wondering why you don't move to Mexico City - their winters aren't nearly as nasty, after all- and their natives don't speak english either.

The Demon was an idea.

Logged in to find some 600+ comment spam in the various mercury blogs.

Odd, seeing as how mercury doesn't have any commenting templates, comment capability is off by default, and comments have never, ever been enabled on this blog.

Fucking incest spam, no less, left by subhuman animals.

delete from mt_comment where comment_author LIKE '%';

Thanks to bda for that little snip what cleaned up the mess quickly and easily. The comments cgi has been moved on the off chance I'll ever actually want to use it - though if I want comments, I'll use something less prone to spamshitting, like, oh... livejournal.



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< hhoffman> what changes a Makefile.am into a Makefile?
<@ralfiboy> mv
< hhoffman> listen here fuck-0



Oh yeah.
01:38 in site

Decomissioning mercury just kind of slipped through the cracks there for awhile. It hasn't been a priority, really. That's probably going to change, hopefully before I'm 26. I've been a little itchy about breaking in a fresh install, but the aforementioned format shift ought to pad that a bit. Ditto the MT plugin that runs ATC updates. Abstraction layer, GO!


Toys have been specced, and I have the format shift in mind. Rather it's work or the outlet I expect it to be remains to be seen. I'll be keeping the basic format of mercury and probably the color scheme / Beksinskiesque flavor.



<@xenia> I want to slap myself.
20:08 in irk

17:04 <@xenia> omfg.
17:04 <@xenia> I found an old zip file containing the remains of what used to be my weblog.
17:04 <@xenia> And I just read my babbling and i feel SO LAME.
17:05 <@xenia> Argh.
17:05 <@xenia> I want to slap myself.
17:05 <@xenia> brb


Yay Monday hangover. Went Out, did layouts for the next two pages of ATC, proceeded to Get Drunk, bumped into Randy, did Tom's Diner, walked around until 4am and passed out until noon.

Funny how I can repeatedly scratch on layouts while trying to do them at home or work, but the second the alcohol hits the bloodstream, I've shat out four pages of notes and, rather than struggling with different layout concepts, I've Gotten It Right The First Time. \o/, woot, etc.


In other news, I've needed to do laundry really really badly since Saturday. We're descending into sniff-testing here. It's pretty gross.

In other other news, I've decided to forego a processor upgrade for the time being, in flavor of an air conditioner and a digital camera. My current AC unit is b0rked- my old roommate scooped it from somebody who was in the process of throwing it out. The control interface doesn't work- the knob snapped off and fell down inside the unit somewhere, so it's on/offed with a power switch and sucks so much juice that I've popped the breaker that controls my room at least half a dozen times. It's a beast, and anything current would be a huge improvement in the energy consumption arena- the idea being that I'd like to run my machines without soaking my keyboard in gallons of funkass mansweat.

The AC unit is sort of optional but not really. I'd like something that works and energy efficiency and timer control are things my current unit doesn't do and I doubt a new unit is going to make my room smell like mold or freeze itself shut if I leave it on for more than six hours.

The camera, on the other hand, is something I've been thinking about for quite awhile. It's one piece of gear I'm constantly in need of and the one piece of equipment I don't have access to at work. I've got speed and a scanner at work, I can put these things off on the home front. Just need to find a model that suits my needs.

Much like AC, I already have a camera, and it's comparable to my climate control system - a Quicktake 150 that requires specific Quicktime plugins, a beige Mac for serial ports, and prefers to interface with MacOS 7.6.1. The quality is ass, and I'm in need of non-ass quality. Something that's a little more "with it", technologically. Something that can handle night shooting.

Breakin' the Law, Breakin' the Law
15:27 in irk

12:23 * solios caffeinates a Sierra Mist*
12:24 <@ejp> doesn't that violate the DMCA or something?

* With No-Doz (200mg caffeine).



The root of all evil.

Money is the thing I hate the most about being an "adult". Rent. Phone. Broadband. Electric. Student Loans. Bus Pass. Oh, and the money I was "saving" by quitting smoking? That's been sucked up by food. Empty stomach has a funny habit of completely destroying creativity, which is kind of pretty much the only thing I really want to be doing.

What money I could be "saving" I'm instead wasting on alcohol, which is about the only area that I can seriously optimize in.

Oh, and I moved a tax bracket in the wrong direction last year. Somehow. So I've gotten more hours at work, I've quit smoking, my bus pass comes out before taxes get ganked from my paycheck and - get this - I'm somehow making even less money now than I was this time last year.

I'm not entirely sure what to do about this. I hate money. It's a giant blind spot. It does nothing but impede my will and get in my way. It's required to do absolutely everything and nobody's willing to give me any of it in exchange for anything I do. People seem to think I'm still in that shitty position where an artist needs to "build a portfolio" - which is industry-speak for "take it in the ass in the hopes it pays off in the long run." Wrong answer.

I'm in a position where I can be horrifically irresponsible for a month in order to aquire a few bits of gear that I'm not going to be able to access otherwise. It's mostly a question of what, exactly, I acquire. Thick line between want and need- want being the more insidious of the voices.

Okay, Houston, we've had a problem here.

1970.04.14 03:08:53.555 UTC (April 13th in the US) : Explosion of number two oxygen tank, Apollo 13.

Ex luna, scientia.

From the Encyclopedia Astronautica :

Haise found he could scare the dickens out of the other crew members by actuating a lunar module relief valve, which made a loud bang. When the fuel cell tank exploded, taking out the whole side of the service module, the two first looked accusingly at him, thinking it was another of his jokes... the Apollo 13 accident happened on April 13 at 13:13 Houston time - so when Lovell began the post-flight press conference, his first words: "I am not a superstitious person"...




1961 : Vostok 1 : Yuri Gagarin. Launched 0607 UTC from Baikonur cosmodrome. Gagarin is the first man in space. Duration : 1 hour, 48 minutes.

1981 : STS 1 : Shuttle Columbia : John Young, Robert Crippen. Launched 0700 EST from Kennedy Space Center. Duration : 2 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, 53 seconds.



Early to bed, etc.
06:58 in irk

03:15 * solios_ can't sleep for shit. :|
03:21 < solios_> technical dreams bordering on the irritating.
03:21 < solios_> complete referesher cource in perspective.
03:21 < solios_> woke myself up trying to remember how to do scale coherently.



/. motd

Why are you doing this to me? Because knowledge is torture, and there must be awareness before there is change.

-- Jim Starlin, "Captain Marvel", #29

Words are weapons, sharper than knives.

Makes you wonder how the other half LIVES.

Every single one of us, the devil inside. Etc, etc.



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14:20 <@xeno> [ They're neutering cookie monster because parents are too goddamned lazy to keep their progeny the fuck away from the TV. ]
14:20 <@xeno> o_o
14:32 <@solios> we just had a 10 minute talk about your link.
14:32 <@solios> (me, drone, and dictionario)
14:32 <@solios> group conclusion : BULLSHIT
14:32 <@xeno> yep.
14:32 <@solios> :|
14:32 <@xeno> unless it helps stop the mini-Daves
14:32 <@xeno> then i'm all for it
14:32 <@solios> >_<
14:32 <@solios> mini-Daves--
14:33 <@xeno> however, i would say Cookie Monster has less to do with the rise in childhood obesity than does, say, parents...
14:33 <@solios> yeah.
14:33 <@xeno> none of my kids are fatshits, and until they're out-of-the-house, they won't be
14:33 <@solios> the parents are the problem, really.
14:33 <@solios> parents not wanting to be parents.
14:34 <@solios> parents not wanting to deal with kids.
14:34 <@solios> etc.
14:34 <@xeno> we can go further; it's not even the parents, it's the culture
14:34 <@solios> that was a cool thing about Debbie.
14:34 <@xeno> parents don't want to be parents because they don't have Time to be parents
14:34 <@solios> during the summer, the kids were allowed in the house for lunch and that was IT.
14:34 <@xeno> heh
14:34 <@xeno> yep.
14:34 <@solios> they were kicked out at like 10am and weren't allowed back in until dark.
14:34 <@xeno> and she cooked a bit better than your mom, so it wasn't like they were gaining calories.
14:34 <@solios> do that in the city your kid'll end up in a gang or butthumped or something.
14:37 <@solios> anyway, the problem (of course) is bad parenting.
14:37 <@xeno> yep.
14:37 <@solios> why does nobody tell these fuckers:
14:37 <@xeno> ;liurtkgyudtrsdkugkju
14:38 <@xeno> or at least give them DDR.
14:38 <@solios> < parents> that requires effort! It takes a village to raise a child and by village they mean EVERYONE BUT US. MY KID IS RICHARD ITS YOUR FAULT!!!!! I'M GOING TO SUE!
14:38 <@solios> < lawyers> :D

03:08 in irk

23:43 <@solios> (baby flinging)++
23:44 <@xeno> http://www.theabsolute.net/misogyny/sim.html
23:44 <@solios> There's that too.
23:44 <@solios> AND.
23:44 <@solios> he's CANADIAN.
23:45 <@solios> xeno: sick thing is I agree with most of it.
23:45 <@solios> from the standpoint that I'm single largely because women have historically been an impediment.
23:45 <@solios> I don't need those.
23:45 <@solios> Occasional sex would be handy.
23:46 <@ejp> that page *sounds* like you dan
23:46 <@ejp> though with bigger words and less "fuck"
23:47 <@solios> I like girls, dammit. Until they transform into life-devouring death stars and pull out all the stops, attempting to suck me away from the execution of my Will.
23:47 <@solios> yeah, I like to say fuck a lot.
23:48 <@solios> And Sim's got a few years on me.
23:48 <@ejp> girls amuse me. they're like a mental excerise.
23:48 <@solios> yeah. like a puzzle game.
23:49 <@ejp> such a totally alien way of thinking, not thinking and anti-logic all frapped together.

My problem isn't girls, it's my hardwired biological Need To Fuck. Being heterosexual, this naturally involves the opposite sex.

Or rather, it frequently Doesn't. A lot. I could write books about the why and the how of the Doesn't, but there's already more than enough >_< on mercury to clue the curious.



18:32 in irk

15:21 < solios> "Webb's are not the only results that suggest something is missing from our understanding of alpha. A recent analysis of the only known natural nuclear reactor, which was active nearly 2 billion years ago at what is now Oklo in Gabon, also suggests something about light's interaction with matter has changed."
15:21 < solios> NATURAL NUCLEAR REACTOR?! [ from the article ]
15:21 <@john> well, it's espeicaly the case when the roommate's home and I keep the door closed
15:21 <@ejp> yeah
15:21 < solios> wt!
15:21 <@john> all the computers are in here
15:21 <@ejp> you didn't know about those?
15:21 <@john> I didn't know about those either
15:22 < mdxi> solios: that's what you said when i posted a link about oklo circa 1 month ago :)
15:22 < solios> uh.
15:22 < solios> I have absolutely no memory of this.
15:22 < mdxi> s'ok
15:23 < mdxi> but it *did* happen
15:23 < solios> :O
15:23 <@ejp> yes
15:23 < solios> wt.
15:23 < solios> when?
15:24 < solios> like, time of day?
15:27 < mdxi> 23:03 < mdxi> http://www.ocrwm.doe.gov/factsheets/doeymp0010.shtml
15:27 < mdxi> --- Day changed Fri Mar 18 2005
15:27 < solios> ARE WE NOT MEN?
15:27 < fagbot> we are DEVO!
15:28 < mdxi> i take back what i said though. you didn't react at all because:
15:28 < mdxi> 00:45 < solios> dude.
15:28 < mdxi> 00:45 < solios> I skipped Optimus.
15:28 < mdxi> 00:45 < solios> I am Ultra Magnus drunk.
15:28 < solios> I swear I've never seen any of this before.
15:28 < solios> ah.
15:28 < solios> er.
15:28 < solios> I don't remember THAT either.
15:29 < solios> do I get a prize? :P
15:29 <@ejp> that's what "ultra magnus" means dan.
15:29 < solios> Yes.
15:29 < solios> UNICRON!
15:29 * solios remembers now.

Kid Video (redux)

I'm officially ceasing work on Drone 1.5. Not that I've worked on it in months, mind you... but a recent attempt to refamiliarize myself with the footage left me with the realization that while video makes a fine day job, there's other things I'd rather be doing with my time.

I spent a good amount of my late teens and early 20s trying to develop several projects simultaneously, and succeeded in keeping them all on some degree of life support, but ultimately didn't accomplish anything until I threw all of my efforts behind one of the projects. Drone 1.5 is one of those high-effort low-gain things that I just don't need cluttering up my life, so I'm freeing up some disk and dropping it. At least for the moment - it's backed up, so if I do feel like finishing it, I'll have the option. But I don't, really.

What to do, what to do...

Passed out around five last night and woke up around four this morning. Continued reading Dave Sim interviews while listening to Napalm Death and Ministry; finally wound up skimming webcomics with Skrew, wondering vaguely if the neighbors are aware of my 1337 metal-industrial stylings at 7am as I skip into some better KMFDM. Shift gears, Front Line Assembly - Caustic Grip - Mental Distortion. Skip through John Zorn and Marilyn Manson to get to Skinny Puppy, Gwar, INXS and the New York Dolls.

iTunes on full library random. Bruce Dickenson, The Sex Pistols, Guns 'N Roses, Vangelis, Tatu, Argyle Park. Melt Banana, Killing Joke. Black Lung.

Then, just to make me wish I'd stayed in bed: Dune (One Day In Glencoe) followed by Def Leppard (Animal). My head asplode.

I have a shitload of industrial and should probably be promoting ATC as such. In my experience, it's the only industrial comic on the internets- the genre isn't as popular as it could be, dammit. But then, Biopsy isn't exactly accessible, and Leeb doesn't seem to be fooling anybody with his attempts to turn FLA into Delerium-with-male-vocals.

It is not five am, and you are not listening to Los Angeles. Wrong coast, fucker. Similar effect, too much to think about and I really need a shower, so I'll probably do that soon. I'm sure as hell not reporting to work any earlier than I have to, so I still have about three and a half hours to kill.

DST puts my schedule back to normal- I've been an hour "late" for work since the Fall clock bit. Now everything fits back together like it should, dammit. Bed at 4am instead of 5am, etc, etc.




'When you find out you've been standing in shit, you don't jump up and down on it to punish it, you walk away.'

Allen Moore to Dave Sim




Isolation is critical. Isolation and complete silence for hours on end. If you can't hack that you can't do comic books for the most part. You have to relish being by yourself. Relish it. Community is an evasion of this, I think. I've heard all the reasons as to why you need to be in contact with other artists but all of the experiments I've seen with it have proven to be failures. I used to draw more and better usable work visiting Gene Day, but that wasn't because of the community thing; that was because he sat down at ten o'clock in the morning and drew until eleven o'clock at night. Half an hour for dinner, a sandwich at the drawing board for lunch and aside from that just cigarettes and coffee, cigarettes and coffee. If you stopped drawing to read a comic book, or quit because you got a page done, it made you feel like the biggest sloth to ever hit the medium. You'd start your next page or pencil an illustration or ink a panel of Gene's Marvel work just to keep from feeling guilty.

Community (friends, family, lovers) kept to its place and confined to a few hours here and there can, on very infrequent occasions, and to a small degree, be viewed as not destructive of creativity.

--Dave Sim, from The Usenet Interview.

bda is one of my favorite people.
22:27 in irk

<bda> The woman died 15 years ago, America. Fuck off.



Mercury Blog Entry #666

05:37 <xeno> fucking april fool's day.
05:37 <xeno> HATE.
05:37 <xeno> funny how hitting the keys harder doesn't make the text do anything different.
05:37 <xeno> I want an analog keyboard dammit

Slashdot's idea of 20050401 is pretty k-lame compared to previous years- you know the userbase is getting sick of a "joke" when a site that averages ~250 replies per post is still in the double digits come rush hour. The VGCats bit was cute, but you'll miss the joke if you're unfamiliar with the strip.

The pope and the italian news service can't decide if he's past or present tense- I find their indecision in the matter amusing. Wagers have been placed- I bet low, as I'll probably lose. I'm not a betting man, but it's The Pope. Exceptions are made to be broken. Or something.

In other news, my office is about to be swarmed by two separate squads of girlscouts, twenty minutes apart- the first was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago. Something to do with the DITW model, I'm assuming- it's out on the table with ejimikashunul materials strewn about. The whole "useage of exhibits space to hold Speed Learning" thing came as news to me, though it had apparently been in the works for at least a few weeks- a few phone calls and everything's sorted.

Cleaned up the ATC RSS output, added a mime type to the site and changed the meta info on the index- all this to make Firefox happy. I'll probably have to make some more tweeks to the file when Tiger gets released. :P

Summed up : Hating the mass geek holy girl convenience. Dig it.

Oh, and the Beast is total, not published. There's a decent amount of draft material floating around in the database, never intended for mass production (or offlined after I sobered up, you pick.).