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May 2005


Edge of the World
00:21 in irk

21:05 < solios> okay, I feel like the top of my head is wide open.
21:05 <@john> have you now been sniped?
21:05 < solios> snytactically, my blood sugar is off.
21:05 <@john> HEAD SHOT
21:05 < solios> which means I'm double-plus irrational.
21:05 < solios> yes.
21:05 < solios> :|
21:05 <@john> what is it they want you to do?
21:05 < solios> john++
21:05 < solios> it doesn't matter.
21:05 <@john> I'm just curious
21:05 <@john> wangbabies?
21:05 * fagbot screams and claws his eyeballs out with his toes.


21:13 <@solios> BLAR
21:16 * ejp pets solios
21:16 <@solios> fag.
21:16 <@solios> <3
21:16 <@solios> goddamn, man. it's like the Irrational Rage bit is set to YES.
21:16 <@ejp> I saw
21:16 <@solios> I THINK I'M MENSTRUATING

Wang Harbor
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20:40 <@ejp> "Kids, when you buy a bootleg DVD, you may be supporting people who might sympathize with a terrorist group that hasn't actually attacked us"
20:42 < solios> so you're committing TREASON
20:43 <@ejp> yup
20:44 <@ejp> treason is better when it comes with leggy blondes. :|
20:45 < y0shi> if i'm gonna support treason, i want more than the latest brukheimer flick, i want german poop porn
20:45 <@ejp> you would
20:46 < y0shi> ok, not really
20:47 < y0shi> i like solios' wangbabies, but i'm not even into poop porn
20:48 < mdxi> there's a difference between a bruckheimer flick and poop?
20:48 <@john> and /or wangbabies?
20:48 < y0shi> bruckheimer flicks don't have corn
20:48 < y0shi> and wangbabies are much better than either

The scary bit? I spent the entire weekend drawing the stuff instead of working on ATC. And I'm a better artist for it, no less.




Spent a good chunk of Saturday afternoon passed out under my desk, head buffered by rags. The floor, it's hard.

Sunday night ten pm the plug gets pulled and I'm -_- until I can jack myself out of it with enough nodoz to kill a moose.

Monday evening, I've been awake for all of three hours and I'm half-napping, awake but not the least bit conscious, locked in torpor for a few hours, call it six pm. Seven before I can dynamite my ass out of bed and make a half-assed attempt to accomplish something.

Fucking gay, man.

Maybe I'm out of vitamins or something.

In other news, I need to get out, but there's nowhere to get out to that hasn't been spawncamped by some sort of drain on my intent. I need out of this town the way a virgin needs to get laid. I'm so optimized for productivity that everything that isn't assaults me with the abrasion of a spree rapist. The defensive FUCK YOU DIE MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE FOUR METERS reaction to the rest of the human race (re: The Enemy) does nothing to buffer inevitable burnout and need for downtime.

This said with a head full of boozahol, naturally. I went to the bar to get some ATC work done and didn't. Not sure how the social end works around in a positive or negative sense, but fuck - I've worked this weekend and I need more than one day off to vent off my burgeoning people-rage.

The problem with boozahol is I'm using it to relax and to scratch the "we all need people around us rather we like it or not" itch. I'm not using it socially. The social thing is something I apparently need for reasons of mental health, but I'll be damned if hanging out with meat people for extended durations doesn't inevitably turn into a clusterfuck that leaves my ass all kinds of loose and bleeding. Insert inarticulate angst-loop, repeat twice, sign off.

All we're waiting for is for something worth waiting for, etc.

Headspace : Hell

Liberty's been on my mind lately for some reason. Probably because according to mom, my sister hasn't been able to dynamite her ass into someplace a little less soul-sucking, and because my friends Deni and Jason are still in the area.

Dante Alighieri wrote volumes about this place. The fact I'm one of The Few, The Angry, The Escaped... well, I'm not sure how I feel.

I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit.

It's the only way to be sure.

Until then, Steve Albini and co. summed up Liberty a hell of a lot better than I can, using far fewer words.



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16:12 <@john> I don't know enough about mormons
16:13 < solios> watch the original Battlestar Galactica and you'll be up to speed.
16:13 <@john> that was about Mormons?
16:13 <@john> were they they Cylons?
16:13 <@john> or the humans?
16:13 < fagbot> humans suck.



He isn't usually like this.
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21:29 <@xeno_beer> NO.
21:29 * xeno_beer always takes credit
21:30 <@xeno_beer> fuck that anomymo- anonasymo- anonymour- nameless shit
21:30 <@ejp> good for you
21:41 <@xeno_beer> YOUR BALLS ARE MINE, FELDMAN.



18:03 in irk

14:56 <@ejp> I vote we move PA to be in place of, say, montana.
14:56 <@ejp> eastcoast needs some hardcore rednecks
14:56 < solios> ...
14:57 * mdxi points at West Virginia through Georgia
14:57 < solios> you've never been to the right coast, man.
14:57 * solios points at pennsiltucky.
14:57 < solios> NCPA.
14:57 < solios> god.
14:57 < solios> I'm so glad we have it.
14:57 <@ejp> you've clearly never been to montana
14:57 < solios> because if we ever get invaded....
14:57 < solios> the rednecks are going to win it for us. :|
14:57 < mdxi> ejp: and neither has anyone else
14:57 <@ejp> but then you'd all between esch and I.
14:57 <@ejp> I have
14:57 < mdxi> except some moose
14:57 <@ejp> many times
14:58 < mdxi> you were probably in Idaho, and hallucinating
14:58 < mdxi> surrounded by white supremacists
14:58 <@ejp> we *lived* in idaho.
14:58 < mdxi> so you ARE white supremacists
14:59 < solios> and hallucinating.
15:00 <@ejp> well, I'm white. and I'm better than everyone else.
15:00 <@ejp> so I guess.
15:00 <@bda> You don't smell any better.

13:28 in irk

21:58 <@ejp> I hope they kill SG1 soon
21:58 <@ejp> it's started sucking
22:01 <@bda> ...started?!
22:01 <@ejp> it used to be watchable.
22:01 <@bda> LIes.
22:01 <@bda> Lies to make yourself feel better!



16:51 in irk

13:41 <@bda> Shit. I just realized. I have no Debian boxes.
13:42 <@bda> How can I answer stupid questions Debian users ask without Debian boxen?!
13:42 * bda pauses.
13:42 <@bda> yay!



15:40 in irk

12:33 <@ejp> (irc logs)++
12:33 <@ejp> and while we're at it...
12:33 <@ejp> grep++
12:33 <@ejp> unix++
12:35 < solios> ejp: oh gid.
12:35 < solios> even.
12:35 < solios> ejp: grep yours for me and fuck. :P
12:35 < esch> O_o
12:36 < solios> man.
12:36 < solios> the more I look at that the more bad it sounds. :P
12:36 <@ejp> o_o
12:36 < esch> I come up with 2117.
12:37 <@ejp> just 416 here. haven't been logging all that long
12:37 < esch> Well, that's all my slashnet logs.
12:38 < esch> solios \
12:38 < esch> Err.
12:38 < esch> solios * | -ic fuck
12:38 < solios> esch: O_o
12:40 <@ejp> 566 with -i (doh)
12:40 <@ejp> eh
12:41 * ejp gets bored with figure out how much dan swears
12:41 < solios> try shit.
12:41 < esch> <@solios> <font style="fuck you" color="black
12:41 < esch> " size="12" KERNING SHIT and SPACING SHIT and OTHER SHIT and then some MORE SHIT
12:41 <@ejp> you try shit.
12:41 < esch> solios: 1451.
12:41 < solios> :o

V for VD

Through jwz's lj, Rich Johnston on Alan Moore's issues with DC, Larry Wachowski, Joel Silver, etceteras - in short, an in-depth on Moore's low opinion of the present state of cinema. Pay attention to the bit about Option Money - Moore got something like 8k$ for V to get assraped on the big screen (which he gave to David Lloyd, the artist).

In this press release, Joel Silver, as well as announcing that the release date November the 5th 2005 was the 100th anniversary of Guy Fawkes attempt on Parliament, instead of the 400th anniversary, also said of Alan, "he was very excited about what Larry had to say and Larry sent the script, so we hope to see him sometime before we're in the UK. We'd just like him to know what we're doing and to be involved in what we're trying to do together"

Alan felt, basically, that his name was being used in vain. Not only had he expressed the opposite to Larry, but his endorsement was being used as a selling point for a movie - the reason he'd requested his credit and association be dropped from all of these movies.

Don't take this out of context. Read the article, and understand why I'm so itchy about the notion of seeing my work in print.

A couple of other relevant excerpts from the article sidebar:

Alan gave some details about bits of the V For Vendetta shooting script he'd seen. "It was imbecilic; it had plot holes you couldn't have got away with in Whizzer And Chips in the nineteen sixties. Plot holes no one had noticed."

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons signed a deal with DC that "Watchmen" would revert to them after the comic book went out of print. He didn't know it would still be in print twenty years later. The evasion of royalties on the "Watchmen" Button Set by labelling them promotional items was the cherry on that one.

And people wonder why I cringe when they say ATC should be a movie. It "should", if anything audiovisual, be a Production I.G. produced anime, 20-26 episodes, with music by David Thrussell. But I don't speak Japanese, I'm not well connected, and the thing isn't even finished yet.



14:45 in irk

<@waltman> we learned a shocking fact about one of our labmates today
<@waltman> yelena has never see star wars!
<@solios> sweet.
<@waltman> granted, she grew up in belarus, but still. she's been here for 6 1/2 years.
<@solios> so your labmate has no fond memories of the originals that have been defiled by the last three piles of [ expletive of choice ].
<@waltman> exactly



The spawn has multiple exits, people.

Happiness is teaming up with a competent field operative.


11:27 in irk

08:13 <@bda> I wish I had a shell on this moron.
08:14 < mdxi> mdxi@fornax:~$ System.Fcntl.Disk.mvMultiple("*.jpg","wombatporn");
08:14 <@bda> >_<
08:15 < ejp> bda: you'd fsck him, wouldn't you?
08:15 <@bda> I'd strip his ass so fast his inodes wouldn't know what hit them.
08:16 <@bda> Y'know.
08:16 <@bda> I don't think strip is the utilty I was thinking of just now.
08:16 <@bda> Which I guess makes it not funny and just gay.
08:16 < y0shi> scp bda:~/cock $guy:/dev/asshole
08:17 < solios_> shouldn't that be mv?
08:17 <@bda> shred.
08:17 < ejp> Mmm, encrypted buttsex
08:17 < solios_> scp would mean harb has telewang.
08:17 <@bda> shred is what I was thinking of.
08:17 < ejp> :o
08:17 <@bda> telewang.
08:17 < solios_> encrypted telewang.
08:17 * ejp ph34rs
08:17 <@bda> You can't stop the rock?
08:18 < solios_> the rock stops you.
08:18 -!- mdxi changed the topic of #~. to: telewang | WE UNIFY PORN
08:18 < y0shi> scp means using a condom?
08:18 < mdxi> condoms are to *prevent* copying
08:18 < mdxi> so, no
08:18 <@bda> scp is not getting caught.
08:20 * ejp wonders how the term "honeypot" fits into this
08:20 < mdxi> snugly

I feel like an ass.
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22:34 < solios> k.
22:35 < solios> I get home.
22:35 < solios> note's out, paperwork is gone.
22:35 < solios> a 20$ and 3x5$s on the note.
22:35 < solios> (his share [of broadband], which is what I quoted him, which is less than total but beside the point)
22:35 < solios> I check the taps.
22:35 < solios> water is hot.
22:35 < solios> HOT.
22:35 < solios> hot water.
22:35 < solios> ben got the gas back same day.
22:36 < solios> ben++
22:36 < solios> ben++
22:36 < solios> ben++

Odds are if I said more than a grunt in his general direction the plug-pulling could have been avoided in its entirety.

I'm a bad, bad monkey. I'd much rather sit here and internet than communicate on other planes. :P

So, I've been completely pwnt by Ben. gg, Ben! :D

By the same token my >:| at the state of the kitchen is as much my lack of communication as it is his. Still not entirely sure exactly how to deal with that, honestly.




All in all it was all just etc, etc.



On the downside, he also somehow managed to get the gas shut off.





I've upped. It's got its quirks, but no showstoppers.





ATC useage stats and /. posts hit the same number on the same day.


We can thank MNH cleaning staff for this one - they're slower than a penndot road crew and so cataclysmically loud in their attempts to not be that I had a good solid twenty minutes of time to waste - time I could have been spending, say... productively. Not being able to get anything useful done until people leave is totally last season, and the recurrance is as irritating as it is unwanted.

Yes, that's my real /. uid. :P



Killing Time

Feeling the ATC burn, the Moving Gear burn, the hangover burn and the "humans suck" burn. I can't take off and nuke the site from orbit but I can WET. Which involves dropping mortars on people named Crap^Ass and s1utm0bile.


Unfortunately, limbo and other screens don't seem to dump with F11, or I'd have a lot more to show for myself tonight. Like timing an equipment switch right before a map changeover and hosing the entire allied team with a flamethrower and grenades, etceteras. It would make this a hell of a lot more tempting if I didn't already know all of the gotchas and pitfalls. :P

Mic Check
16:15 in irk

13:14 < solios> fagbot: girls?
13:14 < fagbot> girls are like Linux.
13:14 < solios> fagbot: linux?
13:14 < fagbot> linux is supposed to hurt. I know that.
13:14 < solios> fagbot: botsnack
13:14 < fagbot> :)

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12:56 <@bda> Today is the day of stupid.
12:56 <@ejp> unlike all the other days.
12:56 <@bda> Some days I don't go outside.

Another suburban family morning.

My roommate rocks, with one very noteworthy exception- the things he does to the kitchen leave a lot to be desired.

IMG_0369_.jpg IMG_0370_.jpg
IMG_0371_.jpg IMG_0372_.jpg

In the above shots, the toaster is mine. The mess, in its entirety, is his. You wouldn't believe what this shit smells like in the summer.

Trent Reznor needs a speech therapist.

Seriously, people. It's "you" like "uterus", not "you" like "jew". It's been how many albums?

There's an elephant in the room.

I can't see the fucker, but I know it's sitting on the answer to whatever is clogging up my head with regards to certain meta-professional creative things I fixate on, but can never seem to nail down.

It's not time or the value of time or even skills and demand for them without the understanding of what goes into their useage or developement. It's more along the lines of obligations, real and perceived, and how easily social norms become perceived obligations and how very, very easy it is for some people to confuse those perceived obligations with concrete, name-on-the-notarized-document obligations.

Think coworkers and the things they do outside of their jobs - working the same job doesn't obligate you to go to the same gym, or to walk their dog, or even to punch them in if they have a funny habit of being two hours late for their entire careers. It's a similar headspace, and the elephant is sitting in it.

And all the children are insane.

The fact my roommate and a mutual friend of ours were totally juiced about some piece of cinematography in fucking Daredevil (of all things) would be why I don't leave my room when I'm at home. I've seen the two of them "work" on film things - the observed interaction comes close to my personal vision of hell. It's a small bit of happiness that they stopped pestering me to do storyboards - I'm about as interested in contributing anything to a movie about strippers as I am in pissing on exposed power cables for kicks.

Proof I fucked up in a past life.
02:31 in irk

23:25 * xeno realises he has to be to work in 16 hours, AND I'M STILL IN OHIO
23:25 <@solios> remember Marguritas and Porn?
23:25 <@solios> she's dating SGG.
23:25 <@xeno> distinctly.
23:25 <@xeno> zxckjf;sadf'
23:25 <@xeno> alsdkfj
23:25 <@xeno> k
23:25 <@xeno> .
23:25 <@solios> YES.
23:25 <@solios> >:|
23:25 <@solios> I'm not making this up.
23:25 * xeno cries.
23:25 <@solios> I'm not even pretending.
23:25 <@solios> It's like hell only worse.
23:25 <@xeno> i am so going to stab you
23:26 <@solios> Because apparently she's half wanted my ass for awhile or something.
23:26 <@xeno> >.<
23:26 <@solios> So it's some kind of rape voltron.
23:26 <@xeno> mmm, voltron
23:26 <@solios> yeah, cool idea.
23:26 * xeno stabs voltron
23:26 <@xeno> er
23:26 <@solios> but it's aimed at ME GODDAMMIT
23:26 <@xeno> and solios too
23:26 <@solios> :(
23:26 <@xeno> ...

All I can say about this, other than I'm not making it up, is that it's yet another one of a loooong list of reasons I don't leave the office and only go to bars that are outside of my 99-02 monkeysphere.



14:42 in irk

11:41 < solios> wow.
11:41 < solios> the PC BIOS is actually halfway useful.
11:41 < solios> mostly because PC hardware is such crap it needs some type of interrupt.
11:41 < fagbot> That would be factoid 31337 given on #tildedot by solios.
11:41 < fagbot> woohoo!
11:42 < solios> !



11:08 in irk

07:11 <@solios> * pager goes off.
07:11 <@solios> < security> LIGHTS DINO HALL
07:12 <@solios> < security> good enough!
07:12 <@_Lasar> You have a Dino hall?
07:12 <@_Lasar> Does it have a huge T-Rex skeleton?
07:13 <@solios> it has the Type specimen for T-rex.
07:13 <@solios> we got the first one dug up and assembled.
07:13 <@solios> so it's put together wrong*. :D
07:13 <@_Lasar> haha

07:45 <@solios> < security> LIGHTS
07:45 <@solios> < don_v> TIMER.
07:45 <@solios> < security> :O
07:45 <@solios> man, that rocked.
07:46 <@_Lasar> :)
08:01 <@solios> fslkjfdhgkjdfhg
08:01 <@solios> < preplab> LIGHTS
08:01 <@solios> < me> TIMER
08:01 <@solios> <preplab> :o
08:01 <@solios> hopefully this stops at noon. :P
08:02 <@_Lasar> What is it with the lights?
08:05 <@solios> they're Off.
08:05 <@solios> they need to be On.
08:05 <@solios> because we're Open.
08:05 <@solios> even though we don't open until noon on Every Other Sunday Of The Year.
08:05 <@solios> :|
08:07 <@solios> fagbot: doot mothers day
08:07 <+fagbot> i'm going to hell
08:07 <@solios> :X

* That is, it stands something like a penguin. Science At The Time (The Time being roughly the same period in which U-Boats were trendy) didn't know any better. Now science does, movies have been made about it, etc, etc, and our bad boy is due for a remount.




16:08 <@john> just got my first "Out of Memory" from a run away proces
16:08 <@rjbs> Shit dude, that's serious.
16:08 <@rjbs> You could die.
16:08 <@john> I probably will
16:08 <@rjbs> that's the spirit!




I feel like Nietzsche directing The Breakfast Club.


80s night upstage- badly dressed women who can't dance trying not to get hit on by balding hipster wannabes whio listened to this shit in college.

Axel Foley versus a trainwreck, round one- fight!



-!- you have been banned from channel #landsraad
21:46 in irk

18:42 <@bda> I wish I had some family atomics.
18:42 <@bda> I'd be all like.
18:42 <@bda> "No no, I didn't break the Convention. That was just the Shield Wall. I used the atomics against like, a natural barrier or something, not people."
18:42 <@bda> And then they would air Eyes.
18:43 <@bda> Like little fluffy bunnies with little fluffy wings.
18:43 < solios> uh.
18:43 <@ejp> you dream about getting blowjobs from rabbit angels?
18:44 <@ejp> that's some fucked up shit right there.
18:44 <@bda> Who said anything about angels?



14:56 in irk

11:55 < solios> gflkdhjfklj
11:55 < solios> omfg

11:59 < mdxi> i really want to see the WuTang Guide To Natural History now

03:02 in irk

23:51 <@ejp> longest page I've ever managed to make
23:52 < solios> holy fuck eric.
23:52 <@ejp> \o/
23:53 < mdxi> dude, just tell them to hold it at will-call and go pick it up
23:53 <@ejp> UPS is Way Over There
23:53 <@ejp> not bussable.
23:53 < solios> same in this town.
23:53 < solios> it's fedex or you're fucked.


Why these wads continue to deliver to residential areas during Normal Business Hours is completely beyond me- it's up there with bank hours. I suppose they're nice if you live in a rural area, but as a pedestrian in insecure urbania, UPS is ass.




Nice lesson w/r/t sugar - it's like kicking nitro in a hotrod. Only there isn't an off switch. Well, there is. But "running out" doesn't really count. Rev rev revvrooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM blang. Burns fast. Heat, like it's too warm (could be the cold?). Turns into pressure, like your head wants out of itself, etc. and you're fixated on whatever you wind up on and you're running, running, running.

Explains the string of blog entries today and the work done on The Edit over the weekend. I didn't exactly choose the subjects so much as just kind of... fixate.


... and I haven't the foggiest how to harness it properly, as yet.





19:36 <@ejp> fagbot: doot for solios angst
19:36 <+fagbot> my soul isn't worth a dixie cup full of piss
20:14 <@solios_> ?
20:15 <@ejp> mercury
20:17 <@solios_> oh yeah.
20:17 <@solios_> that.
20:18 <@solios_> I just kind of went off.
20:23 <@ejp> LIKE A NEUCLEAR BOM!
20:24 <@solios_> dude.
20:24 <@solios_> speaking of.
20:26 <@solios_> look what I found on the bus. :D


One man and his anger.

Go Go Gadget Previous Post.

Being in the act of producing my own sequential travesty, I've considered it bad form to voice my thoughts on Teh Industry, since, yanno, maybe one day I'll get paid to do this or something.

Then I found Leifeld's site, and that was the end of that.

I fucking hate superheros. Not the concept itself (which has been with us since we dropped out of the trees), but what's being done and not done. Mainly the fact that there isn't a hero book that can TOUCH Watchmen. But I could get past the lack of High Octane Scripts if the current popular "styles" interested me. Unfortunately, any artist who has a chance of doing that isn't going to be hired by Marvel, image, DC, etc.. Why? 'cuz look at McFarlane pages makes me puke. And for every one of me, there's a few thousand fanboi who think McFarlane is the second coming of AWESUM and buy his shit site unseen. If you're highering inkers, a McFarlane wannabe is a sure bet in the superhero section of the comics sphere. And Marvel, Image, etc. are positivlity brimming with the fuckers.

If hero mags were to comics what "new metal" is to the music scene (a small part of the greater whole), I wouldn't be >:|ing. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Unfortunately, hero mags are everything fake and annoying about "new metal" and the own the fucking scene.

Or rather, they don't. Not by a long shot. But they own the mindshare (and in all propability the vast majority of print runs, etc), and that's where it gets irritating. You can't be into comics without being exposed to the shit. It's the black everybody's wearing at the funeral, it's the "quick buck" everybody thinks they can make. Everybody's got a billion ideas for what to do with it all - I ran through a ton of them when I GMed a Hero System game... and lemme tellya, there wasn't any godsdamned SPANDEX in that setting.

The hero thing is so damned BIG that non-superhero publishers (Antarctic Press, Radiocomix, etc) have to toss NO HERO STORIES warnings into their submission guidelines, lest they be swamped. X-Men, Superman, Spiderman, Avengers, Batman, Fantastic Four, Marvel, Image, DC (possibly excepting Vertigo*) combine to form Manowar-level NOISE, completely rending the signal ratio with apocalyptic levels of CRAP. Every month, courtesy of Diamond.

I'd love to burn it all down and write something decent, but the majority of comics-buyers aren't buying the stories I'd find interesting. I'm very much into beginning/middle/end Finite Storytelling, and there's not much of a place for that in the Franchise model the companies {dominating|smothering} the industry have been driving into the ground since before I was born. The kind of superhero shit I like to read is psychological drama, as opposed to the traditional empty action bullshit. Costumes are for cosplayers. Code names are for military operations. Finding an interesting perspective on the whole mess that isn't the one I was working on in 1996 hasn't happened.

When the static, noise, bullshit and general unreadability is screaming louder than a nuclear weapons test, it makes finding the signal somewhat... difficult. The suitable solution, then, would be to pack up and move to quieter climes.

With that out of my system, I'm going to shut the fuck up about hero comics until I can think of something more intelligent to say on the subject.

* these being the only "american" comics I've bought over the past few years - the Vertigo label is good shit, mang. Transmetropolitan++.

It's like watching a trainwreck.

Rob Liefeld has a web site, which puts him something like eight years behind the curve. He certainly hasn't been spending the time improving his linework, which makes you wonder what, exactly, he's been doing with it.

One look at it and at the other clients of the guy who designed it and I'm reminded that Jim Lee isn't the only reason I stopped giving a shit about superheros* and American STYLE IS SUBSTANCE** comics. It's too much like masturbating with sandpaper soaked in motor oil.

No wonder any hardcopy comics I read are written by Englishmen (Moore, Ellis, Gaiman) and Canadians (Dave Sim).***

There's gotta be something in the water that makes Americans think this shit is interesting, but I'll be damned if I know what it is. Says something for the state of your culture when you have to reach outside the borders to haul in a readable superhero script.

* I was about eighteen years late for the Watchmen party, and lemme tell ya- reading that just TOTALLY nuked any interest I had left in the genre. To think that Watchmen was released in '86 and nothing genre has managed to claw its way above knee-high since? If that? For shame!

** DOOD IT LOOKS COOL will get me maybe one issue, tops. If the cool doesn't hit the bone, I'm not coming back. The unfortunate thing is that the kind of shit that's making it onto American shelves is either Leifeld/Lee/McFarlane afterbirth, Whatever's left to scrape out of the bottom of the manga barrel, and, if you're lucky, a few indie books. Out of all of these, I find MarvelimageDC offerings aesthetically repellant; Manga to be severely lacking in the writing, and the indie books to be severely undercooked. We're talking "opinion in the absolute broadest possible sense with an eye to the defficiencies of each" here, so don't blow a gasket or anything.

The last American artist that got my drool on was Joe Madureira, and that's only because Red Monika was the first girl to hit mainstream comic covers with gratuitously huge tits, and I'm a sucker for in-your-face superboobs. You know this. Of course, she had something like six panels an issue tops, the book had something like three issues, and the whole mess very quickly burned down fell over and then sank into the swamp. The rest of the book, in my "I HATE EVERYTHING FUCK YOU DIE" opinion, was decent if you liked the style. Unfortunately, my appreciation for Joe Mad stops with Red Monika's boobs, so I don't even own an issue to critique- I could tell from the production pace (I am, in all honesty, faster.) and the "quality" of the writing that this was one of those "the style is the substance" things.

And that's fine if you like the style.

I'd die happy if I could get the stupidhuge boobs AND the everything-else-is-worth-looking-at-too AND a DEAR GODS I GOTTA GO TO A CON AND GET THIS FUCKER SIGNED!!!! story AND not have to draw the fucking thing myself, but that doesn't look like it's going to be the case.

*** I still buy Battle Angel Alita trade paperbacks. Rolling into the current volume while simultaneously researching Dave Sim caused me all kinds of cognitive dissonance, and was the nail in the "I don't just read it for the art, honest!" fascade. Gorgeous book. Dunno if it's being translated by a fourth grader or what. I'll be damned if there's a single american who can assemble anything as pretty... but I have yet to read a non-Akira non-Shirow manga that induced the complete and total pants-shitting of, say, inkstains Allen Moore leaves on napkins.

GITS:MMI totally killed my Shirow boner- I'm not bothering with anything he puts out unless it's Appleseed volume five. MMI is roughly analagous to the second film in that it's drop dead gorgeous to look at and boring as fucking hell to experience. This is after rereading Appleseed in its entirety (first time as an adult) and getting smacked around by a seriously well-done story. A second read might wash the foul taste out of my mouth, but I doubt it - the second movie was about as exciting as watching Waking Life; which is to say, if you like watching people walk around voicing "incredibly deep" (in the Livejournal or Coffeehouse sense, not the PHD-in-philosophy sense) thoughts about life, etc. you'll blow a hole in your pants. Gorgeous, but I've had these conversations more times than I've had the Batman and Superman discussions. Having been through art skool, I can assure that the only other things that the students talked about were Star Wars and The Matrix... so we're talking two-to-three times a week here. For 104 weeks.


You know, art for money.

Since I can do the former and am semi-permanently incapable of amassing the latter in any sufficiently useful quantity, I've been thinking about comissions off and on. Off and on for quite some time.

The porn thing is a bit of a hangup, obviously. Mostly because if I'm going to draw porn, it's going to be something that gets me off. Frankly, I'd rather draw ATC, since erotic anything is about as professionally satisfying as farting at a wedding. But ATC isn't a paying gig.

Which leaves the question of a rates schedule that's weighted to my liking. Pencil sketches being the cheap end; ink being more expensive, CG being even more so, backgrounds costing extra; separate schedule for coloring line work that isn't mine, separate schedule for photoshop work. Separate schedule for web template work, since people that commission that shit always want sixty billion changes, now, for free. Multiplier fee for unlimited commercial use of anything generated; multiplier fee for the .psd files; muliplier fee for unmerged .psd files (trade secrets, baby. Trade secrets.). No copywritten characters or concepts {I|You} don't own the rights to; etc, etc. Still thinking about the language, which boils down to "$Client pays solios X fee in exchange for minor course correction to what solios does anyway."

I get paid to do video work already, and the hypothetical schedules above would be based roughly off of what someone in said field is making - which is more than I am at the moment, since my job title has nothing to do with my job function, etc.

In other words, I'm not charging less than I currently make, but I'm not quite doubling my current wage, either. It would certainly be stupid of me to waste my time, which is what I'd be doing if the rates weren't commensurate with the effort.

Unfortunately, the only other "easy" alternative to whoring the art skills is selling shit on ebay.

My shit, it is finite. Don't believe the rumors, they're all lies - I only have so much of it. I have less shit than I have financial obligations. As a "creative professional", limping along on four year old equipment is painful. Etceteras, etceteras.

Also thinking about selling prints of ATC candy to drum up the funds I need to buy the software/data that'll progress the comic. Gravicon CG if there's interest.

Ultimately, the negative end of this is that it's a potential self-esteem nightmare waiting to happen. Also lots of hassle and people-dealing-with which will be taken into account whenever I drum up a rates schedule. The positive end is that it's a potential source of income. I've quit smoking, and this is pretty much the only way I can get a "raise" without moving to a cheaper area.

If you think it'll fly, email me. I know there's at least one guy who's interested, or at least was.

14:27 in site

Keep forgetting about the "redesign" (read: moving to another domain, etc.). Despite having the necessary equipment and so forth. Vaguely irritating that the plugins and tools that talk to MT don't bother with this version, so I suppose some kind of upgrade is in order. I know what I want to do with Viz; so I suppose it's largely a matter of burning everything down and starting over, etc- the idea was to transition over to a new site around the same time I got the camera, making the thing a little more visual in the process.

I'm still thinking about that. It'll be easier than redoing mercury. The backend, it's fugly. And there was that comment spam thing I finally noticed when Bryan moved web to the new box... fucking animals.

Future project "spec" loosely geared toward more of the same with an emphasis on welding together everything, front page similar to mercury root, probably more disconnected from the "reality" of the internet than it is at present, etc. Viz and blog as seperate entities plugin-welded together on the front page, somewhere to put photos - not a mess I'm going to be sorting out with mercury. Which was, after all, originally a learning tool that became a convenience.


CMNH is run like the Mexican government. If it isn't, it should be.

Jason Matthews is getting married. I have that weekend off, and a few months to arrange transportation. It's Liberty - one of those areas where you spend your early teens saving up for the first of many vehicles you'll be spending a chunk of each day of the rest of your life in.

Experimenting with sugar the way some people experiment with illegal stimulants, as it stimulates in ways they don't. It's also an ingredient in practically everything- making it easy to find and easy to afford.

Picture cocaine going for eighty cents a gram and you're starting to get an idea as to how this works on my biochemistry.

The big change here is appetite - occasional sips on a Doctor Pepper or a root beer (and by "occasional" I mean, a sip every 30-45 minutes and by "sip" I mean an ounce or so) seems to have rolled my appetite back to smoker levels, though there may be other factors involved. I'm not complaining at all. If I could plug myself into the wall in lieu of food, I would.

I'm on vitamins again, for the moment.

ATC edit : all the easy stuff is done; getting my shit together for the harder bits, which puts me back on a "regular" production schedule with ~11-14 pages to redo, or most of May if I don't drop the ball.

Almost caught up on a two year email backlog.

Juuuust enough money to make it to payday.

Etc, etc.




Imagine my surprise.