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June 2005


I want my {80s} MTV.
10:10 in irk

07:05 <@bda> MTV's Made is making over a nerd.
07:05 <@bda> He just showed off a copy of 2600.
07:06 <@bda> :(
07:06 <@rjbs> bda is watching mtv
07:06 <@rjbs> isn't that the bigger problem here?
07:06 <@bda> I think so, yes.
07:07 <@bda> Well, the channel list says "Music Videos" for this block.
07:07 <@bda> Obviously it lies.
07:07 <@bda> And must be killed with fire.
07:07 <@rjbs> there are no music videos on MTV
07:07 <@rjbs> they moved to MTV2
07:07 <@rjbs> but now there are no music videos on MTV2
07:07 <@rjbs> they moved to [ CLASSIFIED ]
07:07 <@bda> Fuse.
07:08 <@bda> Except not at the moment.
07:08 <@bda> Because Paid Programming is on until 11.
07:08 <@bda> I don't like knowing this.



10:11 in irk

06:50 < solios> headache/nausea == body was looking for food and couldin't find any.
06:50 * solios has gone from >.< to -_-/o_o
06:51 <@bda> Food is yay.
06:51 * bda cracks open that sammich.
06:51 < solios> sammich++
06:51 * solios will have one when he gets home.
06:51 < solios> in the meantime, I have a bag of pretzel chunks and a bag of CHEESE CUBES!.
06:53 <@bda> </freak>

Retraction (re: Another reason I'm single.)

Kristen H. is excluded from said entry.

She rocks.




Biochemistry 101

Gin and thinking Ben's answering machine is mine and/or that I'll give a shit about what gets left on it don't mix.

I was quite the pissass on the seventeenth. I don't apologize.

I don't change my plans on a dime just because other people think I should. Especially where my favorite thing is concerned. Ask two ex girlfriends and the smouldering ruin of my social life: poking me in The ATC Spot makes me bitchy, irrational, and instantly distant. I take "surprises" that screw up production very, very badly. If I let my life interfere with the thing I'd never have gotten out of the gate.

Planning in advance rocks. By "advance" I mean "weeks", whereby I'm actually party to the decisions and can agree, disagree, etceteras - as opposed to blowing out my vox at one in the morning because somebody just assumed I left the one day of the month I plan for completely open.

Sorry, wrong answer.

Technically speaking, I'm not free until July 15th. It's a three day weekend and I haven't plugged it yet. If that slot is still empty on the 7th, it'll be plugged with another ATC marathon.

Once I commit to one of those, the only thing that can stop me is hardware failure. RSI or data loss. The clarity of focus required to do the work comes with fault-intolerant tunnel vision and the amount of hell I've had to bring down to ensure I have the space and the time and the mental health to get the thing done is fearsome.

Pre-production notes date to 1995 at the earliest. I'm a few years behind on The Big Schedule, so the thought that someone would want to tear me away from hitting one of the most important self-set deadlines of my life isn't something I like to entertain.

I'm off the grid until The Goal is Attained.

Unless something {stupid|funny} happens on IRC.



Justify My Love
12:23 in irk

09:21 <@ejp> hrm. there's $1800 worth of checks in my desk. I should go deposit those.
09:22 < esch> You can send me one.
09:22 < esch> I'll send you a mystery box.
09:22 < esch> I promise it won't have poop in it.

Material Girl
12:20 in irk

09:17 < solios> dfkjslg
09:17 < solios> <- Madonna : Material Girl
09:18 < solios> I fucking love this song. o_o
09:18 <@ejp> o_O
09:18 < esch> Dan's a queen.
09:18 < solios> lies.
09:18 < solios> I just like Madonna.
09:18 < solios> and Van Hagar.
09:18 < solios> :|
09:19 < solios> AND DEF LEPPARD
09:19 < esch> See, you're my girlfriend.

So. Home number, work number.

Forget those.

I have email. solios at metaserver.org or mirrorshades.org. I can check metaserver from anyplace with an internet connection.

Use it.

Even if it's just to arrange a phone call.

Your convenience is my living hell. This fucking phone thing has gone from being a chunk of irritating plastic and metal on my desk to completely fucking over my entire life in the span of not checking messages on a machine that isn't mine. It's like getting billed for cable without owning a television, pay up in full, here come the kneebreakers. I FUCKING HATE THE PHONE and if you can't respect that, you're hurting me. And in this case, you're hurting yourself as well.

You want my attention, meet me halfway.

All of you.

00:48 in irk

21:33 < mdxi> linotype machines are awesome. in the biblical sense of the word.
21:37 < solios> ??
21:38 < solios> I hazily remember my dad working for a place that had that word in their name.
21:39 < solios> Google Image Search result.
21:39 < solios> jebus.
21:40 <@ejp> doesn't look like something I'd get along well with.
21:40 < solios> looks like something a dominatrix would use to type up her resume.
21:40 <@ejp> I really don't trust little whizzy bits
21:41 < solios> little whizzy bits are your friend.
21:41 <@ejp> no
21:41 < solios> my dad worked for a newspaper for awhile when I was small.
21:41 < solios> showed me the place.
21:41 <@ejp> little electronic flippy bits are my friends
21:41 < solios> wizzy bits EVERYWHERE.
21:41 < solios> this was, of course, before the flippy bits.
21:41 < solios> during The Darkness.



23:29 in irk

19:30 <@john> ok so where's solios
19:30 <@john> I have the perfect woman for him
19:31 <@john> I can't believe I never thought of it before
19:31 * vai__ flees far, far away
19:31 <@john> oddly enough, I'm serious
19:31 <@john> it's an ex of mine. probably the only ex I still care about and keep in touch with
19:32 <@john> anyway, I'm listening to her complaining about how her friends and SO's never let her get anything done
19:32 < vai__> I see dark and arcane things in his future.
19:32 <@john> how they want to go out and drink all night and then not get anyhing all accomplished
19:32 <@john> oh.. and did I mention
19:32 <@john> that this thing she wants to get accomplished is all her painting?
19:32 <@john> so I'm listening to this
19:32 <@john> and I'm saying to myself
19:32 <@john> where have I heard all this before
19:32 <@john> ?
19:32 <@john> when it hits me
19:33 <@john> also
19:33 < vai__> THEY'RE PERFECT! they can ignore each other in perpetuum.
19:33 <@john> she's probably one of the few artists I know personally that would rival solios_
19:33 <@john> AND
19:33 <@john> her art is just as, if not weirder
19:33 <@john> though no wangbabies
19:33 <@john> so that's my story
19:33 <@john> also
19:33 <@john> my mother has discover podcasting apparently
19:33 <@john> wtf
19:35 <@rjbs> er.

Whoever keeps calling me at work...

... between 650pm and 710pm every. Fucking. Day. :

Fucking stop already.

I know you're well-intentioned and that's fine and all but I've got this thing that ATE MY BALLS and I'm not stopping until it's done. Which is what the person doing the calling is forcing me to do every time they call. It's not good. It's like your girlfriend's husband breaking into the bedroom about four seconds before you climax.

Business hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. If it's not work related or an emergency, or I haven't told you to call me within the past week: don't.

Anarchy in the UK
16:10 in irk

12:56 < solios> Jun 16 1999
12:56 < solios> The founder of the United Kingdom's Monster Raving Loony Party, one Screaming Lord Sutch (real name David Edward Sutch, 3rd Earl of Harrow), is found hanged at his late mother's residence. Sutch was the longest lasting party leader in the UK at the time of his death, ruled a suicide. One of the Loony Party planks was to ask rhetorically, "Why is there only one Monopolies Commission?"
12:56 < solios> o_o
12:57 <@ejp> the british are crazy
12:57 < solios> the british rock.
12:57 < solios> Godflesh, Black Sabbath, Watchmen, Sandman, Transmetropolitan...
13:00 * ejp knows nothing of any of those
13:00 < solios> =O
13:01 <@bda> The first two are bands. The last three are comics.
13:01 <@bda> Great comics. :)
13:02 < solios> yes.
13:03 <@ejp> oh, I know the words.
13:03 < mdxi> great if you're a FAG
13:03 < mdxi> sorry, i meant "smart person"
13:04 < mdxi> heh. so i had these 2 stories next to each other in olive: "Should Britain fund astronauts?" and "Boys 'used for human sacrifice'"
13:04 < mdxi> of course, i managed to read "Should Britain fund human sacrifice?"
13:05 <@ejp> see? crazy fuckin brits
13:05 < mdxi> talk about liberal politics



Fewer features + higher price == PROFIT!
14:06 in irk

10:59 <@solios> what the mother fuck.
10:59 <@solios> you can paste from illustrator 9 to photoshop 5.
10:59 <@solios> illustrator 9 can save as any previous version of illustrator.
10:59 <@solios> you cannot save as any previous version of illustrator from illustrator CS.
11:00 <@solios> you cannot paste the illustrator CS clipboard into photoshop CS.
11:00 <@bda> Time to buy more CS licenses!
11:00 <@solios> you CAN, however, paste from illustrator CS into photoshop 5.
11:02 * solios wonders what possessed adobe to horribly skullfuckingly break the everloving shit out of their software.
11:02 <@solios> and charge MORE for it!
11:02 <@ecronin> virtual monopoly?
11:03 <@solios> hm!



11:16 in irk

11:11 <@bda> So Engler just mentioned in passing that he was a part of some sort of LEAGUE.
11:11 <@bda> A League of INTOXCIATED GENTLEMEN.
11:11 <@solios> ...
11:11 <@javaman> that is fucking excellent.
11:11 <@bda> Who assemble to go out drinking.
11:11 <@bda> 11:07 <Danelope> And save the world from an overabundance of alcohol.
11:11 <@javaman> do they have special powers?
11:11 <@iverson> wtf
11:11 <@bda> I am vastly, VASTLY, entertained.
11:11 <@bda> I shall inquire.
11:11 <@javaman> like one drinks whiskey?
11:11 <@iverson> that's so fake.
11:11 <@iverson> That's why god made the Irish, damnit.
11:12 <@bda> God made Ireland to train the faithful.
11:12 <@waltman> bda++
11:12 <@solios> I thought that's why god made the scottish?
11:12 <@javaman> hahahhahahhaa
11:12 <@solios> (whiskey)
11:13 <@ralfiboy> the scottish exist as an example of why a man should not wear a dress.
11:13 <@iverson> hah.
11:13 -!- javaman changed the topic of #215 to: 11:12 <@bda> God made Ireland to train the faithful.
11:13 <@iverson> "it's shite being scottish. we're the lowest of the low. the scum of the fucking earth!"
11:13 <@bda> hahahaha
11:13 <@bda> 11:12 <Danelope> I think drinking for eight hours straight without your heart stopping is pretty special.
11:13 <@bda> ;laskjdfl;a
11:13 <@iverson> lol
11:14 <@javaman> amateur.



OS X68 (shut the fuck up, donny)

1. Pentium-M.

2. Wine. I hereby pledge fifty bucks and a case of beer to the Wine project, to aid with an OS X/intel port of Wine. ANYONE INVOLVED IN WINE PLEASE TO EMAIL ME TO CLAIM SAID BUX AND BEER (sometime after July). Games, etc.

3. VMware. Same shit as 2. in a window. OS/2 on OS X. They need to get on this shit, plz.

4. Cheaper upgrades (in theory), video cards (endian, again in theory), hardware (also also in theory)., wireless (ditto), etc, etc. ALL THE APPLICATIONS YOU CAN HANDLE IN A NON-GHEY CANDY SHELL. WITH BASH. And between 2. and 3. I can run the one 3d app I know how to use without having Windows between the app and the hardware. Woot, pheer, etc.

Pull up your pants.



The Collider Division
02:23 in irk

23:13 <@bda> In the namespace collision wars, YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE.
23:13 <@bda> hmm...
23:13 <@bda> Namespace Collision Wars...
23:13 < solios> starring keanu reeves!
23:13 <@ejp> a top-down scrolling shooter?
23:13 < solios> directed by GEORGE LUCAS!
23:13 < solios> a guy who can't direct and a guy who can't act.
23:14 < solios> match made in heaven, etc.
23:14 < solios> ejp: works for me.
23:15 <@bda> Some channel is having a "Tribute to George Lucas" special.
23:15 < solios> ...
23:15 <@ejp> scifi wasn't it?
23:16 <@bda> For NCW, I envision something akin to Reboot, only like... more cop.
23:16 <@bda> The... Collider Division.
23:17 <@bda> Hunting down people colliding other namespaces.
23:18 <@bda> Y'know if it sounds too gay just goddamn say, don't all stand around idling at me.
23:19 < mdxi> i remember then The Collider Division had a ladder match against the Bushwhackers for the Intercontinental Tag Team belts
23:19 <@ejp> mostly we're logging.
23:19 <@bda> mdxi: You, you're a bastard.



15:47 in irk

12:33 < mdxi> okay, that's it.
12:33 < mdxi> apple has really gone entirely to shit
12:33 < mdxi> and iphoto is the worst of them all
12:34 < mdxi> somewhere in a 2500 image import it hits an image it doesn't understand. corrupt JPEG, probably.
12:34 < mdxi> what does it do?
12:34 < mdxi> first, it says "i dunno wtf is up with this file"
12:34 < mdxi> then it bails, having done NOTHING
12:35 < mdxi> it was on #1300-something last time i looked
12:35 < mdxi> where did all that go?
12:35 < mdxi> is hitting a corrupt jpeg really a completely unrecoverable error?
12:36 < mdxi> it didn't automatically route around it. it didn't even give me the OPTION of continuing OR saving what was done so far
12:37 < mdxi> it just QUIT
12:37 < mdxi> HAPPY SLOW DEATH
12:38 <@ejp> that was nearly solios quality.
12:39 < mdxi> of course, once there's a P4 in there, iphoto can do absolutely nothing 3X faster
12:39 < mdxi> and with 15X the "horsepower" per watt
12:40 < mdxi> the dock should come with a Kick Steve Jobs In The Balls icon instead of that gay-ass spring loaded @-sign

Another reason I'm single.

Sex should, by all accounts, be fun. Sex hasn't been fun since 2001. It's been work. The shitty, tedious, painting-the-house-with-a-toothbrush kind of work.

Probably says something (src=ejp) about the quality of the hardware I interface with. And the fact I'm about as interested in being a meal ticket as I am in being drawn and quartered.

Big fucking clue for all you girls out there : Sex is "interactive". You just lie there and do nothing, the guy is eventually going to lose interest. Why? Simple. You're not actually doing anything for him, or to him. It's a two way street - otherwise you're just giving your fuck buddy a bulk discount on vaseline and tissues.



Cold day in hell.

If anyone asks me about marklar, I pull turnips for a living.

If Rosetta doesn't handle Classic, I'm going to have huge issues professionally, as I'm tied to Office 98 for useable HTML conversion and Photoshop 5.5 for subtitling work at the day job and for ATC.

And if CS could do what I use 5.5 for, I'd have switched up by now. It can't.

11:33 <@bda> No one cares. Hardware sucks.
11:33 <@bda> Bring on the whores.


16:49 <@bda> Hey, solios.
16:49 <@bda> Guess what.
16:49 <@bda> Rosetta doesn't support Classic.*
16:49 <@bda> SUCKERS.

* "Applications built for Mac OS 8 or 9." The Classic Environment itself isn't specified, though I'm thinking this could include some of the transitional carbon binaries that ran "natively" (read: slowly) on both 9.x and 10.x, such as Photoshop 7 (a complete slug on the mac by any standards). 68k -> PPC -> OS X -> OS X86 and they wonder why their market share is as low as it is. This is the fourth Big Transition for the platform - Microsoft has only had to do it once (getting the lusers onto the NT bus with XP, but NT had been out and used and valid and viable, etc, etc, for years before that occured.).

Oh, and shit what runs just fine under 7.6.1 runs in Classic now, so. Clinging to hope and so forth.



This Transmission Is Coming To You.

Some good news:


Still getting used to the position of the hard drive (warm!) and the "enter" key being one over from where it is on pismo. Unsurprised that a not-fucking-around install of 10.4.1 and apps eats about twelve gigs. Enjoying the wireless, the form factor, and the weight. This thing is a feather compared to my Powerbook.

Much much love for Ryan Beck-Buysse, who cut me a deal that made a long-overdue and much needed portable upgrade possible.

16:30 in site


The last few entries - hell, the last few months - underscore nicely why I intend to move away from this thing, rather than reincarnate it or whatever.

Need to get on that!

Funny how half a bag of Combos will kill rant mode dead. I'm all normal and stuff now! :O

Five Minutes Alone

Went to work to do comic. Work got camped by the sort of coworker who has a phone clamped to her face 90% of her professional life. Obviously, she likes people a good deal more than I do - I unplugged the phone when I walked in the door. The people that don't understand why I do this - why Being Alone means No Phone Calls - are the people that call at Exactly The Wrong Time.

Which, lately, is whenever I'm awake.

Too many people have my work number. So many of them are people I never gave it to, and very nearly everyone who has it shouldn't. The problem with telephones is you can't decide who gets to call you and who doesn't- once that number gets out into the wild you are, as they say, fucked.

I'm starting to develop a pretty serious neurosis about privacy and my massive, screaming lack of it. It's fueling my mysanthropy - bringing the heat on the burners up to fever pitch - and the only thing more absolute than my desire to get the fuck out of here for some length of time is my complete inability to do so. Invasions of what little Alone I have left shatter my concentration, mindset and mood so thoroughly that I'm left twitchy and obsessive, just waiting for that fucking door to open. Because I KNOW it will... and when it does, it will be to disrupt, annoy, and otherwise end Happy Quiet Time.

I think they call that a "negative feedback loop."

06:23 in irk


03:15 < solios_> 100% humidity.
03:15 <@bda> Yeah.
03:15 <@bda> Fuck.
03:15 <@bda> It's going to be 90 today!
03:15 <@bda> That's fucking insane!
03:15 <@bda> 92 tomorrow@!

03:16 < solios_> er.
03:16 < solios_> wait.
03:16 < solios_> it's six AM?!
03:16 <@bda> Yes.
03:16 < solios_> WHAT THE FUCK.
03:16 <@bda> It is.
03:16 < solios_> O_O
03:16 < solios_> man.
03:17 < solios_> I'd love to go back to bed but this shitsoup woke me up. :|

In other news, 10.4 dumps screenies as .png, which is loads better than the gayass .pdf format in that it's, yanno, useable.

You know the day is off when exterior conditions give no indication of where the sun is.

Fuck, it's hot.

I need a fucking vacation.

The where and the how are practically immaterial so long as it's Not Here.

Any one of a small number of local girls I don't see nearly enough of are welcome to attend so long as the conversation never touches on how I'm fucking up my life and/or theirs. My disinterest in hearing about other people's ideas of how I can and/or should improve myself would be why I'm aggressively single and why I go to bars to look at girls as opposed to talk to them.

Notebook, iBook, a couple of bristol pads, a few changes of clothes and a motherfucking couch.


Bills need to be dealt with This Month Dammit, big installation at work (everyone happily assuming I'm doing the work of an employee who hasn't been replaced yet), stilll Editing ATC and I'll be goddamned if I'm taking time off before that's done, etc, etc, etc.

Oh, and I'm getting ultimatumed by people I haven't hung out with in awhile because - get this - I haven't hung out with them in awhile.


No time off for me!



Nothing says "Shit" like "Sci-Fi Original"
19:15 in irk

16:08 <@bda> Scifi Original Pictures.
16:08 <@bda> HAMMERHEAD
16:08 <@bda> MANSHARK!
16:08 < solios> omg.
16:08 * bda falls over.
16:08 <@bda> It looks as bad as Mansquito!
16:08 < solios> ...
16:08 * solios smacks bda
16:08 < solios> stop that!
16:08 < solios> it might catch!
16:09 < mdxi> nothing says "crap" like "scifi original"
16:09 < mdxi> i seriously don't know who they think they're kidding
16:11 <@bda> I wish they'd give me the money they waste on making this crap.
16:11 < solios> heheh.
16:11 < solios> dude, you could buy lunch with that kind of money!
16:12 <@bda> I could buy lots of lunches.
16:13 < solios> at least three!




Biochemistry back to approximating normal, berserk rage curtailed.

Doctor before the month is out, dammit.